How to cure scab

Traditional treatment for scab

First of all we want to say a few words about this kind of disease. Though it may look like at first glance that there are slightly different scab symptoms being raised in different parts of the body still the origin for all of that is scabies mite. For years and years people used to believe that a good treatment for that is kerosene but unfortunately it\\’ not. Kerosene for scabies should not be applied since it has some danger that is caused by suction to the skin of your body and it can cause inflammation.

Scab cure

Russian methods for scab treatment

  • Take Kvass (local soft drink) with much salt added and warm up the stuff so that the hand could bear. You are to put your hands into this substance several times a day and kept for as long as you can bear the warmth. The method is very good to be used in the case when the scab disease struck only your hands.
  • Take Bay leaf and creamy oil, then mix in equal parts and rub into the affected places.
  • Use pork fat of 4 parts added with pounding sulfur of 2 parts and one part of salt. The Ingredients are to be mixed thoroughly and the substance which you gain at the end you are to rub into the affected areas daily for 5 days of period of time.
  • Take Lard in a quantity of one tbsp. with laundry soap of the same and sulfur of 2 tbsp. with birch tar oil of one tbsp. This mix well all the ingredients until smooth ointment. Then thoroughly wash yourself with hot soapy water and wipe dry. After that you are to rub out with this ointment. Do not wash out the stuff from your body until the next day. Treatment procedure has to be lasted for three days in a row and scabies pass.
  • Take turpentine of one tbsp with butter of 2 tbsp. The prepared mixture is to be used to rub onto the affected skin.
  • Mix one part of sulfur powder with two parts of lard (better internal lard) and grease. The substance has to be also used as a stuff to cover affected parts of the skin.
  • Get a half tablespoon of lard and mix with half a tablespoon of green soap and all these substance is to be mixed with half a tablespoon of sulfur powder and a teaspoon of refined tar. Mix all thoroughly again and rub into the skin twice a day, morning and evening before bedtime.
  • Take one spoonful of sulfur powder and the same amount of refined coal tar with half spoon of chalk powder and one tablespoon of green soap and the same of lard. Mix well all of it and rub this mixture twice a day and not wash. Well, after four or five days to go to the steam bath or take a hot bath.
  • Take 200 g. of liquid purified birch tar and pour it into a large vessel filled with water. Stir this mixture for as long as the fluid is the color of tar. Then, drain and pour fresh water. Repeat this seven to eight times and at all until the composition becomes whitish and thick as honey. Rub this composition in the sore spots.
  • Take one teaspoon of turpentine and mixed with one or two tablespoons of lard or the same amount of boiled linseed oil. A place free of itching pimples, you can lubricate the only one with turpentine.
  • Get the ammonia of 20% concentration per one liter and powder blister beetle of 27 g. with root Elecampane of a quantity of 50 g. added with calamus root of the same and green walnuts root up to 30g. All the ingredients are to be retained and insisted in ammonia for two weeks. Then this mixture is boiled for 20 minutes in a sealed container and to be drained and mixed with the ammonia infusion. This medicine is to make grinding and packing, and diluted with boiled water. The stuff is more commonly used as a lotion.

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