How to cure thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is seen as a more common occasionsy case amongst women since their body has a number of factors predisposing towards hyperplastic processes occurring into the gland. The ratio of men and women stroke with thyroid cancer is like 3:1. Tumors of the thyroid gland treated are reasonably perceived as problematic. They arise against a background of inhibition of the thyroid gland caused by iodine deficiency cured by antithyroid drugs or ionizing radiation. The development of tumors can be accelerated by a certain carcinogen. The research conducted reveal that giperestrogenemiya suppresses the synthesis of T3-4, which stimulates increased synthesis of TSH, causing the proliferation of the epithelium of the thyroid gland. In the recent years we experience increase in numbers of reports of thyroid cancer among children. It is also has been noted the frequent combination of prior radiation therapy of head and neck and upper chest with the various benign entity and (increasingly) radionuclide exposure from nuclear accidents. According to VV Dvoyrina and EA Axel (2003) the incidence of thyroid cancer among children of 5-9 years after the accident at Chernobyl, as compared with the average for Russia has increased 4,6-15,7 times.

Thyroid cancer cure

It may be noted that thyroid disease (including cancer) at the range of 90% of cases occur within women who suffering long-term inflammatory or neoplastic diseases of the genitals and breasts or have a hereditary predisposition to tumors, and dysfunction of endocrine glands.

Manifestations and diagnosis for cancer

The clinical picture of thyroid cancer at early stages of its development is scarce. Most cancers are seen as sort of nodes in the thyroid gland, or an increase in cervical lymph nodes. Differentiated thyroid cancer may be a long time did not differ in clinical picture of nodular goiter. The lack of apparent changes in the thyroid gland leads many experts to misguided tactics of treatment (observation, non-radical surgery, etc.). Often the first clinical manifestation of differentiated adenocarcinomas (particularly papillary carcinoma) may be metastasis of cancer in lymph nodes of the neck. This tumor is called “hidden cancer” – metastatic clinical variant.

L.N. Kamardin and A.F. Romanchishin attempted to systematize the main complaints placed patients, depending on the histogenesis of tumors, revealed no effects of hyperthyroidism.

The main complaint of patients with highly differentiated thyroid cancer are in terms of tumor, whereas undifferentiated cancer in more or less of a complaint relating to the proliferation process in the neighboring anatomical structures and cause the clinical symptoms: high growth, change of voice, choking, swallowing difficulties , pain, fever, weight loss, weakness, sweating, etc.

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