How to relieve eye strain (part 2)

Take care of your eyes if working a lot at the computer

For people who spent too much time at the computer it is essential to obey the following rules:

  • The screen of your monitor is to be positioned somewhat above the level of your eyes. In this case the eyes do not experience slight tension and it is a bit easier for the eye muscle to reflect the information.
  • The working place should have a reasonable lightning which is not very bright but at the same time the light should not fall directly into your eyes;
  • In order to bring outside brightness towards the brightness of your computer screen the walls within the room might be painted in blue color;
  • When you are to work at the computer for several hours please do not forget to make a pause of about 15 minutes for every hour.
  • computer-eye-fatigue

    Gymnastics for computer addicted men and those who have to work at PCs.

      1. Please do some strong blinking for a couple of minutes and then open your eyes widely for a minute rest.
      2. The rotation of the eye (look up, down, left and right without turning his head), first in one, and then in another direction.
      3. Frequent blinking for 1-2 minutes.
      4. Massage closed eyelids in a circular motion of fingers in a minute.

    The stress state of the eye undermines the nervous system of man. When the work is the eye is restored, significant changes for the better occurred in the entire nervous system.

    Suggestions of lads from Silicon Valley

    If you are doing a software job handling a numerous tasks conducted with the help of PC then it is more likely your eyes will get infected with appearance red streaks. In this case it is worth doing and practically necessary to take working breaks towards the computer in order not to lose good eyesight.

    In fact, the symptoms of eye fatigue are as follows: evening tiredness followed by reddening of proteins characteristic of headaches at moments when the eye is affected by intense pain directed through the forehead to the crown. Such kind of overall condition looks rather unhealthy and can not endure for a long time being. In order to put things together and achieve normal functioning one has to observe the rules of simple hygiene. The main objective is to ensure that your eyes do not experience overextend and regular rest.

    First point to be followed up says: your job should be sufficiently lighted up. In other words make sure that the light rays do not fall directly in your eyes. Thus, you have to install properly the screen just in the center comprising about up to 20 inches below your eye sight with selection the appropriate and correct distance which is not less than 50 cm. If the situation does not match with the above mentioned requirements please replace the screen not in the horizontal position, but with somewhat slant angle convenient to your eyes. If at the certain distance you still experience slight difficulties and not clearly see the images you are to select the better and larger font size.

    Second point is such that while working at the computer for every 2-3 hours you\\’ d better put on special perforated goggles that relieves spasms of eye muscles. Such kind of glasses are available in any shopping center so it is not tough to obtain. Apart from the above said you have to close your eyes for a few seconds in order to give the eye muscles a relaxation period and unwind. Please, do not forget conduct breaks for every 40 minutes so that things will work out properly.

    Suggested gymnastics for the eyes

    Everyone knows since childhood period that gymnastics for eyes is an effective instrument and measure against future troubles that may occur. So, here is a number of items to be considered in order to have your eyes in a good condition all the time.

    • Close your eyes without straining the eye muscles and make them widening and look into the distance on top of the monitor. Has to be repeated up to 5 times.
    • Stare at the tip of your nose with moving your glance into a long distance. To be repeated 4-5 times.
    • Make a circular motion with eyes with turning your head from side to side i.e. from one direction to the other one.
    • Conduct diagonal movement with the help of your eyes in the both sides.
    • Up side down movement which is to be repeated up to 4 times.
    • Look at the index finger which was initially removed from the eye at a distance of 25-30 cm, and then without taking his eyes from his finger close to the tip of the nose.
      Simple and accessible to everyone, even though these exercises are carried out within a minute, but the benefit did not bring small eyes.

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