How to cure glaucoma

Glaucoma is a formidable and a very serious illness which is equally common among people of different countries no mater they are the inhabitants of the north or south, or from cities and villages, or mental workers towards physical labor ones. The name “glaucoma” comes from the Greek origin. It arose because sometimes the pupil area glaucomatous eyes have a yellowish-green color (In greek “glaukos” means “light green”). This thing happens during an acute attack of glaucoma. Currently, glaucoma is perceived as the main cause of incurable blindness and profound disability. You have to know the fourth part of the blinded from various diseases are patients who have lost vision from glaucoma.

Glaucoma cure

The cardinal sign of glaucoma is violation of the regulation of intraocular pressure. Increased intraocular pressure for the second time leads to the development of all the other symptoms characteristic of the glaucomatous process.

The boundaries of normal intraocular pressure normally ranges from 18 to 27 mm Hg. The so called “top ophthalmotonus” for the most of people is in the early morning and later during the day the intraocular pressure is reduced by 2 – 5 mm Hg.

Glaucoma treatment

The most common treatment of congenital glaucoma is the surgical one. In fact, before that you are supposed to take the drug treatment with 1 – 2% solution of pilocarpine and 2 – 3% solution of atseklidiya or 0.25% solution optimola.

The so called youth glaucoma means that developed glaucoma at a young age. There is a hereditary transmission and usually the sick persons are the ones who are under 30 years. The clinical picture is diverse i.e. in some patients with marked changes in the iris, the other symptoms progressed slowly, the cornea of normal size, anterior chamber depth.

Basic principles of medical treatment of primary glaucoma

  • local application of pilocarpine, optimola, klodilina,
  • in the absence of compensation glaucomatous process for the deterioration of visual function the surgery is needed.

Currently, pharmacological treatment of glaucoma conducted in three main areas:

  • normalization of intraocular pressure (therapy of local and general);
  • treatment, contributing to improve the blood supply of the inner shells eye and optic nerve;
  • treatment aimed at normalizing the metabolism in tissues of the eye to influence the degenerative processes typical of glaucoma.

Secondary glaucoma

Glaucoma may develop at different times after the removal of cataracts. Sometimes glaucoma may be as a manifestation of primary open-angle glaucoma and not diagnosed before cataract extraction. Treatment is done with 1 – 2% solution of pilocarpine joined with 0,25 – 0, 5% solution of clonidine 2 – 3 times per day and a 50% solution of glycerol or glycerin with ascorbic acid and fruit syrup.

Secondary glaucoma, disturbed circulation in the vessels of the eye, orbit and intraocular hemorrhages occur more frequently in the central vein thrombosis of the retina, with fewer violations of the venous circulation in the orbit (inflammation, swelling, throbbing enzoftalmy, edematous exophthalmos), with obliteration of the veins after diathermy coagulation of the sclera and its resection, with intraocular hemorrhages.

Therapeutic agents can help relieve hemorrhage: local – instillation of 3% solution of potassium iodide; 0,1% aqueous solution of lidasa or ronidazy; intramuscular use of lidasa, vitreous body.

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