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Eye care

Eyes may be considered as one of the most important parts of human body and to many it is a true fact. But not all of us see the necessity of taking care of eyes on a regular basis. If someone would ask you whether you constantly take care of your eyes at least once a week or even once a month, the majority of common people would reply in a negative form. Well, that’s a shameful news since the eyes are perceived by many as one of the most important functional organ within the whole body and should be treated very carefully every once in a while.

eye care

An interesting fact is that though we use our eyes everyday, we do not consider the problems we are having with how properly we see the world around us. Doctors call this a syndrome of “get used to seeing badly” even though some of the eyes disorders can cause a more serious problem at a later stage of their development. For example, things like eye cataract may start progressing month by month and year by year but for a person the overall deterioration process might be not so feasible. We will go through such different cases later but at first we would like to remind the basic eye treatment rules that a human has to follow.

Eye hygiene procedures:

  • Every morning after waking up you should fill your mouth with water then close your eyes and sprinkle water on them trying to do it about 10 times. You may also use some pot for doing this procedure since the idea is to produce massage effect so try to use warm water and never too hot or cold.
  • Start to stare at long distance object for a second and then transfer your sight to a close distance object so that the eye muscle would practically exercise by getting more or less tension. Another thing which is pretty good afterwards for giving rest to your eyes is blinking.
  • Take your hands and put them directly upon your eyes so that they completely cover eyeball. Try to feel the warmth coming from your palms directly into the eyes and make your eyes feel really relaxed.
  • Avoid such things as reading or writing in the atmosphere where light is not sufficient and have more often breaks when it is, so give rest to your eyes if you feel heaviness or tiredness in the eyes.
  • Some doctors state it is better not to stay up late in the night and to sleep after sunrise since it might be harmful for eyes. Well, it is still controversial but if you really feel ease in your eyes by following these simple rules, please do so.
  • It might look as a too simple thing which goes without saying but still we consider it is worth reminding that you have to avoid such things like dust or smoke contacting with your eyes, as well as a strong wind since it may bring some discomfort from so called “foreign body” and do some harm.
  • Do a course of eye exercises whenever you have got free time, so that all the muscles will be involved and kept active. In this case you will not have to worry if you work in a situation with lack of light etc. The set of appropriate exercises will be presented in the next article.
  • Try to eat cranberries, bilberries as well as cabbage and carrots more often since the vitamins containing in such products are good for stable eye pressure and overall nutrition process.

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