How to cure snoring syndrome


– Would you please tell me whether any folk national means from snoring? Unfortunately, the existing mechanical devices do not help me. (Mary Smth., LA, USA)

Mr. J. Kemmer, PhD Science (Wisconsin University, USA)
Well, snoring has been a subject of study for the recent 10 years at our University since the world trend is as follows: the number of people affected snoring is dramatically increasing in numbers so that standard medical means used beforehand are not perceived as effective any more.

– You have to take carefully pound cabbage leaf mixed with honey. The substance is to consumed just before going to bed . As an alternative case you are to take a glass of fresh cabbage juice mix with one tsp. of honey in order to be consumed just before going to sleep for a month period duration.

– You are to eat roasted carrots for 3 times a day within an hour just before consistent meals.

– Over 4 hours before going to sleep drip into your nose for a few drops of sea buckthorn oil in each nostril. Then, after 2or 3 weeks of such treatment the nasal breathing becomes available.

– Stir in 1 tbsp. calendula flowers dried up and joined with oak bark being poured into half a liter of boiling water, leave the lid 2 hours, strain. Rinse throat after meals and at bedtime.

– Well known folk solution for the Eastern Europe. There is a way to deal with snoring for those who sleep on their backs and as we know, these people have the intention to snore more being i.e. a nightgown “snorer” sew the ball from table tennis. I fact, feeling uncomfortable the man has not to wake up just immediately but turn from side to sideways continuing snoring at the time to stop.

-In the mornings and evenings being in a way to pronounce the sound “i” straining at the same time the muscles of the pharynx as well as soft palate and neck. Repeat the above mentioned exercise for 20-30 times.

– Execute the mouth via it is being closed combined with the breath which comes through the nose. Stretch the back of the language and with the power to delay the language to the throat. If this make your fingers under the chin, you can feel how tense muscles. This exercise should be repeated several times a day, making it 10-15 on tongue movements. Exercise strengthens velum, and the person stops snoring.

Letter “I” which helped us a lot from Snoring

… She said her husband was starting to snore too early so that there is not a chance to get to fall asleap and the doctor advised him to do special exercises on a regular basis against snoring and that seemed to be of help. Honestly saying didn\\’ t have a chance to believe this story I decided to try it. Anyway, the exercise does not require any particular effort. Well, in fact, you had to spend every day for about thirty minutes which is not pretty long in fact and causing an easy effort to pronounce the letter “I”. This sound exercises I performed during the month (just before eating). And nowadays, if I snore, it happens very rarely so I have a very happy wife and daughter.

Snoring syndrome cure

“My husband has long suffered from heavy snoring. We tried many different means, but it was good enough. So familiar told that the disease is treated much easier than we think. Husband, she said you just need to drink plenty of distilled water.

And then he began to drink water and the body of his began to start covering by the mucus i.e. in the form of mucus from the nose. Then, to accelerate the process of extracting mucus, it is once a week and was still hungry. The process of mucus increased. And after a little time period while snoring has gone! It turned out that the point was sufficient to remove mucus from the body.

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