Tinnitus home remedies

What causes tinnitus

Young people almost never suffer from ear noise, but old people are troubled by tinnitus much more often. Usually tinnitus arises from slagging of blood vessels in the body followed by blood supply disturbance.

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The disease leads to memory and hearing deterioration, headache, loss of consciousness, depression, etc. Tinnitus can be cured within no less than three months.

Ringing in the ears can be caused by infectious diseases, atherosclerosis, metabolism and blood diseases, drug intoxication, nicotine, alcohol, mineral poisons, noise or surgical trauma. However, the most common causes of tinnitus are ear diseases – barotitis or utriculitis, endocrine glands disorder and head trauma. The noise appears when ear arteries, as well as those of the whole body, start to get narrow. Smokers are always in risk group.

Ear noise cure

Tinnitus cure is based on its cause. If ear noise comes from internal ear disorder, then medical treatment usually mitigates tinnitus symptoms. Doctors generally prescribe vitamins B1, B2, A, aloe extract, nicotinic acid, iodine containing preparation for this ailment. Some physicians include tricyclic antidepressants in their prescription, for instance, Amitriptyline (this one has plenty of side effects). In some cases such treatment turns out to be effective, but more often it doesn\\’ t.

Recent investigations of the problem showed that there is certain effectiveness of a migraine treatment remedy – Gabapentin, and alcoholism treatment drug – Acamprosate.

For those who tried everything and did not find the right remedy, it is the right time to resort to natural cure.

Tinnitus home remedies

Ear ringing will lessen, if regularly, thrice a day, while eating, you drink diluted apple vinegar with honey: 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey per glass of water. This drink makes up a deficiency of mineral substances, dilutes the water. But remember: you should prepare vinegar yourself.

Ear noise will become lower, if you wet your ears, the area behind them, temples, chin and neck every day (in the morning and in the evening) without wiping.

If you\\’ re looking for another effective tinnitus home remedy, instill blackberry twigs decoction in your ears. For this purpose boil 100g of the twigs in 0,5l of water till half the volume. Then filter and use for instillation. Choose an area where clover is short – 10-15 cm in height, cut it, dry and pour boiling water on both leaves, and stems. Then let it brew 1-2 hours and drink 5-6 times a day by 2-3 swallows.

Ear noise can be successfully (proven personally) eliminated by the following composition. Buy licorice roots and prepare it following the instructions on a pharmacy package. But you should better add chamomile. Boil 200g of water, put one tablespoon of licorice and one teaspoon of chamomile in it and let the composition simmer for 20 minutes. Drink the whole volume by 4 or 5 doses within a day. Drink with intervals: 10 days of intake followed by 10 days break.

Some recommend Melissa tincture for tinnitus treatment. Draw 1 part of crushed leaves per 3 parts of vodka for 7 days, filter and instill by 3-4 drops. You can make an decoction as well: 1 tablespoon of common balm per 1 glass of boiling water. Also can be infused and drunk as tea.

Also it is recommended to use black poplar juice – by 2-3 in each ear. Another folk remedy is onion juice: put 1 teaspoon of caraway seeds in bulb cavity, cover with cotton wool and bake in an oven. Instill by 5-7 drops 2 times a day till the noise goes away.

And the last formula. Peel 300g of garlic, put in half-liter bottle and pour alcohol over it. Let it draw for 3 weeks. Take orally every day by 20 drops in 1/2 cups of milk. This remedy is contraindicated for people with kidneys diseases.

Take care!

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