How to cure a sore throat instantly

The permanent sore throat process is often seen by people as an initial stage of a cold or a flu. Moreover, a sore throat is almost always an inflamed or irritated throat. Signs of that are easy to be identified like the following: one has a tickling in his or her throat which is a very unpleasant feeling in fact. Thus, everyone starts to think how to stop the inconvenience ASAP, because it will be getting worse and worse if you do nothing about starting disease. Well, what’s the reason for such?

sore throat cure

Reasons that cause sore throat:

  • Viral infections such as a cold or flu that often flow something like up to 7 days. In fact there is no just one antibiotic that can treat the virus successfully. Of course such cases are relatively a rare case but still it happens occasionally.
  • Bacterial infections such as strep throat that can be treated with a number of antibiotics very successfully.
  • Sore throat caused by smoking.
  • Shouting or voice strain effect.
  • Allergies which a person has.
  • In some cases it might be breathing fumes.

When having symptoms of tickling in throat the first thing people try to do is to treat themselves by their own efforts attacking pain causing microorganisms. If you have a kind of bacterial infection, an antibiotic will be ordered. The procedure is very simple, i.e. you have to take the pills until the symptoms are gone. Do not stop in the middle, but take them until when feel better.

Other popular thing people do is gargling with warm salt water mix, i.e. a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 cup of water. Some of the patients find it very effective means if joined with special throat lozenges or sprays for sore throats like cough treatment ones.

If you want to cure sore throat instantly, please, avoid smoking, alcohol, hot coffee and hot or spicy food consumption at this very period when you do the abovementioned procedures.

That is what you can actually do without Doctor’s interference, but a visit to a Doc is an essential thing anyway since you do not know what was the actual cause of sore throat.

As we mentioned above, curing process is ought to be done on time and without delays. Otherwise, the results required will be achieved in a long term period and the disease will be progressing. Also, we would like to pay your attention on some “tiny little secrets” in sore throat cure being gathered from the experience of many patients research.

Important to know

  • the lozenges are better to be selected with mint or sage
  • the lozenges should not be swallowed rapidly, but sucked slowly under the tongue since they are supposed to be melted within a certain time period so that won’t affect the stomach
  • while doing the gargling procedure you\\’ d better do it at least three times a day. Rather useful is perceived a boiled chamomile stuff as well as the same of calendula.
  • the procedure of gargling is normally conducted like this: you take a tablespoon of salt and have it melting in a glass of hot water. Apart from that, as it was mentioned before, you may use calendula or sage or even eucalyptus, that should be put into a tea spoon with up to three drops of iodine. The salt is supposed to pull out the infection from tonsils and iodine will work as an antiseptic whereas sodium will create an alkaline which is quite effective in combating viruses

Important! Never forget about vitamins. The main issue is that they are of a great help for entire processes of your organism and immune system of your body. It would be also somewhat effective to drink a small quantity of boiled red wine with spices. That is to ensure the proper work of the morrow.

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