How to cure cholera

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Cholera is a contagious acute disease characterized by lesions of the small intestine, a violation of water-salt metabolism, varying degrees of dehydration because of fluid loss with watery feces and vomit. Refers to the number of quarantine infections. Pathogen is called Vibrio cholerae existing in the form of curved rods which dies after boiling for 1 minute. Some biotypes long persist and multiply in iodine, in the mud and among the inhabitants of water organisms. The source of infection is a person both the patient and the carrier. Vibrios are excreted either with feces or vomit. Epidemics of cholera are known being caused by water, food and mixed with susceptibility to cholera is being rather high.

Cholera bacillus

Cholera is periodically extended to many countries and whole continents, claimed millions of lives and the last pandemic disease began in 1961. So far the epidemiological situation of cholera in the world remain tense and annually infects up to several thousand people. In South and South-East Asia and some countries in Africa with the African continent recorded more than half of cases. There are endemic foci of cholera epidemics occur periodically.

Symptoms and flow

Symptoms are very diverse starting from an asymptomatic carrier state to severe dehydration states with sharp and lethal. When treating patients with cholera is very important to care for the sick. In the ward for patients must be maintained impeccable cleanliness, the strict disinfection regime. It should eliminate all impacts which can irritate patients and adversely affect their nervous system. Those need special care for the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth as well as eyes, urinary and sexual organs. The wards must be maintained sufficiently high temperature.

Treatment of patients with cholera should necessarily be in the specialized infectious hospitals. The sooner treatment is started, the better results and fewer opportunities for the development of complications. The first treatment is aimed at compensation for the loss of fluid and salts, the correction of metabolic disturbances and suppression of vital activity of the vibrios.

Effective treatment measures

First comes the rehidration treatment:

  • Number of injected liquid should be about 10% of the patient’s body weight.
  • The solutions injected heated to 38 – 40 C°. The introduction of the first 2 – 4 liters is a drip rate of 5 – 10 ml / min. Then produce a more accurate calculation of solution, which depends on fluid loss from the vomit and feces.
  • In mild form of disease with dehydration I – II degree held oral rehydration, for this purpose using a glucose-salt mixture “Oral”.
  • If necessary, oral rehydration can be carried out through the probe. Emerging sometimes vomiting is not a contraindication for rehydration.

In addition to rehydration therapy, antibiotics required. The most frequently used tetracycline in doses of 0,3 – 0, 5 grams 4 times a day for 5 days. You can apply chloramphenicol in a quantity of 0,5 g every 6 hours for 5 days.

Vibriocarrier takes 5-day course of antibiotics. During the period of cessation of vomiting, the patient is allowed to eat slimy soups, porridge, yogurt, the butter, vitamins, as a rule, special power of cholera patients is not required.

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How to cure plague

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Though it is perceived the human beings have successfully combated plague in the 20th century we still have some cases “crop up” in some countries and everyone has to be aware what that decease is and how to face it.



The Yersinia Pestis bacteria causes sporadic cases in humans and is transmitted by bites of fleas and rodents. Pulmonary form of plague can be transmitted from person to person.

Clinical manifestations

Bubonic plague which is characterized by painful lymphadenopathy or buboes, fever, headache, immobility, pain and defeat of the abdominal cavity after the 2-7-day incubation period. Insect bite usually goes unnoticed, but a small crust may indicate the place of the introduction of the parasite. Untreated bubonic plague is usually leading to sepsis and decrease blood pressure being followed by death in 2-10 days. Pneumonia develops in 10-20% of the cases and it is characterized multilobular defeat and release Y. pestis from sputum. The disease proceeds rapidly if left untreated and death occurs after 2-6 days.


Diagnosis is based on the result of staining with Giemsa aspirate from the bubo in a smear detect bipolar shape, similar to safety pins. Results of studies are normally being seen in 48-72 h and are generally positive. Serological results may also confirm the diagnosis.

Plague treatment

  • Assign streptomycin in a dose 7,5-15 mg / kg every 12 h for 10 days.
  • Tetracycline in 5-20 mg / kg every 6 hours.
  • Patients with pneumonic plague should be strictly isolated, and contact persons should undertake a course of tetracycline 250 mg by mouth 4 times a day.

The fall in blood pressure during bubonic form itself must be regarded as a sign of the generalization process, a sign of sepsis, while there is a need for resuscitation, administration of dopamine, the establishment of a permanent catheter. When the pulmonary and septicemic forms of plague dose of streptomycin is increased up to 4-5 g / day for forms that are resistant to streptomycin, chloramphenicol can enter suktsinatdo 6-8 g. In order to improve the state of doses of antibiotics reduce: streptomycin, 2 g / day to normalize the temperature, but at least 3 days, tetracycline, 2 g / daily by mouth, chloramphenicol with the doze of up to 3 g / day, total 20-25 g. Biseptol is also a very effective remedy in a battle with plague.

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How to cure flu (part 3)

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Crucial remedies towards flu

  • You have to take at least the 250 g tea packet being split out into the smaller bags of 2 tablespoons each. Then the procedure will take at least the minimum of wages i.e. pick up mint and St. John’s wort within a quantity of couple of tbsp. with thyme and valerian root.
  • Do the art. consequence within one tea divided into for 1/2 tsp. with mint and marjoram chamomile comprising one tsp. of pour fusion being contaminated into boiled water so far of 10 minutes.
  • One cup of strong tea being in a quantity of 1/3 cup towards of honey and about 1/3 cup of vodka to combine being stir and bring to a boil. Drink small cups.
  • Nettle leaves to be divided into 3 parts comprising the roots of carrots to be split up into 3 parts as well as berries of currants –for one inch. One tablespoon of the mixture of the above mentioned stuff has to be filled up being split into two glasses of hot water, boil 10 minutes, then push 4 hours in sealed container, drain. Take half a cup 2-3 times a day.
  • Take the Hips in terms of one part of the fruit of mountain ash of the same with one tablespoon of the stuff to fill two glasses of hot and then boiled for minutes then push 4 hours in sealed container, drain. Take half a cup 2-3 times a day.
  • A tablespoon of dry powdered leaves of black currant pour per one cup of boiling water in order to not to insist as well encased for a duration of four hours being strain. The stuff is to be consumed in a proportion of 1/2 cup in the form of heat sips 4-5 times a day.
  • Take a teaspoon of young stems with leaves and flowers of bittersweet pour 400 ml boiling water, leave within four hours of strain. Take a tablespoon for 3-4 times a day for 30-40 minutes before eating.
  • Taken a thing like a table spoon is to be of dried grass with roots and rhizomes of marsh cinquefoil pour 200 ml boiling water, leave 60 minutes, drain. Take 59 ml 3-4 times per day warm.
  • With 50 g. of sunflower oil taken for the sanguine and as well as the major point of choleric or sesame being olive for the melancholic and phlegmatic and boil for 40 minutes in a water bath, then add two tablespoons finely chopped onion (to take big thick head), three crushed cloves of garlic, insist the two hours, filtered. Infusion lubricate the mucous nostrils as if the mucus out of the nose or lick a teaspoon in the form of heat if not throat problems.
  • Undertake a quantity of 20 g. of bearberry leaves to be poured into 500 ml of water. Boil 15 minutes on low heat, wrap up and push another 20 min. Take 40 ml 3 times a day for acute infections (ARI).
  • Have to mix in equal parts by volume of fresh berries like Viburnum opulus and pomegranate seeds. Store the stuff occurred in a cool and dark place in sealed container to be later on consumed as a tablespoon of the mixture to dilute 1/2 cup of boiled water at room temperature. Drink 2-3 times daily before meals.
  • Well, at the first sign of flu you have to sore throat, colds following steps are recommended. In a glass of fresh carrot juice Mix the pulp of 3-5 cloves garlic, and take 1/2 cup of the mixture 3-4 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals for 5 days.
  • Pick up 10 lemons with peel being without seeds, grate, then grind on a grater 10 heads of garlic, all thoroughly mixed, pour 3 liters to be cool boiled water, to insist in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator and take a tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning and evening before bedtime. This mixture can be taken as the prevention of influenza.
  • Take the crush of 250 gr. onions and garlic, pour 1 liter. vodka, insist in a dark place at room temperature for 2 weeks. Periodically shake the contents, then strain it. As a preventive measure against influenza, colds and sore throat take 15-20 drops 3-4 times daily before meals.
  • Pick up the Propolis in a form of bee glue or etc.. A piece of propolis with 1-2 pea size must be kept in the mouth, occasionally throwing the tongue from one side to another at night to lay her cheek. Keep day. You can use an ordinary lump sugar, imbued with an alcoholic extract of propolis.
  • Garlic mixed with and honey is also perceived as a fast effective remedy. You have to do a mixture of grated garlic with natural honey in the recommended ratio 1:1 to be consumed at night in a form of tablespoon of the mixture described above. Do not forget the garlic should be washed down preliminary with boiling water.
  • Use so called “Garlic” Oil being like chopped garlic mixed with butter and use for sandwiches. Also, peeled garlic can be hung in a muslin bag over the bed or put under the pillow in order to create a special microbiological atmosphere so that on the one hand helps healthy people not to get the flu when visiting the patient and also kills the virus in the air of the room.
  • Grated medium onions to be poured and melted in 0.5 of liter of boiling milk to be left melting in a warm place for 20 minutes until then having it cooled and drain to drink half of the extracts for the night i.e. the other half for morning consumption but always hot so repeat 3.4 day, and influenza will no complications.
  • Powder cloves with honey like a medicine for snoring in occasions like 2or 3 times daily 1 teaspoonful after meals in 2 hours.
  • Apply iodine and manganese being used in the period of epidemic influenza. In the nose is washing with warm water and adding a small amount of iodine tincture or water slightly being embellished potassium permanganate. This water suspense use for the nose several times during the day. Thus, helps in terms of microflora i.e. escape during the influenza epidemic diseases.
  • Have an excellent help from the spruce or balsam fir buds. You have to take a kilogram of the kidneys like in a drugstore or to gather in late May when they are fully grown by 3- 5 cm. or so and rinse in cold water and chop. Pour into an enamel pan in the way like you pour three gallons of boiled water, bring to a boil and boil 15 minutes. The broth through a cheesecloth filter, stand and give a new filter. To the resulting broth, add honey (1 kg of honey per 1 liter of broth) and 10 g of 30% of the first alcoholic extract of propolis plant i.e. sold in pharmacies. All mix, heat until 45gegrees of cool to be poured into bottles, well, close and store them in the refrigerator. With flu or SARS take 1 tsp. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.
  • Try bathing the feet in the tub with mustard for 5-10 min. And then rub the foot of a warming ointment or wear wool socks and sleep.
  • Absorb dry mustard socks and wear them at night. Do this instead of warming the ointment.
  • Important. At the first sign of a cold like a full regime of starvation from one to two days b3eing combined with a maximum limit to drink. In order to fast a protective reaction which helps the body combating the infection mobilize own protective forces. Effect of starvation appears frequently on the second day if you do the above mentioned. To exit from starvation to use apple juice and other light products.
  • When the first symptoms stop taking any food and prepare medicinal solution like pour1.5 liters of boiled water with1 tbsp. of coarse salt with juice of one lemon and 1 g of ascorbic acid. Drink the solution within half hour taking “medicine” in the evening in the morning you wake up healthy. After normalization process with respect to the temperature and comfort you can start warming up – warm (up to 50oS) foot and hand bath with mustard, a wool sweater over his naked body for the stimulation of reflex zones of back, chest, hands.
  • Flu remedies

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How to cure flu (part 2)

April 13th, 2010 by admin

Folk methods from Northern and Eastern Europe

  • You have to take raspberry and honey of about 1 tbsp. of each to be added to 1 tbsp. spoon of hips or sometimes it is of a great deal to use 1 tbsp. of raspberries with the same quantity of currants being poured into 100 ml of boiling water. Please have it retain being boiled for a 15 minutes. Then drink 3 times a day for 1/2 cup before eating.
  • Take lime flowers one proportion of elderberry flowers and part being in terms of mixture of above mentioned comprising 2 tablespoons to be mixture to a glass of boiling water being boiled for a duration of up to10 minutesand then getting strain. Has to be consumed in a hot drink stuff at one step i.e. in one “go”.
  • Linden-Snowball-Raspberry. Prepare a mixture by using the following relations: linden flowers – 1 part, the fruits of Viburnum – 1 part. 2 tablespoons of the mixture to separate 2 glasses of boiling water. Boil for 5-10 minutes, drain. Drink hot at night for 1-2 cups.

    Possess the stuff of linden tree with raspberries being prepared for a duration of a minute with mixture of equal proportions of the fruits of raspberry and lime flowers. Spoon of mixture brewed cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, drain. Drink a glass of hot infusions at night as a diaphoretic.
  • Speciall grass called “coltsfoot” to be added with Russian kalian i.e. arrowood and being of subject to preparation in a mixture by using the following relations: flowers mother-and-stepmother – 1 part, the fruits of Viburnum in terms of couple of parts. In other words, two tablespoons of the mixture to separate with two glasses of boiling water being boiled for 5-10 minutes and then drained. Drink hot at night for 1-2 cups.
  • Peppermint leaves – 1 part, black elder flowers – 1 part, linden flowers – 1 part. 1 tablespoon of the mixture to separate 2 glasses of boiling water. Boil for 5-10 minutes, drain. Drink hot at night for 1-2 cups.
  • Mix the equal parts of willow bark together chamomile flowers, linden blossom, rose hips, lemon peel. Teaspoon being collecting towards a glass of boiled water being poured as well as and leave for 10 minutes being to get the consistency. Take one of the thirds of a cup of warm infusion 3 times a day for 15 minutes before eating.
  • Take four tablespoons chopped mixture of Centaurus being in the form of daisies and leaves of periwinkle and all equally has to be poured into 600 ml boiling water, leave 20 minutes, drain. Take a hot throughout the day during flu with high fever.
  • Well, pour 1/2 teaspoon of powdered fennel seeds with the addition of a teaspoon of natural sugar two or three times a day.
  • Use a mixture of Echinacea with kind of golden printing and cinnamon into equal parts to be taken in a quantity of 1/4 teaspoon of honey twice a day with a cold.
  • A very good recipe against cold for adults: Take the Circle gr. 300, which is 1/3 – tea hot and 1/3-vino red 1/3 with jam being as a hot drink to be taken into and go to bed.
  • Wormwood being taken in tincture with vodka which sounds a bit tough in the quarter of pound being smashed in vodka herb wormwood. You have to draw the stuff for 21 days in a dark place being then filtered. Then take a cold and freezing water with consequent stuff of 20 gr. to be consumed later on in terms of timing like once per day and let it being allowed 2-3 days not more.
  • You have to take into account alcohol tincture of eucalyptus leaves of about 20 g of dried and being crushed leaves of eucalyptus to fill with alcohol, and insist firmly for 7 or 8 days. Strain and squeeze out the remainder of infusion. Take 20-25 drops diluted in 1/4 cup of boiled water.
  • Wherewith, if the flu starts being so what clean small onion, grate it on grater, put on a layer of bandage. This input a compress stuff on the wings being of the nose for a duration of 10 minutes. The procedure has to be repeated at least three times a day. The wings of the nose should be pre-greased.
  • The point of motherwort and chicory root being in equal proportions distinguished as usual brew of boiling water as tea, give a true and take 3 times a day for half a glass.
  • Concentrated tea with cranberries or blueberries to be consumed throughout the night in terms of a rich broth of apples and honey.
  • Flu natural medicine

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How to cure flu (part 1)

April 13th, 2010 by admin

General measures preventing FLU occasions

  • You have to turn aside or basically avoid a cold air as well as damp and drafts from the window etc.
  • Hardening is a preventing measure which is to be taken most often as an important method of preventing respiratory infections.
  • The Gamgee tissue mask is also perceived as one of the most common and available means to prevent influenza. However, it is not seen as an effective method of protecting people when other forms of infection occur like Swine influenza.
  • Do not greet anyone’s hand since there is a risk to affect or even that seems to be rude.
  • Try to reduce your travelling activity during the influenza epidemic especially via public transport where the virus is mainly circulating and more to attend the air. Infected influenza and acute respiratory disease in the fresh air is practically impossible!
  • You have to constantly ventilate the area where you are so far.
  • The process of disinfection of the premises with vinegar. The way to do so is you have to pour into a small saucepan with 0.5 liters of vinegar or one dessert spoon of vinegar essence and set the substance on fire. When the solution starts to get boiling please turn down the fire and in this case the vinegar will evaporate in the apartment within 20 minutes or so. Repeat the procedure for 3 or4 days per week during the epidemic period happening around.

Restorative measures to be taken first of all

  • Take more rest and relaxation by lying down and relaxing.
  • Use passive inhalation through the nose as a channel and exhale vigorously and with little effort. Then, start slowly and gradually increasing the speed. Imagine a steam train by moving slowly gaining the speed. Perform a cycle of 30 exhalations, and then a minute rest. You can perform up to five cycles in the morning and five in the evening.
  • Try to have as little dark kind of drink (e.g. coffee) as possible but at the same time as much as possible drink herbal teas and juices. Particularly, the use of lemon is of great help as well as orange or cranberry and pomegranate.
  • Take after breakfast one tsp. of ascorbic acid. In fact, you have to take that for 2 or more days at the same time and it will facilitate the course of the disease i.e. it will help to cope with the disease successfully at a later stage. At the same time you have to take into account the body of yours can become accustomed to large doses of ascorbic acid and answer the weakening of immunity, as these doses reduced.
  • The highest amount of vitamin C is to be consumed at that very time since that contains in the juice of sauerkraut and citrus fruits i.e. lemons, kiwi, tangerines, oranges and grapefruits. Fresh cabbage is also seen as a useful means with salad containing sunflower oil having a large supply of vitamins and trace elements.
  • Korean method. Take broth and cut for equal parts Chinese cabbage and a piece of turnip to be added into cooled broth and then filtered and drink in a form of glass by glass of 5.6 to 0.5 times per day. In broth, before eating, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.
  • Pick up berries cranberry bog in the form of morse or syrup or extracts are also possible to take into a consideration as well which are used inside without limitation catarrhal diseases, accompanied by high body temperature, general weakness and other ailments.
  • Drink of the hips as it is helpful and healing stuff. Actually, dry cankerberry pound in a quantity of one liter of cold water being used for five tablespoons of berries. Put the stuff upon the fire and boil 10 minutes. Then, insist the remedy having it encased for 8-10 hours and drain. Drink in the morning 1 glass every 2-3 hours during the day. You can drink with honey, jam, sugar. It is advisable to drink boiled hips during the week, gradually reducing the number of receptions.
  • Use hips in one part of raspberry leaves joined with the leaves of currants of the same. Add to the stuff leaves of cranberries in one part quantity. Two tablespoons of the mixture poured a glass of boiled water, boil 10 minutes, to insist in the sealed container to cool, strain, add sugar to taste. Drink half a cup 2 times a day.
  • Flu prevention

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How to cure tonsilitis / angina

March 4th, 2010 by admin

What is it? Symptoms

When we talk about tonsilitis (or angina) the first thing which comes to mind is the attack is an acute chest pain. People who are having tonsilitis feel thmselves uncomfortable around the chest area because of condensed blood flow to heart due to thinning of the arteries of the heart. In some cases tonsilitis is caused due to raised require of blood supply for the heart, jam of artery, or thickening of heart muscles but such cases are relatively rare. Summarizing the above mentioned we have to identify the main symptoms for angina like chest pain and chest irritation, sickness, vomiting, tiredness, shortness of breath, nervousness, sweating or dizziness.

angina treatment

Practical advice for tonsilitis cure

First of all one has to remember that the treatment process of tonsilitis requires bed rest and care. The patient is to have a separate utensils as well as objects of care in order to avoid infection spread to others. Foods for meals is better to cook as soft i.e. without irritating the mucous membrane of the pharynx (dairy, vegetable) and drinking liquids.

Second important thing is that taking medications is essential. You have to use topical preparations of influencing, aimed directly to the mucosa of the tonsils (e.g. variety of candies, tablets for dispersal). In addition with that apply the rinse solution of soda or broth chamomile and sage or calendula tincture. But remember that some candy and rinsing is still necessary. Even though they provide only temporary relief but while not eliminating the cause of the disease it is still important for the patient to feel himself better. Meanwhile, when the infection is circulating in the blood, causing the intoxication of the organism the Doctor has to prescribe anti-bacterial drugs which are more powerful but you have to read cautions in the instruction or to check it with your Doctor first before starting to consume.

Depending on the situation occurred, the clinical picture or the stage of the process, as well as from the age of the patient, the Physician selects certain drugs for the treatment of tonsilitis just for a particular case. For example, substances like sulfonamides (streptocid, sulfadimezin etc.) are suitable in some cases whereas antibiotics (penicillin, etc.) are worth taking in other. Taking antibiotics should be obviously monitored by a doctor. He/she appoints the kind of drug, optimal dose for treatment. That is done due to certain testimony, and therefore in no case be engaged in self-medication.

Third thing to remember, drugs that reduce the symptoms of intoxication: antipyretics, analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, hyposensitization.

Home procedures for tonsilitis treatment

  • Use vitamin A, C and E because these nutrients control angina in process.
  • Take some drops of honey with warm water and a piece of lemon and mix it to be taken daily in the mornings when your stomach is empty. It prevents formation of cholesterol inside the body.
  • Drink beet juice since it is also effective thin preventing angina.
  • Take garlic in the form of salad on a regular basis. It is another best remedy for heart disorder in angina.
  • Push yourself to eat more fresh grapes and apples since they contain the necessary vitamins. Apples help blood circulation smoothly.
  • Consider parsley as an effective home remedy for tonsilitis cure. Prepare dried parsley tea and drink it daily. It is a pleasant thing since it has a nice scent and taste.

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Home remedies for a sore throat

March 4th, 2010 by admin

Sore throat treatment

In case you do not have a high temperature but still suffer from sore throat it won\\’ t do you any harm if you steam a bit your feet or just keep them into a hot water for several minutes since the doctors claim that a throat health has a straightforward relation with receptors which are present in human feet. In other words that means if you have everything settled with your feet in the right and healthy way it will positively influence your throat so that it would be OK. In some European countries like Finland and Russia and others people prefer to do a more radical procedure which is to go to sauna where they have the whole body being warmed up to a certain degree by hot air containing special essential oil. Being in sauna or “banya” (in Russia) you\\’ d better pick up a besom with you to get rid of pain as well as inflammation feelings. There you\\’ d better do some breathing exercises since it will facilitate the overall breathing process of yours.

sore throat treatment

Home remedies for a sore throat

It occurs rather frequently when a man has a cold or an attack of influenza. As it was mentioned before we have up to 20 per cent of people with sore throat caused due to strep throat infection. We also said, that strep throat is an infection of the pharynx, caused by streptococcus bacteria, whereas sore throat may be a viral or a bacterial infection. In this case one can treat him or herself without the help of a doctor BUT if you have the general knowledge of this illness. For example, in some third world countries people sometimes have no money for the doctor’s visit and they try to use some local (folk) that help in the majority of cases.

Effective methods to be considered:

  • Effective way to cure sore throat might be to mix 4 cloves of garlic, 1 tea spoon of honey and 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne. Have all of this stuff been mixed up and consume everyday during the period you have a sore throat. Obviously, you have to chew this mixture well, before swallowing.
  • In a normal cup of water place some Holy Basil leaves to be boiled up afterwards. Then, allow it to cool down and strain well. That you are supposed either to drink or use it for gargling.
  • The usage of simple home remedy for a sore throat treatment would be to gargle salty water, i.e. lukewarm water. This normally brings surely provide relief.
  • Add to a pint (or 400 gramms) of boiling water 1 or 2 tea spoons dried chamomile blossoms. Then, let them steep well and then strain the water. You ought to have a cup of this decoction, every few hours while sore throat is disturbing you.
  • Another effective home remedy for sore throat is just to mix a tea spoon one of apple cider vinegar and another one with honey, along with a pinch of cayenne pepper and extracted juice of 1/3rd lemon, in a cup of hot water. Stir the stuff well before drinking and have this mixture up to 4 times in a day.
  • Boil a glass of water adding in a pinch of powdered cloves so that a pinch of pepper powder and 1 tea spoon honey. Then drink this cocktail once in a day in early morning. This is an effective way to cure sore throat in countries like China and India.
  • In a big glass of boiling water just add 2 sprigs of coarsely chopped parsley and 3 whole spice cloves. Then mix it a bit and add 1 tea spoon of powdered myrrh with 1/4 tea spoon of powdered goldenseal. After some additional mixture them up let the water simmer for sometime and cool it and then strain the decoction. This substance is commonly used for gargling.
  • Take a cup with a lid and pour some honey into it. Now then, cut down an onion into small pieces and soak it in the honey. Then put on the lid and keep aside for an hour. Afterwards, have a tea spoon of this honey every few hours being consumed.
  • Take a fresh lemon and cut it into two halves. In one part sprinkle some salt and black pepper. Press it with a knife so that the pepper and salt penetrates in and warm this lime piece so that to be licked later on. You may have this twice or thrice a day so that too get immediate relief from sore throat.
  • In 500 ml of water you add around 30 grams of fresh sage water and 1/4-th teaspoon of cayenne. Let it be boiled and allow it to cool. Later on strain this decoction and drink once or twice in a day.

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How to cure a sore throat instantly

February 26th, 2010 by admin

The permanent sore throat process is often seen by people as an initial stage of a cold or a flu. Moreover, a sore throat is almost always an inflamed or irritated throat. Signs of that are easy to be identified like the following: one has a tickling in his or her throat which is a very unpleasant feeling in fact. Thus, everyone starts to think how to stop the inconvenience ASAP, because it will be getting worse and worse if you do nothing about starting disease. Well, what’s the reason for such?

sore throat cure

Reasons that cause sore throat:

  • Viral infections such as a cold or flu that often flow something like up to 7 days. In fact there is no just one antibiotic that can treat the virus successfully. Of course such cases are relatively a rare case but still it happens occasionally.
  • Bacterial infections such as strep throat that can be treated with a number of antibiotics very successfully.
  • Sore throat caused by smoking.
  • Shouting or voice strain effect.
  • Allergies which a person has.
  • In some cases it might be breathing fumes.

When having symptoms of tickling in throat the first thing people try to do is to treat themselves by their own efforts attacking pain causing microorganisms. If you have a kind of bacterial infection, an antibiotic will be ordered. The procedure is very simple, i.e. you have to take the pills until the symptoms are gone. Do not stop in the middle, but take them until when feel better.

Other popular thing people do is gargling with warm salt water mix, i.e. a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 cup of water. Some of the patients find it very effective means if joined with special throat lozenges or sprays for sore throats like cough treatment ones.

If you want to cure sore throat instantly, please, avoid smoking, alcohol, hot coffee and hot or spicy food consumption at this very period when you do the abovementioned procedures.

That is what you can actually do without Doctor’s interference, but a visit to a Doc is an essential thing anyway since you do not know what was the actual cause of sore throat.

As we mentioned above, curing process is ought to be done on time and without delays. Otherwise, the results required will be achieved in a long term period and the disease will be progressing. Also, we would like to pay your attention on some “tiny little secrets” in sore throat cure being gathered from the experience of many patients research.

Important to know

  • the lozenges are better to be selected with mint or sage
  • the lozenges should not be swallowed rapidly, but sucked slowly under the tongue since they are supposed to be melted within a certain time period so that won’t affect the stomach
  • while doing the gargling procedure you\\’ d better do it at least three times a day. Rather useful is perceived a boiled chamomile stuff as well as the same of calendula.
  • the procedure of gargling is normally conducted like this: you take a tablespoon of salt and have it melting in a glass of hot water. Apart from that, as it was mentioned before, you may use calendula or sage or even eucalyptus, that should be put into a tea spoon with up to three drops of iodine. The salt is supposed to pull out the infection from tonsils and iodine will work as an antiseptic whereas sodium will create an alkaline which is quite effective in combating viruses

Important! Never forget about vitamins. The main issue is that they are of a great help for entire processes of your organism and immune system of your body. It would be also somewhat effective to drink a small quantity of boiled red wine with spices. That is to ensure the proper work of the morrow.

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Swine flu prevention and vaccination

December 24th, 2009 by admin

This season I was vaccinated against influenza. Will it protect against swine flu?

If you were vaccinated against influenza last winter, the effect of swine flu vaccination will remain for a long time, protecting you from certain known strains of influenza virus. However, the new, modified virus of swine influenza is quite atypical in nature.

How can I protect myself from swine influenza infection?

Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following steps:

  • Remember to wash your hands with soap, especially after coughing or sneezing. Also use to wash your hands on alcohol basis.
  • Avoid close contact with infected people.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

Can I still eat pork?

Yes. You can not get swine flu, consuming pork, bacon and other pork products.

What additional preventive measures should I take?

Stay informed of new facts in your neighborhood. Your local health center may hold important information about the epidemic of swine flu in your area. For example, parents may wish to know what steps they should take if a school where their children are learning, will close due to influenza. Preparatory School St. Francis, New York was closed for several days after the analyses of eight students had indicated influenza virus. No need to panic, but the basic steps of caution did not prevent this occasion.

Were there the earlier outbreaks of swine flu?

Yes. In 1976 was recorded epidemic of swine flu among recruits in the town of Fort Dix, ea. New Jersey. The epidemic lasted one month, then vanished as inexplicably as arose. Virus infected 240 people, one person died.

Swine influenza, as recorded in the city of Fort Dix, a virus strain H1N1. The same strain caused fatal influenza pandemic of 1918-1919, taking the lives of tens of millions of people.

Concern about a new pandemic virus strain H1N1 in the winter of 1976 grew into an ambitious program to develop vaccines and implementation of the vaccination of all Americans against swine flu. The program to vaccinate the population was fraught with difficulties, one of which was a massive belief that the vaccine caused an unprecedented number of severe adverse reactions. After the 40 million people were vaccinated, the program was discontinued.

Subsequently, however, a new epidemic of swine influenza has broken out.

Is the epidemic of swine flu a serious threat to society?

The severity of the disease can vary depending on the unfolding of the epidemic, but throughout the world experts always closely monitor the spread and take apreparatory measures for the case of a pandemic.

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