How to cure tonsilitis / angina

What is it? Symptoms

When we talk about tonsilitis (or angina) the first thing which comes to mind is the attack is an acute chest pain. People who are having tonsilitis feel thmselves uncomfortable around the chest area because of condensed blood flow to heart due to thinning of the arteries of the heart. In some cases tonsilitis is caused due to raised require of blood supply for the heart, jam of artery, or thickening of heart muscles but such cases are relatively rare. Summarizing the above mentioned we have to identify the main symptoms for angina like chest pain and chest irritation, sickness, vomiting, tiredness, shortness of breath, nervousness, sweating or dizziness.

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Practical advice for tonsilitis cure

First of all one has to remember that the treatment process of tonsilitis requires bed rest and care. The patient is to have a separate utensils as well as objects of care in order to avoid infection spread to others. Foods for meals is better to cook as soft i.e. without irritating the mucous membrane of the pharynx (dairy, vegetable) and drinking liquids.

Second important thing is that taking medications is essential. You have to use topical preparations of influencing, aimed directly to the mucosa of the tonsils (e.g. variety of candies, tablets for dispersal). In addition with that apply the rinse solution of soda or broth chamomile and sage or calendula tincture. But remember that some candy and rinsing is still necessary. Even though they provide only temporary relief but while not eliminating the cause of the disease it is still important for the patient to feel himself better. Meanwhile, when the infection is circulating in the blood, causing the intoxication of the organism the Doctor has to prescribe anti-bacterial drugs which are more powerful but you have to read cautions in the instruction or to check it with your Doctor first before starting to consume.

Depending on the situation occurred, the clinical picture or the stage of the process, as well as from the age of the patient, the Physician selects certain drugs for the treatment of tonsilitis just for a particular case. For example, substances like sulfonamides (streptocid, sulfadimezin etc.) are suitable in some cases whereas antibiotics (penicillin, etc.) are worth taking in other. Taking antibiotics should be obviously monitored by a doctor. He/she appoints the kind of drug, optimal dose for treatment. That is done due to certain testimony, and therefore in no case be engaged in self-medication.

Third thing to remember, drugs that reduce the symptoms of intoxication: antipyretics, analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, hyposensitization.

Home procedures for tonsilitis treatment

  • Use vitamin A, C and E because these nutrients control angina in process.
  • Take some drops of honey with warm water and a piece of lemon and mix it to be taken daily in the mornings when your stomach is empty. It prevents formation of cholesterol inside the body.
  • Drink beet juice since it is also effective thin preventing angina.
  • Take garlic in the form of salad on a regular basis. It is another best remedy for heart disorder in angina.
  • Push yourself to eat more fresh grapes and apples since they contain the necessary vitamins. Apples help blood circulation smoothly.
  • Consider parsley as an effective home remedy for tonsilitis cure. Prepare dried parsley tea and drink it daily. It is a pleasant thing since it has a nice scent and taste.

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