How to cure anorexia

Anorexia as a consequence of your family heritage?

That is a mental illness for which there is a pathological desire of weight loss, accompanied by a strong fear of obesity.

Anorexia cure

Typically, patients suffering from anorexia, seeking weight loss in two ways:

    ONE. Limitations which is weight loss through severe diets with reduced number of host meals every day and excessive exercise.
    TWO. Cleaning i.e. through various procedures: gastric lavage, enemas, artificially provoked vomiting after meals.

What are the main signs of anorexia?

The main symptoms of anorexia are not many:

  • Progressive weight loss.
  • Panic fear recover the weight which a patient had beforehand.
  • Denial of maintaining a minimum weight, no matter how low he was.
  • Constant feeling of fullness, particularly certain body parts.
  • Method of Power: eat standing grain foods into small pieces.
  • Sleep disturbance (patients sleep not more than 6 hours a day).
  • Feelings of guilt during fasting and eating.
  • Isolation from society, depression.

As a consequence of this disease we can see some violations at the physiological level, such as pale skin, feeling cold, menstrual disorders, arrhythmia, constant weakness and muscle spasms. As well as increased irritability, unreasonable anger, resentment on others.

How to treat anorexia?

Treatment of anorexia should begin as early as possible to prevent irreversible changes in the organism during its depletion. Refer to a psychiatrist that he had appointed an individual treatment.

A prerequisite in the treatment of anorexia nervosa is a psychological support in the form of individual and family therapy.

Do not hesitate and do not be afraid, because your health is the most important thing!

Mental illness in the family of yours which may be the reason for psychological disordes causing things like anorexia and schizophrenia

Mental illnesses such as anorexia or schizophrenia are a great shock and stress both for the individual and for his/her family. This is a time of crisis when, in addition to symptoms relations in the family worsen, because people do not know how to behave with ill relatives. All members of the family experience many negative feelings that may lead to frequent conflicts and mutual recriminations and accusations. This additional stress can increase the patient’s symptoms that exacerbate conflicts with her family. There is a vicious cycle of increasing stress on each family member, and a lot of time and effort spent trying to establish a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

In such situations, the best in medical practice have proven the so-called program for “Psycho cure”. In addition to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy programs for Psycho cure are most effective and widely used method of psychological care of mentally ill people throughout the world. Such programs are conducted classes for patients and their relatives, who informed about the disease and allow to establish peaceful relations in the family. These classes include workshops for families and patients, training for the establishment of conflict-free communication between the patient and family, the elements of family therapy to address specific problems in the family. As a result, the participation of patients and their relatives in Psycho cure classes reduced the number of exacerbations of mental illness, and reduces the severity of symptoms, reduced stress levels among all family members, increases the likelihood of learning or employment with the patient. Relatives of patients become more informed and confident in their abilities, learn to distinguish the symptoms of the features of the nature of the patients.

Psycho cure classes are an ideal complement to the main treatment (pharmacotherapy) and combine perfectly with the cognitive-behavioral therapy for patients. Working with family is recommended primarily for mental illnesses like psychosis, affective disorders (depression), Eating disorders (anorexia / bulimia). In the classroom can engage patients by their parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and children. Classes are held in separate families or in group (a group consisting of several families). And she and other forms of work have their advantages. In the group of relatives and patients are able to overcome a frightening sense of isolation and loneliness, when they feel they are struggling with the disease alone. In sessions with individual families can be more time given to solving specific problems within a given family.

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