How to cure constipation

We call it Constipation in medicine if the duration is more than 48 hours. Constipation is related to frequent health problems and, according to medical statistics, occur most often in young children and the elderly. In highly developed Western countries up to ten percent of the total population suffer from chronic or persistent constipation and amongst women it is three times more often than amongst men.

Constipation cure

Well, many people are constipated when traveling or after stress and surgery. These locks are held when returning to normal life and are not considered disease. If they occur frequently and have become like a commonplace you require careful diagnosis and treatment.
Causes of constipation are different:

  • diet, a poor vegetable fibers, in combination with a small amount of fluid consumed and sedentary life;
  • disease of the gastrointestinal tract i.e. peptic ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, tumors of the colon;
  • accumulation of hardened feces in the intestines or fecal stones;
  • diseases of the anus i.e. anal fissures, hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, accompanied by significant pain and prevent bowel;
  • neurological diseases i.e. stroke, Parkinson’s disease, damage and tumors of the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis;
  • endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.);
  • intake of certain drugs (atropine, bicarb, almagel, cocaine, etc.);
  • long-term depression.

Treatment of constipation

If persistent constipation due to intestinal tumor occurs, a surgical treatment is needed. In other cases the treatment program includes:

  • A diet with the inclusion of foods rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables, coarse black bread (sometimes especially food bran) and not less than 2 liters of fluid a day. Feed on you regularly, at least 5 times a day.
  • Medicines (oil with fish oil, sunflower oil, etc.) and cleansing enemas.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Cancel drugs that weaken the reduction of the intestine like atropine, bicarb, almagel, some antidepressants.

If the above steps are not sufficiently effective, doctors prescribe laxatives.

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