How to cure cystitis

The inflammation process of the bladder is a relatively common disease of urinary tract which is the most frequently seen amongst women rather than men, to whom the disease occurs in reasonably much less cases.

Cystitis cure

In accordance with classification adopted worldwide cystitis is in fact split into primary and secondary phases.

Primary cystitis most often occurs in the intact bladder being raised without any previous changes within intact bladder being developed as an independent disease.

Secondary cystitis is a more complicated situation compared to other diseases of the urinary bladder.

Remember! Primary cystitis are often seen as an acute whereas secondary ones present the chronic cases only.

Originally the name Cysts comes from the Greek. Kystis which is bladder inflammation of the bladder which usually is being developed on the basis of infection which is basically characterized by frequent and painful urination, blood and pus in the urine, discomfort during sexual life.

In fact, it is difficult to treat cystitis and achieve full recovery stage is not a feasible thing for everyone. Unfortunately, for the majority of patients there is not always a stronghold chance comprising of one hundred percent which guarantees of recovery. In many cases there is a relapse of the disease in relation to the erosion of general immunity combined with colds, chill or the use of substances which is irritating the mucous membrane of the urinary bladder. The obvious question which comes to mind more or less often is “whether it is worth to treat cystitis, not enough to be a simple medication to reduce the symptoms of the disease?”. The question is hard to answer in fact since most of the experts trust that the need to treat cystitis is essential although in some cases after taking some pills the patient feels like a healthy person. This is especially important for young women who want to know the joy of motherhood. The spread of infections a child is possible in 40-60% of cases.

For the sufficient treatment of cystitis the patients need to obtain the competent on time advice of a urologist or gynecologist consultation. The specialists of up to date clinics would offer demanded procedures i.e. laser urological special nozzles, bladder instillation of solutions of silver being the relevant methods of injection of the relevant drugs combined with hydrosulphuric mud which is seen as accelerated mechanism for the healing process of the patient without serious medical intervention. Wide experience of the practice of treating the disease and the annual collaboration with leading urologists in Europe and North America are the key points while considering the clinic and appropriate treatment for such inconvenient kind of disease at any stage of complexity. After passing the basic therapy the patient should remain under the supervision of the attending physician with special treatment procedures still done in order to overcome post recovery sindrome.

General causes of cystitis

The general cause of cystitis may be caused by many factors like infection, allergy, stones and other foreign bodies such as trauma or autoimmune diseases, bladder cancer, radiation therapy and medicinal substances, especially anticancer chemotherapeutic agents. But more often the cause of cystitis is an infection which in the most cases has the bacterial origin but sometimes a viral, fungal or parasitic.
By the nature of the flow distinguish three forms of cystitis:

  • Acute
  • Recurrent
  • Chronic

Acute cystitis develops suddenly like a storm developing within several hours which manifests itself in typical cases of burning and / or tenderness during urination being followed by frequent urgent impulses, pain over the pubis, a slight increase in temperature and nocturia. Often there is a severe pain in the waist, as well, especially for women we notice gross hematuria or in other words blood in urine.

Chronic cystitis is a term which can be misleading since it does not include cases of recurrent acute cystitis where in between of the attacks there may take place weeks or even months of a kind of relief but applies only to this form of the disease in which symptoms persist continuously for many weeks. The basis of chronic cystitis often lies deeper (interstitial) tissue inflammation of the bladder.

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