How to cure diarrhea

Diarrhea (Diarrhoea) is more often characterized like the one with too frequent bowel movements in which the faeces are being of soft or liquid consistency.

Diarrhea cure

Under the acute diarrhea is a changing in feaces consistency increased frequency (more than 3 times per day) and of less than 4 weeks. Although in most cases diarrhea stops itself, acute diarrhea is still an important component of morbidity and mortality, especially among children and the elderly people. Acute diarrhea refers to sophisticated kind of disease. Possible causal factors include the acceptance of drugs as well as infectious pathogens or their toxins, inflammatory or ischemic bowel disease, carbohydrates, inflammation of the pelvis. In developed countries, the most frequent cause of diarrhea are viruses such as adenoviruses, rotaviruses etc.

Viral diarrhea

Amongst the various options for viral diarrhea are the most important clinical diarrhea rotavirus. The most common form of infectious diarrhea is more often seen amongst children which is caused by a virus of Norfolk, as well as adeno-and astroviruses. The clinical picture of viral diarrhea attention is drawn to the frequent combination of diarrhea and fever with dyspeptic disorders, and often (with rotavirus diarrhea) and with the defeat of the upper respiratory tract. The appropriate diagnosis is confirmed by detection of the virus by electron microscopy or for special immunological studies (e.g. monoclonal antibodies). Diarrhea which is being caused by a virus usually perceived as favorable. Duration of disease does not exceed usually 35 days. Treatment is symptomatic and is to remove water-electrolyte disorders.
Diarrhea may develop in intestinal infections, various inflammatory bowel disease (e.g. colitis),anxiety, as well as irritable bowel syndrome. Strong or diarrhea persisting for too long can lead to significant loss of body fluids, salts and nutrients.

Viral diarrhea if acquired in modern medical practice is referred as the one of particular relevance. Amongst cases with children, the leading etiological factor causing acute infectious diarrhea is rotavirus. Most of rotavirus diarrhea amongst children under 2 years old is seen in the form of sporadic cases are possible epidemic of rotavirus infection, most often in the winter. In adults, rotavirus gastroenteritis is rarely a pathogen and the process they caused, runs erased.

Treatment of diarrhea

Treatment is directed at eliminating the causes that caused the diarrhea. For example, when injected stuff like parenterally hypovitaminosis or appropriate vitamins in medical terms, when appointed stomach gastric juice or its substitutes, with pancreatic insufficiency – pancreatin or panzinorm as well as Festal, etc. If diarrhea has occurred and is not related to infection, showing light diet aspect i.e. restriction of carbohydrates, fats of animal refractory origin, frequent small feedings, thorough chewing of food. As symptomatic of using calcium carbonate, bismuth preparations or decoctions of oak bark, grasses, hypericum, serpentine root, cinquefoil, or burnet one as well as wild cherry fruit, extract of blueberries, alder aggregate fruits, flowers, chamomile tincture of belladonna etc. With the diarrhea caused by dysbiosis shall appoint kolibakterin, lactobacterin, bifikol, bifidumbacterin.

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