How to cure insomnia

Probably each of us at least once in our live suffered from insomnia. Well, it could be the night before an exam, or before an important meeting when you tried to go early and get a good sleep. Instead, lay for hours without sleep, painfully scrolling options for upcoming events. Or, coming after a hard day, literally sleeping on the go, you went to bed dreaming of coveted vacation, but alas, the bed uncomfortable, it prevented some barely discernable sound – and wants to sleep forever disappears. Such problems regularly arise in 30-45% of people, half of them become chronic.

Insomnia cure

In the course of insomnia is divided into three stages.

First – this is the onset of sleep difficulties or disorders i.e. trouble when falling asleep. And gradually formed a human whole rituals, bedtime, you may see “the fear of bed” or fear of “non-occurrence of sleep.”

Problem of the second phase is frequent nocturnal awakening from a sound or from a deep sleep, nightmares, feelings of pain, respiratory failure, sudden movements, after which the man can not sleep for a long time.

Finally, the third stage which is the most troubleshooting. In comes when there is a problem of heavy morning surge followed with low efficiency, feeling broken and drowsiness.

There are also cases where a person complains that “no sleep during the night, but during the checkup the doctor revealed that he was asleep, and at least 5 hours a day. This situation is called a distorted perception of sleep or sleeping agnosia.

So, if you have insomnia, you may well be that the problem is easily solved if you learn to sleep properly! That means you are supposed to organize your schedule of work and leisure, as a rule, take before bedtime a warm, relaxing bath, maybe you should undergo autotraining.
In cases where insomnia is caused by fatigue, stress, you can take sleeping pills, but it should be remembered that, firstly, you must strictly follow the rules of taking this product, and secondly, that the duration of any hypnotics should not exceed 10-14 days. During this period, as a rule, not habit-forming and addiction, and there is no problem of drug discontinuation. To observe this principle is difficult, since most people prefer to use drugs, rather than painfully endure sleep disturbance.

You may also need further examination by a neurologist. For the treatment of insomnia you can assign physiotherapy treatment, phototherapy, acupuncture course, a course of psychotherapy.

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