How to cure jaundice

Some people refer to a jaundice all kind of liver diseases, but professional medicine people say we have to distinguish all of them. In fact, Frequent causes of jaundice – Improper diet, infections, jaundice and alcoholism.

Jaundice is perceived as an increased serum bile pigments being caused by the yellowish color of the skin appeared with a kind of sclera and more deeply located tissues. There are three types of jaundice occurred more often i.e. Hemolytic jaundice which is caused by intensive disintegration (i.e. hemolysis) of erythrocytes like obstructive jaundice occurs as a result of mechanical obstacles to the flow of bile into the duodenum (with cholelithiasis with biliary tract cancer). So called hepatic jaundice is caused by lesions of the liver tissue in terms of hepatitis in the way of different etiologies (viral, toxic, reactive). Physiological Jaundice is being transient jaundice which crops up in the majority of healthy newborns during the first days of life since the fetal red blood cells contain another type of hemoglobin (Hb F), which are destroyed after the birth.

Treatment of jaundice by all means in likelihood of traditional medicine:

1. Pick up the bark of willow like 60 gr. of dried and powdered willow bark to be boiled in a one liter of water for a duration of 15-20 minutes and insisted being encased throughout day. The stuff is to be filtered and consumed in proportion of 1/2 cup 3 times daily before meals. Take for jaundice and other liver conditions.

2. Take Immortelle in the quantity of 25 gr. and then boil in 1 liter of water up to half the volume, i.e. up to half a liter. When cool down and strain afterwards. Please, take 50 mg. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Allow to full recovery.

Jaundice remedy

3. Select the Juice of sauerkraut for upward consumption. Everyday from the early morning take the juice in a quantity of one glass every 2-3 hours. Allow to full recovery. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for revival.

4. Hazelnut (filbert) leaves have to be taken herewith. The leaves are dried in an oven without gas i.e. microwave is the most suitable chance with one teaspoon of powdered leaves insist from evening to morning in a glass of white wine. Take this infusion throughout the day on an empty stomach in three hours. Trust me after 12-15 days of jaundice passes over.

5. Take oat straw (chaff). You are to consider handful of chopped oat straw is boiled in one liter of water to half volume to be filtered on. Consume a glass 3 times a day before meals.

6. A good choice is Asarum leaves like one part being everlasting flower i.e. flowers in one part of 15 gr. Being mixed with a cup of boiling water. Insisting, encased in 3 hours, strain. Take 1 cup a day for 3-4 hours.

7. Bearberry leaves are the nice choice for being selected in a part with knotweed grass in a part of corn stigmas with pods of beans of the same and 15 gr. of mixture of one cup of boiling water. Insisting, encased 3 hours, strain. Take warm for 1/2 cup 3 times a day. It is used in jaundice.

8. Flowers immortelle are the appropriate decision too in the quantity of 40 gr. mixed with watch trifoliata Sheet of 30 gr. with mint, leaf 20 gr. The fruit of coriander – 20 gr. 2 tablespoons of the ofcollection of 2 cups of water. Boil 10 minutes, to insist, encased in 1 hour, filter. Take 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. It is used in jaundice and inflammation of the biliary tract.

10. Celandine herb as a tincture be taken orally as a painkiller for liver and gallbladder diseases (hepatitis, jaundice, cholecystitis, stones and sand in them and many others.

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