How to cure diabetes mellitus

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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease which as a rule is caused by genetic conditions and characterized by a violation of all types of metabolism especially carbohydrate. For diabetes is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia (increased blood glucose) and glycosuria in terms of presence of glucose in urine due to insulin deficiency which is most often a relative and absolute.

World Health Organization in 1981 has given a definition of diabetes like a state of chronic hyperglycemia which may develop as a result of exogenous and causes genetic factors that complement each other.

Thus, the most important feature of diabetes is increasing blood sugar levels known also as hyperglycemia. The content of sugar in the blood of healthy human fasting 3.33 – 5.55 mg / dL.

Also, it is well known that a leading role in carbohydrate metabolism plays a pancreas performs two main functions:

  • exocrine which is production of digestive enzymes and which fall on the pancreatic duct into the duodenum and are involved in digestion: break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates to less complex compounds, and then be absorbed into the bloodstream;
  • internal secretion i.e. hormone in the so called “islets of Langerhans”;

These places in the body are unevenly distributed in the tissue of the pancreas and they distinguish four main types of cells known as Beta cells which produce insulin, Alpha calls which are in charge of glucagon, Delta cells for somatostatin and P cells for pancreatic.

Due to the total number of cells and their parameters for “health”, “full” and “quality” we can work out their insulin dependent cherished numbers of health from 3.33 to 5.55 mmol / l glucose in the blood.
Insulin is seen as the “key” for the penetration of glucose into the cells of the liver, brain, muscles i.e. the organs which are not able to function without glucose properly.
Blood glucose level is maintained in the main two hormones:

  • insulin which is lowering it;
  • glucagon which is increasing it.

If grossly interfere in nature – it severely punishes us diseases. The main factors contributing to, the development of diabetes are:

    1) Refined foods of modern man, is deprived of crude fiber, forced to work the intestine, impeding absorbability of fats, cholesterol, lipids, and consequently prevents the development of atherosclerosis, unloads insulin y apparatus;
    2) humanity has less to move and increase the mass of his body for tens of kilograms;
    3) humanity lives in conditions of constant stress;
    4) simply overeating;
    5) breathing fire and eating masses of chemicals;
    6) adverse effects of some drugs on carbohydrate metabolism;
    7) cells of the pancreas are sensitive to different viruses.

The twentieth century gave people insulin and hypoglycemic agents which can not only extended but really has saved millions of lives and made it possible for people affected by diabetes but just to live, work actively, make love and have children.

Establish a genetic predisposition to diabetes

The frequency of diabetes mellitus type I in the 0,2 – 0, 3% of the population. In families where one child is suffering from diabetes type I, his brother or sister of risk to get diabetes about 5%. In families where the father has Type I diabetes risk of the disease, 5 – 10%. If the mother is ill, the risk of disease in children 2.5 – 5%. The risk of developing type I diabetes mellitus is higher in those families in which there is diabetes, a third child’s risk to get 10%. In the case of type I diabetes mellitus in relatives of 2 nd degree relatives (uncle, aunt, grandchild) the risk of developing diabetes mellitus 1 – 2%.

The frequency of diabetes mellitus type II is higher than type I diabetes. Among the relatives of the patient with diabetes mellitus type II diabetes risk 25 – 30%, and if both parents have type II diabetes, the risk of developing diabetes in their children after the age of 40 years – 65 – 75%.

Folk methods for treatment and relief

1. Salad of beets and carrots with oranges

Requires: 4 beets 1 carrot 4 cloves of garlic, 0.3 liters of water, 1 orange, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 4 tablespoons sour cream, 2 tablespoons chopped dill.

Preparation. Take raw beets which are cleaned and rubbed on a coarse grater, add lemon juice. Carrot shred straw to be mixed with beets and pour hot water bringing to a boil at the end. Then the stuff has to be cool. Serve with oranges, sour cream, minced garlic, dill.

2. Cowberry juice

Washed berries are to be poured in boiled water (2 cups of water per 700 g of berries) forl 10 minutes to be rub the berries with the pestle and sieve. Juice has to be filled with Xylitol, Sorbitol or saharitom. Is chilled on 1/2–1 glasses a day.

3.Drink “Autumn”

In brine sauerkraut pour tomato juice, squeeze the juice of half a lemon there, add removed from 1 / 4 lemon zest crushed, cooled boiled water, salt to taste. Stir well. Serve chilled.

For 6 servings: 1 / 2 liters of brine, 1 / 2 liters of juice, 1 / 2 lemon, 1 / 2 cup water.

4.Tomato drink with cheese

You need for 1 serving the following: 2 tablespoons of tomato juice, 50 grams grated cheese, 1 / 2 cup of cold milk.

Preparation. In blender pour grated cheese, pour the tomato juice and cold milk and beat for 1 minute. Serve well chilled.

5. Carrot Cocktail

Required for 4 servings: 2 cups of carrot juice, 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 2 teaspoons honey, 1 cup yogurt or sour milk, 4 – 8 cubes of edible ice.

Preparation. In a mixer whip the good carrot, orange and lemon juices, yogurt or fermented baked milk, honey.

Diabetes diet

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How to cure gout

September 24th, 2010 by admin

Gout is a chronic disease that results from violations of metabolism which is accompanied by the deposition of urine acid sodium in various organs and tissues and which leads to disruption of their functions most often affects the joints and kidneys.

The term “gout” itself is derived from the Greek word podagra which literally means “foot trap” or “leg, a victim” (in direct translation podas means leg and agra is a trap or victim) reflecting the relatively frequent clinical observations defeat leg joints while disease.

Gout symptoms

This suffering from gout was known since antiquity. The great physician and founder of Medicine Hippocrates who was born 460 BC in six aphorisms provides information concerning the nature, origin, clinical course and treatment of gout, as well as an attempt to differentiate this disease from other arthritis. Famous Roman physician Galen (born 131 AD) described well the essential feature of this disease which is known uratoma or tofus.

An important landmark study of this disease was the discovery of uric acid Seheele and Bergmann in 1976 and in 1797 Mr.Wollaston discovers lithate contents gouty nodes. The final recognition of the primary role of uric acid in gout essentially proves in 1848 Dr. Garran by showing that the string, dropped in the blood of the patients covered by crystals of uric acid compounds. This fact was not observed in the study of blood of healthy people.

There are primary (essential) gout and secondary gout.

Primary gout occurs as a distinct disease, often caused by genetically determined defects in the enzymes which regulate the synthesis of nucleic acids, respectively, and uric acid, as well as in violation of the mechanisms of excretion by the kidneys. Thus, the known primary gout which occurs due to the presence in the body of congenital defective enzyme hypoxanthine-guanine-fosforiboziltransferaty appears already in childhood and leads to hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid in the blood), as well as the accumulation and deposition of various tissues.

Secondary gout develops in the presence of certain pre-illness or pathogenic factor that is seen as a complication of a pathological process – it can be a variety of blood diseases (leukemia), chronic lead intoxication, the effects of some medicines such as riboksin, diuretics etc.

In the development of primary gout, as we already noted, somewhat importance belongs to the hereditary factor. According to various researchers, the existence of familial predisposition to the disease varies from 12 to 81% of cases. The presence of giperuremia (sometimes asymptomatic) was observed on average amongst 25% of relatives of the patients with gout examined. The role of heredity in the etiology of gout is confirmed by the prevalence of the disease within nations and whole races. Thus, in the literature mentioned that the number of cases detected gout in the Philippines is 20 times greater than rates of neighboring states. However, most often, the role of heredity are not so fatal, and, apparently, needed by many other factors influencing the occurrence of this disease.

Many researchers point out to the impact of “nutritional” factors explaining the increased incidence of gout in recent decades, people with increased material prosperity, abundant food, sedentary lifestyles, frequent alcohol use (it is believed that high-fat foods and alcohol to block the secretion of uric acid by the kidneys). It is known that after the Second World War in countries with high welfare population has increased dramatically the number of patients with gout. At the same time in those countries where the diet of lean meat and prevails, mostly carbohydrates (India and African countries), gout is quite rare. Despite these facts, the present role of nutritional factors not considered valid proof of the development of gout depending on the nature of power.

Folk methods of treatment

Of the non-traditional or so called “folk” methods of treatment for gout should be mentioned the action of radioactive substances on the patient’s body. Effective factor is the adoption of radon baths or inhalation of radium emanation. In the treatment procedure of radioactive substances in most cases there was an overall clinical improvement of the patient often seen in decrease or even disappearance of tofusov, positive dynamics of the functional abilities of the affected joints. Similarly we notice the same effect from the action of hydrogen sulfide baths.

A favorable factor for this disease is the heat. Local and overall thermal procedures promote resorption of tissue deposits of uric acid compounds. The mechanism of action due to increased blood flow in the zone, as well as the reaction of affected tissue with subsequent phenomena of phagocytosis and resorption of uric acid compounds exudates. The thermal procedure is shown to apply only in interracial periods.

Fasting is also one of the most ancient and proven methods of healing, cleansing and rejuvenation of the body, acquiring in recent years an increasing number of supporters. Here is what it says about domestic luminary of the method.

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How to prevent hair loss

April 20th, 2010 by admin

Hair loss is seen as excessive process for a man if a person loses hair on a daily basis over than 50-60 items and if it comprise the level of 30 to 50, then hair loss per day is considered normal.

Hair loss prevention

Major causes of hair loss are known as androgenic factor, metabolism disease with deficiency of vitamin B6 and folic acid, as well as agitation, sudden fright and due to stress and general weakening of the body caused by migrated diseases (like anemia, influenza, chronic colds, fever) and less often by a hereditary factor.

Symptoms of hair loss

Most often it is thinning of hair which is partial or complete loss in the crown and around the forehead in males or complete baldness.

Traditional folk methods

  • Castor oil is very beneficial effect on the hair roots. Usage of that stuff is simple i.e. heat the small amount of oil on the water bath and lubricate them to the scalp with an old toothbrush. Then cover the head towel and leave for at least 5 hours and after this procedure the head should be rinsed thoroughly with shampoo containing extracts of herbs. Repeat the procedure for 1 time a week for 1-2 months and not only stop hair fall out but will become of more dense and will grow much faster.
  • A well known and also effective tool for hair growth is the approach when you use rubbing the scalp burdock juice or ointment from burdock root. To do this successfully you are to boil the burdock root first in a quantity of 20 g. of roots for one cup of boiling water. The stuff is to be insisted for a duration of 20 minutes and then boil the liquid again to half the volume. Then you have to add mixed with guttural Heat the lard and pour into the pot. Cover tightly for a while and put the pot in the oven for several hours. With cooled thickened mass drain the water if it is not all evaporated, and lubricate the skin of the head of the ointment.
  • You should mix 10 grams of cognac with 40 g. of strained onion juice and 50 g. of decoction of burdock root (all of these are to be cooked at a ratio of 1:10 where burdock root comprise 10). Apply the mixture to rub into the scalp, bandaged head with a towel, leave a balm for 2 hours then wash your hair. The procedure is done on a daily basis.
  • If you suffer from a strong loss of hair it is better to use for rinsing of broth which is made from 3 tablespoons of chopped calamus rhizome and the welded for 15 minutes in half a liter of vinegar.
  • A very good strengthening hair and preventing hair loss common remedy is nettle. It is the best to use for the treatment the young nettles leaves being cut off before flowering. Prepare a decoction of it, cool to 40 ° C and rinse their hair after washing.
  • Select Lime blossom and pour 8 tablespoons into half a litter of water to be boiled for about 20 minutes. The obtained broth is to be used when washing head for a month duration. If there is slight improvement, continue to conduct this procedure.
  • It is useful to rub into the scalp birch sap with aloe juice and garlic and add to that honey and chicken yolk. Take all these ingredients and 1 teaspoon, mix well and rub the mixture into the scalp. Campaign was 1-2 hours or more before shampoo. Wash and rinse it suggest a strong infusion of birch leaves.
  • If your hair and scalp diseases useful 2 times a week to wash my hair decoction of burdock root and calendula flowers (20 g and 10 g of burdock calendula to 1 liter of water). You can include in broth 15 g of hop cones.
  • You can make a nourishing hair mask and it id also worth doing. In order to do this properly take one tablespoon of vegetable oil and egg yolks which are stirred and rub the stuff into the scalp every 40 minutes flushing the hair with warm water. This procedure is performed 1 time per week.
  • Use 4 g. of purified propolis placed in a glass bottle, add 100 ml of 40% alcohol, tightly close the cap and shake well. The solution is to rub in the hair roots.
  • Wash the head with warm water but without soap. After that gently massage the scalp and start rubbing common salt. The duration of such manipulation is not more than 10 minutes. Wash hair after that. You are to repeat this procedure 6 times during a week of the treatment. Russian healers claimed that this tool saved many from alopecia with dry scalp.

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How to cure jaundice

April 19th, 2010 by admin

Some people refer to a jaundice all kind of liver diseases, but professional medicine people say we have to distinguish all of them. In fact, Frequent causes of jaundice – Improper diet, infections, jaundice and alcoholism.

Jaundice is perceived as an increased serum bile pigments being caused by the yellowish color of the skin appeared with a kind of sclera and more deeply located tissues. There are three types of jaundice occurred more often i.e. Hemolytic jaundice which is caused by intensive disintegration (i.e. hemolysis) of erythrocytes like obstructive jaundice occurs as a result of mechanical obstacles to the flow of bile into the duodenum (with cholelithiasis with biliary tract cancer). So called hepatic jaundice is caused by lesions of the liver tissue in terms of hepatitis in the way of different etiologies (viral, toxic, reactive). Physiological Jaundice is being transient jaundice which crops up in the majority of healthy newborns during the first days of life since the fetal red blood cells contain another type of hemoglobin (Hb F), which are destroyed after the birth.

Treatment of jaundice by all means in likelihood of traditional medicine:

1. Pick up the bark of willow like 60 gr. of dried and powdered willow bark to be boiled in a one liter of water for a duration of 15-20 minutes and insisted being encased throughout day. The stuff is to be filtered and consumed in proportion of 1/2 cup 3 times daily before meals. Take for jaundice and other liver conditions.

2. Take Immortelle in the quantity of 25 gr. and then boil in 1 liter of water up to half the volume, i.e. up to half a liter. When cool down and strain afterwards. Please, take 50 mg. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Allow to full recovery.

Jaundice remedy

3. Select the Juice of sauerkraut for upward consumption. Everyday from the early morning take the juice in a quantity of one glass every 2-3 hours. Allow to full recovery. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for revival.

4. Hazelnut (filbert) leaves have to be taken herewith. The leaves are dried in an oven without gas i.e. microwave is the most suitable chance with one teaspoon of powdered leaves insist from evening to morning in a glass of white wine. Take this infusion throughout the day on an empty stomach in three hours. Trust me after 12-15 days of jaundice passes over.

5. Take oat straw (chaff). You are to consider handful of chopped oat straw is boiled in one liter of water to half volume to be filtered on. Consume a glass 3 times a day before meals.

6. A good choice is Asarum leaves like one part being everlasting flower i.e. flowers in one part of 15 gr. Being mixed with a cup of boiling water. Insisting, encased in 3 hours, strain. Take 1 cup a day for 3-4 hours.

7. Bearberry leaves are the nice choice for being selected in a part with knotweed grass in a part of corn stigmas with pods of beans of the same and 15 gr. of mixture of one cup of boiling water. Insisting, encased 3 hours, strain. Take warm for 1/2 cup 3 times a day. It is used in jaundice.

8. Flowers immortelle are the appropriate decision too in the quantity of 40 gr. mixed with watch trifoliata Sheet of 30 gr. with mint, leaf 20 gr. The fruit of coriander – 20 gr. 2 tablespoons of the ofcollection of 2 cups of water. Boil 10 minutes, to insist, encased in 1 hour, filter. Take 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. It is used in jaundice and inflammation of the biliary tract.

10. Celandine herb as a tincture be taken orally as a painkiller for liver and gallbladder diseases (hepatitis, jaundice, cholecystitis, stones and sand in them and many others.

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How to cure liver diseases

April 17th, 2010 by admin

Liver – how to treat the most massive internal organ in the human body

Well, the mirkroflora of liver is like any other organ-specific in its structure which is associated with numerous functions that it performs. In fact, 60% of the mass of the liver presented with special liver cells i.e. hepatocytes which are responsible for all her work.

The peculiarity of the liver origin is such to fulfill both functions which are lying in between and have fundamental differences and are essential for the organism.

Thus, among them are the most important detoxicate like destruction of toxic substances and secretory secretion and the secretion of bile being existing with synthetic synthesis of many biologically active substances as well as energy in terms of maintenance of energy balance of the body.

Liver diseases are a consequence of direct violation of its functioning and therefore is necessary to evaluate its performance through laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation.

Once again, listen, I would like to draw your attention to the uniqueness of this body. The condition to a large extent determines the health of our body as a whole. Liver is a unique chemical factory like which makes all absorbed by us through the digestive tract, respiratory system and skin, vital for the organism. The liver is the most important reservoir of blood, where the formation and accumulation of red blood cells and filters blood.

Liver cure

This is the body which is involved in the state of more than 500 biochemical reactions coming and going on simultaneously and supports the immune response at the appropriate level without being impossible process of digestion and synthesis of energy and living cells. The liver takes the most important part in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

In addition, it produces bile – this is the substance through which is the normal distribution of nutrients and removing toxins from the body since the blood goes directly to the liver, where toxins are neutralized, without falling into the general circulation and are excreted together with bile.

Many diseases of the liver in the early stages of asymptomatic, without a planned annual surveys can not pay attention to the changes taking place so that the liver is able to perform all its functions, with 20% retention of healthy tissue.

In developing the disease appear to symptoms such as pain or feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium kind of pain being permanent or during the day aching in terms of character and increased with physical activity appears in the diet of fatty or spicy, or because of fried foods. Most of the appetite for it, there is belching, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, perhaps vomiting, appears and progresses obesity.

But the possibility of a common complaint like weakness and lethargy or decreased performance, unmotivated tired more often comprising a headache and sometimes loss of consciousness. There may be bleeding in the skin, women may be in breach of the menstrual cycle, men like impotence and in some cases excessive loss of weight.

The examination of patients is often revealed hepatomegaly term like the increase in the share or shares of the liver due to structural changes in cells.

Just being more and more frequently diagnosed steatosis getting a review in terms of fatty liver which is usually not suspected, overt symptoms of the disease does and sometimes not detected by conventional biochemical tests.

The forecast of these diseases is such that 35-40% of patients there is a shift in diseases such as hepatitis being cirrhosis of the liver in terms of possibly provoking pancreatitis. Therefore, we believe it necessary to conduct a thorough comprehensive examination of all their patients, to identify and prevent latent forms of the disease.

Cirrhosis of the liver is perceived as a progressive chronic liver disease characterized by dystrophy and necrosis (in other words necrosis) of liver tissue with signs of liver failure and portal hypertension like high blood pressure in the portal system of the liver of enlargement of connective tissue and profound disruption of the structure and function of the liver.

The causes steatosis of hepatomegaly and liver cirrhosis are: chronic viral diseases including hepatitis A, B, C, etc. due to alcohol abuse or violation of the immunity with metabolism and some hereditary diseases i.e. the effect of hepatotropic medicinal and toxic substances so diseases of the gall bladder and pancreas, and many others.

The cirrhotic liver due to inflammation or poisoning of the liver cells die and are replaced by connective tissue with breaks down its functional ability to dispose of harmful substances and toxins come from the blood flow in any system of tissues and organs. Especially dangerous is the impact of poisons on the central and peripheral nervous systems. The cirrhotic changes not only the appearance but also the human mind.

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