How to cure leukemia

Leukemia is known as a severe tumor disease of hematopoietic tissue from bone marrow and the displacement of normal hematopoiesis germs.

The manifestations of leukemia are as follows: swollen lymph nodes and spleen followed with changes in the blood picture, etc.

Leukemia cure

Folk methods to combat and make a relief from leukemia

  • Take beet juice of red blood heals to be consumed day by day in half of a cup since it stimulates the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  • A nice remedy to clear the lymph was recommended method of Dr. Walker. You are to make a mixture of 900 g. of grapefruit juice with 900 g. of pure orange juice added by 200g. of lemon juice. All of these is to be mixed with 2 liters of melt water, cooked in the refrigerator. The stuff is to be consumed ones a day and it is a dose for one day. From morning to do an enema and drink solution 1 tablespoon of Glauber’s salt in 100 g of water. After that it is recommended to take a hot shower. You will see how it starts a great loss of moisture via feces, urine and perspiration and it is OK. After every 30 minutes you are to drink 100 grams of prepared in accordance with the current instructions mixture until you have consumed all 4 liters. The overall procedure for purified lymph takes 3 days without eating.
  • Take the flowering shoots of buckwheat seed extract to be prepared at the rate of one cup of herbs to a liter of boiling water. Drink it without any special rules gaining a result of relief.
  • If you are willing to restore the composition of your blood the help brings the following mixture i.e. half a liter of brandy or wine “Cahors” if the liver does not hit with half of a liter of aloe juice and one kilogram of honey mixed beforehand with 200 g. of chopped calamus root. The overall stuff after being properly mixed has to be insisted for 2 weeks in a cool, dark place. Take 1 tablespoon for 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after meal 3 times a day with milk.
  • Take 100 g. of dry powdered roots of British inula placed in a dark glass bottle with poured into it 500 ml of 40% vodka and insist in the dark place for 8 days, occasionally shaking. Then drain, press the raw materials, tightly close the lid. Store in a cool dark place. Take 25 drops 3 times a day to half of a cup water.
  • Select Chaga (a birch mushroom) being washed with water and pour boiling water so that the body was submerged in water to be insisted then for 4-5 hours. Mushroom chop or grated, or mince. The water in which Chaga has soaked is used for infusion. One part of minced mushroom pour 5 parts of water remaining after soaking in water and heated to 50 ° C. Infuse for 48 hours and when the water was drained that means the sediment overcome through several layers of gauze. The resulting thick liquid diluted with boiled water to the original volume. The prepared infusion must be stored 3 or 4 days to be consumed everyday at least 3 cups of fractional portions.
  • Mix the ingredients in the specified amounts like Buckwheat Seed of three tablespoons with chamomile pharmacy of lower quantity (2 tbsp) to be mixed with green tea of one teaspoon and, Melilotus officinalis of 2 tsp. Prepare the infusion adding 800 ml of boiling water beforehand. Take 50 ml of 5 times a day. Do gadgets in radiation sickness, as well as on frequent X-ray irradiation.
  • You are to take three tablespoons of chopped herbs Oregano poured into 600 ml of water and bring to boil the stuff. Insist during the night after boiling in a thermos or under a warm blanket and filter in the morning. Take on 50-100 ml 3 times a day. You can add honey to taste. When leukemia marjoram – paramount and the most essential herb, but it must be taken cautiously, starting at 1 It is highly cups a day. Duration of treatment depends on the state of health. The cure will come to an end when the lost the desire to drink this herb, and macerate seem unpleasant i.e. the body itself will tell you that it’s high time to take a break.
  • Add 5 tablespoons of minced needles young spruce or pine needles (collected in the current year) to fill into half a litter of water for boilingil on low heat for 10 minutes. Leave overnight, wrapped, and in the morning strain. Drink throughout the day instead of water. Good to the infusion needle to add hips like2 or 3 tablespoons and peel onion like one tablespoon. This feature restores the cardiovascular system and cleanses the body from radiation. Needles can be replaced with flax seed or bearish eye – these plants perform the same role, although not to the same extent.

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