How to cure abscess

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Abscess is seen as a delimited accumulation of pus in various tissues and organs. The abscess must be distinguished from cellulitis which means diffuse purulent inflammation of tissue and empyema which is accumulation of pus in body cavities and hollow organs.

Abscess cure

The causative of this form of purulent process is often staphylococcus which is the sole source or in association with streptococcus and Escherichia coli as well as Proteus and other types of the microflora.
The most common ways of penetration of microbes and the development of abscesses are numerous: skin damage, the spread of infection from the primary tumor, suppuration hematoma if it is followed by limited outcoming of blood, cysts which is a limited capsule fluid accumulation and the introduction of the soft tissue of concentrated solutions of drugs and lymphogenic metastasis purulent infection etc.

A special feature is the presence of an abscess pyogenic membrane i.e. the inner wall of purulent cavity being created by the surrounding inflammatory tissue and seen as a manifestation of a normal protective reaction of the human organism. Pyogenic membrane is lined with granulation tissue and it demarcates a purulent-necrotic process and produces exudates effect.

Depending on the localization distinguish the surface in the subcutaneous tissue and deep one in the organs, tissues and cavities abscesses. Superficial abscesses are characterized by classical symptoms of acute inflammation: hyperemia of the skin, swelling, local pain, local increases reflected in body temperature and impaired function. In tuberculous spondylitis pus often is distributed on interstitial cracks far from the initial appearance (e.g. medial surface of the thigh) and forming a wandering abscess like wandering abscess.

Common clinical manifestations of abscess are typical of purulent-inflammatory processes of any location: fever of subfebrile which brings the body temperature up to 41C ° (in severe cases), malaise and weakness, loss of appetite and strong headache. In the blood indicated by leukocytosis with neutrophilia and shift to the left of leukocyte. The extent of these changes depends on the severity of the pathological process. The clinical picture of abscesses for various organs have a specific characteristics due to the localization process. The outcome of an abscess may be a spontaneous dissection of a breakthrough to the outside (subcutaneous abscess, mastitis, paraproctitis, etc.), the breakthrough and emptying into the closed cavity (peritoneal, pleural, in the joint cavity, etc.), a breakthrough in the lumen of bodies, communicating with the external environment (intestine, stomach, bladder, bronchi, etc.). Bowels abscess cavity under favorable conditions, decreases in size, collapses and undergoes scarring. Incomplete emptying the abscess cavity and its poor drainage process may proceed with the formation of a chronic fistula. Breakthrough of pus in the closed cavity leads to the development in them purulent processes (peritonitis, pleurisy, pericarditis, meningitis, arthritis, etc.).

Abscess care

An essential factor in the successful fight against various abscesses is in their early diagnosis and treatment. This is possible only if a timely appeal to trained professionals working in multidisciplinary clinics with modern diagnostic laboratory.

The diagnosis of an abscess is an indication for surgical intervention, whose goal is opening a purulent cavity and its emptying and drainage. Treatment of small superficial abscesses subcutaneous tissue performed in the outpatient setting.

If you suspect that an abscess of the internal organs of urgent patients to be hospitalized in the surgical department. In some abscesses, such as the liver and lung ones sometimes we are to spend puncture with aspiration of pus and subsequent introduction into the cavity abscess, antibiotics, enzyme preparations. Organ resection (e.g. lung) together with abscess as a radical method of flow is used only for chronic abscess. In mature brain abscess with a well defined capsule may remove an abscess, together with its capsule.

The treatment procedure after opening the abscess is the same as the treatment of purulent wounds. Patients provide a complete balanced diet, they can be shown a transfusion of blood products, blood substitutes. Antibiotics are prescribed taking into account the sensitivity to them microflora. Use tools specific therapy – staphylococcal anatoxin, specific gamma-globulin. When abscess that developed on the background of diabetes mellitus, must be corrected metabolic disorders.

The prognosis for treated early superficial abscesses and easily accessible for surgical intervention are mostly favorable. In later executed operation, inadequate drainage of abscess may shift the process from becoming chronic and generalized infection.

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How to cure thyroid cancer

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Thyroid cancer is seen as a more common occasionsy case amongst women since their body has a number of factors predisposing towards hyperplastic processes occurring into the gland. The ratio of men and women stroke with thyroid cancer is like 3:1. Tumors of the thyroid gland treated are reasonably perceived as problematic. They arise against a background of inhibition of the thyroid gland caused by iodine deficiency cured by antithyroid drugs or ionizing radiation. The development of tumors can be accelerated by a certain carcinogen. The research conducted reveal that giperestrogenemiya suppresses the synthesis of T3-4, which stimulates increased synthesis of TSH, causing the proliferation of the epithelium of the thyroid gland. In the recent years we experience increase in numbers of reports of thyroid cancer among children. It is also has been noted the frequent combination of prior radiation therapy of head and neck and upper chest with the various benign entity and (increasingly) radionuclide exposure from nuclear accidents. According to VV Dvoyrina and EA Axel (2003) the incidence of thyroid cancer among children of 5-9 years after the accident at Chernobyl, as compared with the average for Russia has increased 4,6-15,7 times.

Thyroid cancer cure

It may be noted that thyroid disease (including cancer) at the range of 90% of cases occur within women who suffering long-term inflammatory or neoplastic diseases of the genitals and breasts or have a hereditary predisposition to tumors, and dysfunction of endocrine glands.

Manifestations and diagnosis for cancer

The clinical picture of thyroid cancer at early stages of its development is scarce. Most cancers are seen as sort of nodes in the thyroid gland, or an increase in cervical lymph nodes. Differentiated thyroid cancer may be a long time did not differ in clinical picture of nodular goiter. The lack of apparent changes in the thyroid gland leads many experts to misguided tactics of treatment (observation, non-radical surgery, etc.). Often the first clinical manifestation of differentiated adenocarcinomas (particularly papillary carcinoma) may be metastasis of cancer in lymph nodes of the neck. This tumor is called “hidden cancer” – metastatic clinical variant.

L.N. Kamardin and A.F. Romanchishin attempted to systematize the main complaints placed patients, depending on the histogenesis of tumors, revealed no effects of hyperthyroidism.

The main complaint of patients with highly differentiated thyroid cancer are in terms of tumor, whereas undifferentiated cancer in more or less of a complaint relating to the proliferation process in the neighboring anatomical structures and cause the clinical symptoms: high growth, change of voice, choking, swallowing difficulties , pain, fever, weight loss, weakness, sweating, etc.

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How to cure leukemia

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Leukemia is known as a severe tumor disease of hematopoietic tissue from bone marrow and the displacement of normal hematopoiesis germs.

The manifestations of leukemia are as follows: swollen lymph nodes and spleen followed with changes in the blood picture, etc.

Leukemia cure

Folk methods to combat and make a relief from leukemia

  • Take beet juice of red blood heals to be consumed day by day in half of a cup since it stimulates the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  • A nice remedy to clear the lymph was recommended method of Dr. Walker. You are to make a mixture of 900 g. of grapefruit juice with 900 g. of pure orange juice added by 200g. of lemon juice. All of these is to be mixed with 2 liters of melt water, cooked in the refrigerator. The stuff is to be consumed ones a day and it is a dose for one day. From morning to do an enema and drink solution 1 tablespoon of Glauber’s salt in 100 g of water. After that it is recommended to take a hot shower. You will see how it starts a great loss of moisture via feces, urine and perspiration and it is OK. After every 30 minutes you are to drink 100 grams of prepared in accordance with the current instructions mixture until you have consumed all 4 liters. The overall procedure for purified lymph takes 3 days without eating.
  • Take the flowering shoots of buckwheat seed extract to be prepared at the rate of one cup of herbs to a liter of boiling water. Drink it without any special rules gaining a result of relief.
  • If you are willing to restore the composition of your blood the help brings the following mixture i.e. half a liter of brandy or wine “Cahors” if the liver does not hit with half of a liter of aloe juice and one kilogram of honey mixed beforehand with 200 g. of chopped calamus root. The overall stuff after being properly mixed has to be insisted for 2 weeks in a cool, dark place. Take 1 tablespoon for 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after meal 3 times a day with milk.
  • Take 100 g. of dry powdered roots of British inula placed in a dark glass bottle with poured into it 500 ml of 40% vodka and insist in the dark place for 8 days, occasionally shaking. Then drain, press the raw materials, tightly close the lid. Store in a cool dark place. Take 25 drops 3 times a day to half of a cup water.
  • Select Chaga (a birch mushroom) being washed with water and pour boiling water so that the body was submerged in water to be insisted then for 4-5 hours. Mushroom chop or grated, or mince. The water in which Chaga has soaked is used for infusion. One part of minced mushroom pour 5 parts of water remaining after soaking in water and heated to 50 ° C. Infuse for 48 hours and when the water was drained that means the sediment overcome through several layers of gauze. The resulting thick liquid diluted with boiled water to the original volume. The prepared infusion must be stored 3 or 4 days to be consumed everyday at least 3 cups of fractional portions.
  • Mix the ingredients in the specified amounts like Buckwheat Seed of three tablespoons with chamomile pharmacy of lower quantity (2 tbsp) to be mixed with green tea of one teaspoon and, Melilotus officinalis of 2 tsp. Prepare the infusion adding 800 ml of boiling water beforehand. Take 50 ml of 5 times a day. Do gadgets in radiation sickness, as well as on frequent X-ray irradiation.
  • You are to take three tablespoons of chopped herbs Oregano poured into 600 ml of water and bring to boil the stuff. Insist during the night after boiling in a thermos or under a warm blanket and filter in the morning. Take on 50-100 ml 3 times a day. You can add honey to taste. When leukemia marjoram – paramount and the most essential herb, but it must be taken cautiously, starting at 1 It is highly cups a day. Duration of treatment depends on the state of health. The cure will come to an end when the lost the desire to drink this herb, and macerate seem unpleasant i.e. the body itself will tell you that it’s high time to take a break.
  • Add 5 tablespoons of minced needles young spruce or pine needles (collected in the current year) to fill into half a litter of water for boilingil on low heat for 10 minutes. Leave overnight, wrapped, and in the morning strain. Drink throughout the day instead of water. Good to the infusion needle to add hips like2 or 3 tablespoons and peel onion like one tablespoon. This feature restores the cardiovascular system and cleanses the body from radiation. Needles can be replaced with flax seed or bearish eye – these plants perform the same role, although not to the same extent.

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How to cure cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer is the second leading cancer of female genital organs (after cancer of the body of the uterus (endometrium)), although in the age group 15 to 54 years is dominant among the female genital cancer.

It is important to know that more than 70% of cases, regardless of stage of disease, cervical cancer is curable, but his diagnosis in early stages can cure patients more than 90% of cases.

In this section you will find information on trends in today’s global experience and capabilities LISOD in the treatment of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer will never develop in unchanged the epithelium (layer of cells lining the cervix). In other words, he is always preceded by pre-timorous epithelial changes, called dysplasia or CIN (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia). Most often, cervical cancer develops in the transition zone – the place of junction of squamous epithelium (which lines the outer part of the cervix – ektotserviks) and iron (which lines the cervical canal, endocervical).

Thanks to successful actions in Western European countries and the U.S. system of screening the female population with cervical cancer can be easily detected at the earliest stages and is fully cured in the bulk of the cases. Statistics of the European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA) show – with the timely detection of cervical cancer can be cured in 98% of cases.

After widespread use of screening test, developed in 1950 by George Papanicolaou, based on smears from the cervix and has become known as the Pap test, the number of deaths from cervical cancer in countries applying this test, has declined about 10 times. Today, in developed countries, there is a tendency to reduce the annual death rate from cervical cancer by detecting disease at early stages.

Proved virusinfitsirovaniya role in the occurrence of dysplasia and cervical cancer. In 2008, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Harald zur Hausen for the communication of human papillomavirus (HPV, HPV) and cervical cancer. Modern research has shown that over 90% of cases of cervical cancer is caused by HPV, a common virus that affects more than two thirds of sexually active women during their lives. HPV can cause precancerous condition – dysplasia of cervical epithelium varying degrees-CIN I – CIN III, which in the absence of adequate treatment in time progresses to invasive cancer. Therefore it is important to conduct literacy etiotropic treatment (including bacterial and viral infections caused by dysplasia) to regression dysplastic changes in cervical epithelium and thereby prevent the development of invasive cancer.

Frequently asked question – is it always necessary to treat infections caused by HPV. No treatment is necessary only in case of a doctor pathological changes in the cervix for cytological examination of smears and / or colposcopy and, if the viral infection is determined by the first year after its detection. Many women pass the infection on their own without treatment due to immune mechanisms of the organism.

Recently a vaccine against oncogenic HPV strains. It helps preventing most of cervical cancer cases. The course consists of 3 doses, that are injected intramuscularly in the upper thirt of a shoulder: in a month after the first time, and in 5 months after the second time. Such inoculation provides immunity against HPV within 5.5 years. In some countries this injection is included in obligatory vaccination schedule. The most appropriate age for vaccination is 12-13 years.

Cervical cancer vaccine

Doctors assert that vaccination prevent cervical cancer development in 100% of cases if it is done before the sexual live has started. As European experts state, if we start girls’ vaccination today, we can expect a significant decrease of sickness rate of adult population.

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Alternative cancer cure

January 20th, 2010 by admin

Cancer is one of those diseases the process of which is fully determined, but the nature is still not well known. This is one of the most discussed diseases and one of the main killers known in medicine, following trauma, myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accident. Many scientists try their best in hunting for cancer remedy. Even Noble’s prize is set for cancer medicament. This article presents brief reviews of four most popular approaches to cancer cure.

cancer cure

Traditional medicine

In traditional medicine cancer treatment depends on the type of tumor, its localization, structure, stage of the disease according to TNM classification. The basic treatment types include:

1. Surgical removal of tumor with adjacent tissues. Effective for treating tumors of small sizes, accessible for operative intervention and in the absence of metastases. Often after surgical treatment tumor relapses occur.

2. Radiation therapy is applied for treatment of poorly differentiated carcinomas, sensitive to radiation. Also it is used for local disruption of metastases.

3. Chemotherapy is applied for treatment of late cancer stages by using medicinal preparations, leading to malignant cells degradation or growth impairment.

4. Gene therapy is the most advanced method that implies influencing on STAT (signal transduction and transcription) system and other systems, and by that very fact adjusting the process of cells division.

At present the best results in cancer cure are achieved by applying combined treatment methods (surgical, radiation and chemotherapeutic).


Hyperthermia is one of the most effective and at the same time the most dangerous cancer cure procedure, which implies artificial superheating of the body temperature to 43 degrees C. What is hyperthermia? The point is that at a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius irreversible consequences start: blood protein deteriorates and uncontrolled thermal shock develops rapidly and unavoidably. At 43 degrees C and more a human dies. And this critical temperature that is a borderline between life and death is the focus of doctors\\’ attention.

It appears, physiological mechanisms in healthy tissues at such temperature are still able to recover with cooling to normal temperature, and cell-mutants, hazardous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses die irrevocably. That is an essence of hyperthermia. In order to switch off natural thermoregulation, which maintains the body temperature at 36.6 degrees C even in ice-cold water and in hot steam room, a special narcosis is applied.

The world’s largest center of general hyperthermia research is Siberian Research Institute of Hyperthermia in Novosibirsk, Russia. This was the main center where all persons interested had an opportunity to heat the whole body for about 1000$. All the patients signed the agreement to relieve the Institute of responsibility for their lives. The percentage of both successful and unsuccessful results was large. Probably because of the latter, since 2008 general hyperthermia of the body is officially prohibited in Russia and in most of the countries. But the organization in Novosibirsk has already found legal ways to evade strict laws and go on with their procedures.

In other countries, such as Germany and Ukraine, a local hyperthermia method is applied. It is much safer for human life, but is effective mostly for superficially located tumors (those of skin, mammary gland, prostate, etc). That is why this type of therapy is usually used simultaneously with other treatment methods, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s approach

Dr. Hulda Clark, was a famous naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine. She claimed that all human diseases are caused by parasitic infection, especially cancer. As she states, “the human species is now heavily infested with the fluke family of parasites, particularly theintestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii, but also the sheep liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, the pancreaticfluke of cattle Eurytrema pancreatica, and the human liver fluke Clonorchis sinensis. This increaseis due to the establishment of a new “biological reservoir” in cattle, fowl and household pets.” Hulda Clark assumes that in the presence of solvents like isopropyl alcohol,benzene, methanol, xylene, toluene and others, these flukes can freely live in our bodies occupying different organs and provoking different diseases. The abovementioned solvents according to Dr. Clark’s theory provide convenient conditions for parasites\\’ growth and are easily acquired from such products as toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions and cosmetics.

Dr. Clark’s natural cancer therapy includes the following three ingredients:

  • Black Walnut Hull Tincture
  • Wormwood capsules (should contain 200-300 mg of wormwood)
  • Cloves

She suggests that people should take her preparations for a long time, both diseased and healthy. You can know the details of treatment from Hulda Clark’s books and try it. However, there are no scientifically corroborated evidences of Clark’s alternative cancer cure effectiveness, so, please, do not deny the other forms of therapy.

Dr. Gary Glum’s approach

Dr. Gary Glum suggests that a patient should use a non-toxic herb formula named Essiac for alternative cancer cure. It is a blend of herbs developed by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse in the beginning of 20-th century. Her formula was found only in 1937, however The Royal Cancer Commission did not precipitate the promulgation of this discovery for financial reasons. The popularity of Essiac started from 1980-s with Dr. Glum’s books and publications.

U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Medline does not confirm nor deny the effectiveness of Essiac in cancer treatment. As this organization reports, “None of the individual herbs used in Essiac has been tested in rigorous human cancer trials (rhubarb has shown some anti-tumor properties in animal experiments; slippery elm inner bark has not; sheep sorrel and burdock have been used traditionally in cancer remedies)”. The exact Essiac cancer cure formula is presented below.

Essiac tea. Supplies needed:

  • 5-gallon stainless steel pot
  • 3-gallon stainless steel pot, with lid
  • Stainless steel fine-mesh double strainer
  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Stainless steel spatula
  • 12 or more 16-ounce amber glass bottles with airtight caps (not childproof caps)
  • 2 gallons sodium-free distilled water
  • Measuring cup
  • Kitchen scale with ounce measurements

Essiac formula:

  • 6 ½ cups burdock root (Arctium Lappa) – cut
  • 16 oz. sheep sorrel herb (Rumex Acetosella) – powdered
  • 1 oz. turkey rhubarb root (Rheum Palmatum) – powdered
  • 4 oz. slippery elm bark (Ulmus Fulva) – powdered

Essiac preparation:
1. Mix Essiac formula thoroughly.
2. Bring sodium-free distilled water to a rolling boil in 5-gallon pot with lid on. (Approximately 30 minutes at sea level.)
3. Stir in 1 cup of Essiac formula. Replace lid and continue boiling for 10 minutes.
4. Turn off stove. Scrape down sides of pot with spatula and stir mixture thoroughly. Replace lid.
5. Allow pot to remain closed for 12 hours; then turn stove to full heat for 20 minutes.
6. Turn off stove. Strain liquid into 3-gallon pot, and clean 5-gallon pot and strainer. Then strain filtered liquid back into 5-gallon pot.
7. Use funnel to pour hot liquid into bottles immediately, taking care to tighten caps. Allow bottles to cool; then tighten caps again.
8. Refrigerate. Essiac contains no preservative agents. If mold should develop in bottle, discard immediately.

Caution: all bottles and caps should be sterilized after use if you plan to re-use them for Essiac Bottle caps must be washed and rinsed thoroughly, and may be cleaned with a 3% solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide in water. To make a 3% solution, mix 1 oz. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with 11 oz. of sodium-free distilled water. (Let bottles soak for 5 minutes, then rinse and dry. Heat bottles at 225 degrees for 1 hour in the oven. Bottles must be dry. Boil caps or corks to sterilize.)

Directions for use
Heat 4 tablespoons (2 oz.) sodium-free distilled water in a stainless steel pot. Add 4 tablespoons of Essiac (shake the bottle first). Mix and drink. Take at bedtime on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after eating, and again in the morning, at least ten minutes before eating.

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