How to cure prostatitis

What is prostatitis? Basically saying it’s inflammation of the prostate so that it goes swelling. This is the most frequent urological disease happening amongst men aged 20-50 years. The believe is such that after 30 years the number of men suffering from prostate accounts to 30% whereas after 40 years the figure comprise 40% of the same and amongst 50 y.o. people it is around 50% which makes people to worry a lot.

How is prostatitis treated and what is the right way for that?

According to the results obtained via clinical and laboratory examination the practicing urologist is the one in charge to offer the complex treatment program, which should include a range of therapeutic measures. In other words, a comprehensive treatment program typically has to include doctor’s recommendations with respect to antibacterial and antiviral therapy i.e. the therapy with drugs that enhance overall vascular tone. Physiotherapy treatments being widely used like magnetic-laser-short-wave therapy or ultrasound therapy and massage procedures are appointed as a course in many cases. Overall, in each case the choice and appropriate method of treatment might vary according to recommendations of urologist.

Main reasons:

1) Infections obtained via sexual contacts i.e. transmitted infections such as: Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, Trichomonas, gonococci, fungus genus Candida and Escherichia coli which can infect the urethra and identified in prostate tissue; As you can see the number of reasons for the disease are many and for each case being identified we require somewhat different approach taking into the account it’s specifics.

2) Disruption in the blood circulation relating to the pelvic organs like the stagnation in the prostate leads to its inflammation:

  • Sort of “sitting lifestyle” which is rather common when we talk about drivers or office workers and even government servants;
  • Prolonged sexual abstinence or interrupted coitus, or artificial lengthening of the sexual act.

3) So called frequent hypothermia which is seen common with lovers of extreme recreation i.e. diving, surfing, kayaking, skiing etc.

4) Common stress situations both mental and physical overload experienced more often.

Prostatitis and your potency as a man is always the crucial point to negotiate. The amount of inflammation of the prostate itself does not lead to impotence. However, chronic prostate being left without treatment and taking care of, as well as inflammation of the seed tubercle can lead to the oppression of sexual desire, lack of erection, premature or rapid ejaculation, pain during ejaculation, and so-called “erased” orgasm.

Prostatitis cure

Prostate is commonly seen as a male infertility at the end. One the one hand that is true and among other factors which have to be taken into account are the ones also affecting the prostate on the viability of sperm and in some cases the inflammatory process leads to infertility.

True and false beliefs about prostatitis

It was like a strong believe for many years that prostate is not the thing which can cause a direct threat to the life of the patient and, thus, the disease can be adapted to live separately from you and it is OK. Nowadays, the situation has changed completely since when one of the priorities of modern medicine has been focused upon the quality of life. Recent studies conducted in North America have revealed that chronic prostatitis is one of the most frequent clinically and socially significant diseases. Hence, a mental health in relation to chronic prostatitis suffers no less than the same for other serious somatic diseases, which drastically reduces the quality of life of men. And this was a major impetus for studying this problem.

Another very serious issue is that many doctors were convinced, as some still believe that the cause of all cases of prostate is a chronic infection that needs to be treated with antibacterial drugs. Well, mow it is absolutely proven fact that chronic bacterial prostatitis is a relatively rare disease and occurs only at 10% of all cases of prostatitis.

Another serious problem is the difficulty in diagnosing some forms of prostate, but this is the cause of inadequate and ineffective treatment for such patients, which ultimately leads to frustration of both the patient and doctor.

For example, men with urological masked depression more often become urologists and patients have been treated for many years from a non-existent prostatitis. This point only proves the view of the complexity and futility of treatment of prostatitis. Another common omission is frivolous relationship of chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. Yet, until recently, has not been studied mechanism of erection and standardized methods of diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, most patients who seek a urologist with special Doctor’s Degree i.e. who passed the examination and treatment of chronic prostatitis. Regarding non-existent disease patient received numerous antibiotics, he regularly massaging the prostate gland and prescribed a variety of physiotherapeutic procedures.

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