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Psoriasis is known as a skin non-communicable disease being called so due to chronic dermatitis which affects the skin and sometimes the joints, nails.

Psoriasis is presented via papules which are getting raised above the surface of the skin and are pinkish red being covered with some kind of silvery scales that disappear when scratched. Papules also tend to merge into larger plaques within the time being. As for the typical psoriasis case itch is perceived as a common thing. Papules are most commonly on the skin of the knees, elbows, buttocks, thighs on the scalp, but also quite often appear in such places where the skin is traumatized. However, violations may be almost any organ.

Psoriasis cure

The causes of psoriasis are still not exactly evaluated since the variety of cases are many. That’s in accordance with one theory psoriasis is seen as a hereditary disease or the one influenced by the gene which he passed and not yet identified. Scientists believe that psoriasis appears due to endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders causing changes in the immune system of the patient as well as various stresses and neuroses. At present, the mechanisms of this disease are still being in disputes and the related data is still in progress of being collected since sufficient amount is not gathered which would give the way of life in terms of human genome influenced by environmental factors or the nature of power and so on.

Psoriasis is usually treated being treated for a long time period and very often requires the individual selection of therapy for each patient precisely since it is not being a healthy reason accepting all drugs which are not equally effective and giving help is absolutely all patients.

Typically, the treatment of psoriasis is a kind of complex and outpatients in dermatological or medical setting changes depending on the stage of the process with respect to the clinical forms. Before we take a chance to prescribe the necessary remedy applicable to a particular patient we have to examine the patient first and to determine metabolic disorders, as well as the state of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.
The main objective of treatment procedure of psoriasis is that to achieve such a state that is more or less appropriate for an ordinary patient providing him/her with an adequate quality of life.

In the arsenal of dermatologists in the present conditions there are various methods of treatment that allows you to select a program suitable for you. It will be determined depending on the form and severity of disease, localization of rash, presence of concomitant diseases, sex and age.

Currently available therapy procedures are targeting the reducing the overproduction in terms of cells of the surface layer of the skin and the normalization of their division being suppressed of immune reactions in the skin and eliminate the imbalance between the substances that increase and reduce inflammation (cytokines). Such therapy can be both systemic as well as outside.

In fact, it looks like the more often happening case that only the therapeutic effects of a local nature are perceived as not enough especially with large lesions of the skin which is more than 20% of the infected area or with severe clinical forms of the disease, referred to earlier. In these cases, the system shows the impact of drugs.

One of the brake even events of modern pharmacology is the creation of biological or as being are called as anticytokine drugs which are made and imposing a significant breakthrough in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of man. The means of biological therapies are aimed selectively for blocking the activity of the key activators of the cascade of reactions that cause inflammatory changes in psoriasis. Thus, they are able to interrupt the development of all clinical manifestations of disease.

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