How to cure vitiligo

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Vitiligo or piebald skin is more often acquired by the disappearance of pigment in normal skin, characterized by the appearance on the skin of different size, shape and localization, depigmented, sharply delineated spots of milky-white color.

Jackson vitiligo

The disease was known in ancient Egypt, but until now the reasons for it remain unclear.

The spots usually appear on the intact skin with gradually increasing and merge forming large foci.

Most affected exposed skin places are: face, neck, hands and skin of large folds, genitals and anus.

The hair on the depigmented areas of skin are usually loosing their normal color too. The skin deprived of pigment is very sensitive to the sun light and under the influence of the sun they quickly turn red, but not tanned and discolored spots in particular stand out against tanned skin.

Folk medicine treatment

Folk medicine recommendationss are various but mainly herbal:

    1. Hypericum perforatum herb – 30,0 gr.
    calendula flowers drug – 30,0 gr.
    Chamomile pharmacy – 20,0 gr.
    Grass Sage – 40,0 gr.
    herb Oregano – 20,0 gr.
    grass succession – 20,0 gr.
    nettle leaves – 40,0 gr.

    From the mixture of herbs you have to prepare infusion as follows: 1 – 2 tbsp. collection pour with 1 cup of hot boiled water then cover and heat on a water bath (note! The water in the bank must be boiling) for 15 minutes then cool at room temperature for 45 minutes. The remaining raw overcome. Volume bring boiled water to 200 ml. Take 1 / 2 cup 2 times a day before meal for 1 – 2 months.

    2. The infusion is prepared the same way as in the first recipe, but has a slightly different composition:
    St. John’s herb – 20,0 gr.
    Calendula officinalis (flowers) – 10,0 gr.
    sage (herb) – 20,0 gr.
    origanum (grass) – 10,0 gr.
    Chamomile pharmacy (flowers) – 10,0 gr.
    Plantago major (leaf) – 15,0 gr.
    nettle (leaf) – 15,0 gr.

    Take a glass of 1/3-1/2. It is highly recommended 3 times daily before meals.

Chinese folk medicine recommends for treatment of small Vitiligo which is floating on the surface of the water plant also known as “duckweed the little”.

You are to take 1 tbsp. of it cleanly washed and chopped and insist duckweed for 3 – 4 days in 1 cup of vodka, then strain. Allow to the patient consume 15 – 20 drops from 2 – 3 tbsp. l. water 2 – 3 times a day.

Also washed crushed duckweed mixed with honey in equal quantities are allowed to be teken1 g 2 – 3 times a day.

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How to cure scab

April 19th, 2010 by admin

Traditional treatment for scab

First of all we want to say a few words about this kind of disease. Though it may look like at first glance that there are slightly different scab symptoms being raised in different parts of the body still the origin for all of that is scabies mite. For years and years people used to believe that a good treatment for that is kerosene but unfortunately it\\’ not. Kerosene for scabies should not be applied since it has some danger that is caused by suction to the skin of your body and it can cause inflammation.

Scab cure

Russian methods for scab treatment

  • Take Kvass (local soft drink) with much salt added and warm up the stuff so that the hand could bear. You are to put your hands into this substance several times a day and kept for as long as you can bear the warmth. The method is very good to be used in the case when the scab disease struck only your hands.
  • Take Bay leaf and creamy oil, then mix in equal parts and rub into the affected places.
  • Use pork fat of 4 parts added with pounding sulfur of 2 parts and one part of salt. The Ingredients are to be mixed thoroughly and the substance which you gain at the end you are to rub into the affected areas daily for 5 days of period of time.
  • Take Lard in a quantity of one tbsp. with laundry soap of the same and sulfur of 2 tbsp. with birch tar oil of one tbsp. This mix well all the ingredients until smooth ointment. Then thoroughly wash yourself with hot soapy water and wipe dry. After that you are to rub out with this ointment. Do not wash out the stuff from your body until the next day. Treatment procedure has to be lasted for three days in a row and scabies pass.
  • Take turpentine of one tbsp with butter of 2 tbsp. The prepared mixture is to be used to rub onto the affected skin.
  • Mix one part of sulfur powder with two parts of lard (better internal lard) and grease. The substance has to be also used as a stuff to cover affected parts of the skin.
  • Get a half tablespoon of lard and mix with half a tablespoon of green soap and all these substance is to be mixed with half a tablespoon of sulfur powder and a teaspoon of refined tar. Mix all thoroughly again and rub into the skin twice a day, morning and evening before bedtime.
  • Take one spoonful of sulfur powder and the same amount of refined coal tar with half spoon of chalk powder and one tablespoon of green soap and the same of lard. Mix well all of it and rub this mixture twice a day and not wash. Well, after four or five days to go to the steam bath or take a hot bath.
  • Take 200 g. of liquid purified birch tar and pour it into a large vessel filled with water. Stir this mixture for as long as the fluid is the color of tar. Then, drain and pour fresh water. Repeat this seven to eight times and at all until the composition becomes whitish and thick as honey. Rub this composition in the sore spots.
  • Take one teaspoon of turpentine and mixed with one or two tablespoons of lard or the same amount of boiled linseed oil. A place free of itching pimples, you can lubricate the only one with turpentine.
  • Get the ammonia of 20% concentration per one liter and powder blister beetle of 27 g. with root Elecampane of a quantity of 50 g. added with calamus root of the same and green walnuts root up to 30g. All the ingredients are to be retained and insisted in ammonia for two weeks. Then this mixture is boiled for 20 minutes in a sealed container and to be drained and mixed with the ammonia infusion. This medicine is to make grinding and packing, and diluted with boiled water. The stuff is more commonly used as a lotion.

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How to cure diathesis

April 19th, 2010 by admin

Diathesis is a kind of abnomal state of the organism which more often relates to a child’s body and characterized by predisposition to certain number of diseases with allergic effects.

Diathesis cure

Causes of diathesis disease

The most often ones are metabolic disorders or hypersensitivity to certain foods.

The manifestations of the diathesis

A person is having red skin rash, strong irritation and itching.

Traditional treatments for diathesis

  • Prepare the components in the following proportions i.e. the root of liquorice of 10 g., burdock (root also) of 15 g. and a root of Common Dandelion the same quantity to be mixed up with the sequence of the Trifid dry grass of 30 g. with madder-wort dried root also 30g. For preparation put all of those into 200 ml of boiling water to be heated in a water bath in a sealed container for 10 minutes and to be filtered then thoroughly. Take like 1-2 glasses in the morning.
  • Take Viola tricolor grass of 40 g. and the root of liquorice of 30 g. and buckthorn of 30 g. make up a broth using 200 ml of boiling water, then leave this container for 10 minutes to strain. Take 2 cups of broth daily for treatment of exudative diathesis.
  • Use series grass of 20 g. with walnuts leaves of 10 g, and Viola tricolor grass of 40 g. mixed with burdock root in the equal proportion combined with white dead-nettle (herb). Also use black currant leaves of 20 g. with strawberry leaves of the same to be all mixed and boiled, then insist 6-8 hours and give your child to 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
  • Give your child a black radish juice 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. You should begin with 1 drop and increasing the daily dose of 2 drops and so on to bring up eventually to 1 tablespoon.
  • Teaspoon chopped dandelion roots pour a glass of boiled water. Then you have to insist and wrap for 1 -2 hours and strain. Drink 50 ml 3-4 times a day for half an hour before a meal.
  • Take 20 grams of dry grass succession pour a glass of cold water, bring to a boil and filter. Has to be consumed for combating diathesis in a quantity of 1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals. The infusion can be used for compresses and lotions.
  • Mix 1 part of pine oil and 3 parts baby cream or olive oil with added vitamin C. You can mix ointment of three parts of pine oil with three parts sulfur ointment and four parts baby cream. Lubricate the affected areas.
  • Give your child a teaspoon of flour prepared from fresh shell eggs . Flour extinguished a small amount of lemon juice and this meal also promotes the strengthening and growth of teeth.
  • Select Viola tricolor herb grass with white dead-nettle and strawberry leaves mix evenly. Tablespoon of mixture is to be to filled with a glass of hot water and boiled for 20 minutes on low heat and then cooled an strain. Take a glass 3-4 times a day before meals for abrasions, rashes on the skin diathesis.
  • Take rhizome elecampane, Gentian and yarrow grass mixed and poured into half a liter of water, boil 10 minutes and cool 30 minutes, then drain. Take a spoonful of the warm form 3 times daily before meals for 1-2 months.
  • Take a tablespoon of dry powdered roots of quack grass pour half a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes, insisting encased for 2 hours and strain. The consumption is 3-4 times a day before meals like half of a cup as regenerates metabolism in various diseases of the skin means.
  • Select 50 g. of chopped chicory roots added into one1 liter of boiling water. Insist the stuff for 2 hours and do not forget to boil for 20 minutes before drain. Prepare the bath of about 36-37 ° C with the addition of decoction of chicory, which can be taken at any time of day when diathesis occurs.

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How to cure allergy

April 19th, 2010 by admin

Allergy is an increased or distorted sensitivity of human’s body towards any allergen i.e. substance that causes allergy. The reaction for the allergen occurred may be in the form of immediate hypersensitivity or delayed type. An allergy is the basis or in other words stronghold of the so-called allergic diseases (eg, asthma, hives or dermatitis).

Allergy cure

The causes of the disease

It is well known that allergy is an indicator of disharmony caused by improper diet and unhealthy lifestyles of people. The causes of allergy can also be like excessive consumption of refined and processed foods being overloaded with numerous chemical additives, as well as emotional or psychological stress going on once in a while on a continuous basis. Allergens may be also a kind of reaction upon some medicines, household dust, pet hair and even washing powders.

Allergy symptoms

The symptoms demonstrate themselves in various organs of the human body and in various forms such as: recurrent headaches, migraines, dizziness, nervousness, depression, neuralgia, conjunctivitis, eczema, hay fever, rhinitis, diarrhea, vomiting, asthma, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and eyelids. It is important to be aware that the same allergens can cause different symptoms in different people at different times.

Folk treatment methods

  • Take one tablespoon of the large one celandine and add 2 cups of water to be boiled within. Then push for 4 hours so that it a consistent liquid stuff will occur. Drink in a quantity of 1/4 of a cup just 15-20 minutes before meals in morning and evening.
  • When you have higher reactions to pollen which is more frequent in July and early August it is strongly recommended when coming home from the street to rinse the throat with plain water or with the addition of soothing herbal extracts of Leonurus or valerian in any concentration. It is also good to take a contrast shower at least 3 times a day.
  • To a person who suffers from allergy it is important for full recovery in order a change the reaction of the body to drink for a few months instead of tea and coffee only fresh broth which is specially prepared. Brew it like tea and let it boil for 20 minutes. Color broth should be golden and if it muddy or green it means substance is so far unsuitable for use. Broth can not be stored for a long time it should be drunk as soon as it was prepared. The bur marigold is better to collect yourself or buy fresh in a drug store to be dried in a dark place.
  • Prepare a tincture of Spiraea (Filipendulae ulmariae)flowers to be poured in a quantity of one tablespoon of it to 500 ml. of boiling water and insist approximately for 10-15 minutes. Drink a stuff made in the from of one tablespoon for 3-4 times a day. As a rule, allergy is slightly starts reducing it’s effect and only a few months of treatment may give a complete recovery result.
  • One of the best treatments for allergy is a mummy remedy. But we need to select mummy of high quality for that. The procedure is rather simple i.e. dissolve it in the following proportions: 1 g. of mummy to 1 liter of warm water. Note that a good mummy is dissolved without any appearance of the precipitate. You are to take the prepared solution once a day in the morning and drink it together with warm milk. Dosage: Children 4-7 years to 70 ml, 8 years and older – 100 ml. Effects of mummy is usually rather rapid. The course of treatment have at least 20 days in spring and autumn.

Diet recommendations

To prevent or overcome allergy negative effects you should first improve immunity. This seems to be a rather challenging task to be performed well according to Indian doctor X. K. Bahru. At first you are to have a four or five-day juice fast i.e. just drink a lot of juice so that to achieve better stability to the acquired allergy. After the juice diet patient can move to monodiete consisting of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples and grapes which should be carried out not more than a week. Following this, monodiete may be added a second food product in the third, etc. At the end of the fourth week of the diet protein products are introduced.

At the beginning of the diet you should exclude tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, sugar and products thereof, peeled cereals, meat, fish, milk, cheese, butter, smoked meat, spices and in future use them very sparingly.

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How to cure cellulite

April 13th, 2010 by admin

According to modern European statistics the cellulite as a kind of disease is not seen as a first-hand thing to pay attention to though somewhat 80% of women knowledge it as taking place. This type of disease is not just a cosmetic thing i.e. the one which could be taken away via cosmetic means but like a medical problem. The major factor for that is the overall presence of so called “orange peel” is in the most cases a kind of suggestion that impacts the organism with the effect by all means to foresee the reason ceased to normal functionally since there were certain violations.

Cellulite cure

Herewith, cellulitis commonly occurs as a stuff which affects women of any age may be the disappointed thing for skinny young girls as well fattish aged women due to the reasons that provoke cellulites which are the ones may damage hormonal balance or consider stagnation of blood circulation as a consequence of improper diet being a term of regular of fast food consumption or the lack of plant food, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits (excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking), genetic predisposition and even an ecology.

As one can see the evident statement like there is a plenty of reasons for such kind of disease and there is no single panacea for the treatment of cellulite. But wisely chosen complexes can not only eliminate the external manifestations, but also their cause. Even then in the battle against cellulite you the one who always wins!

The mechanism of cellulite occurrence

When fat cells are getting grow the inevitable increasing in terms of volumes and compression into the narrow intervals of connective tissue disrupted lymph and blood circulation. There are slight problems with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients towards damaged cells hampered by the withdrawal of stuff like toxins etc. Certainly, the overall changes in these process as well as visible signs gathered of cellulite like skin being lumpy and uneven are the reasons for orange peel color.
Most of the experts in the field of health and beauty offer many ways to combating cellulite successfully i.e. staring from cosmetics and physical exercise based regularly upwards to a kind of high-tech salon techniques applied and even plastic surgery which is out of Faison nowadays.

Stages of cellulite experienced

Experts mainly identify 3 major stages of cellulitis with some doctors considering additional so called the initial stage not been taken into a consideration in the most commonly seen set.

The first stage. In other words the initial one when the skin appears somewhat smooth. Hence, the one strain muscles of the legs and buttocks become visible to a kind of small roughness. At this very stage you notice that the bruises and abrasions heal become longer than before.

The second stage. The overall fat volume deposits are it gets more and more dense. Well, it is easy to notice since the shut between the thumb and forefinger a fold of skin which immediately comes through many bumps and upholes with some bruises do not disappear altogether.

The third stage. The general characteristics of it could be counted as all the more pronounced bumps on the skin are clearly visible even in the relaxed state, and the area affected areas has increased significantly. Even slack slap or squeezing of the skin caused considerable pain.

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How to cure psoriasis

March 30th, 2010 by admin

Psoriasis is known as a skin non-communicable disease being called so due to chronic dermatitis which affects the skin and sometimes the joints, nails.

Psoriasis is presented via papules which are getting raised above the surface of the skin and are pinkish red being covered with some kind of silvery scales that disappear when scratched. Papules also tend to merge into larger plaques within the time being. As for the typical psoriasis case itch is perceived as a common thing. Papules are most commonly on the skin of the knees, elbows, buttocks, thighs on the scalp, but also quite often appear in such places where the skin is traumatized. However, violations may be almost any organ.

Psoriasis cure

The causes of psoriasis are still not exactly evaluated since the variety of cases are many. That’s in accordance with one theory psoriasis is seen as a hereditary disease or the one influenced by the gene which he passed and not yet identified. Scientists believe that psoriasis appears due to endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders causing changes in the immune system of the patient as well as various stresses and neuroses. At present, the mechanisms of this disease are still being in disputes and the related data is still in progress of being collected since sufficient amount is not gathered which would give the way of life in terms of human genome influenced by environmental factors or the nature of power and so on.

Psoriasis is usually treated being treated for a long time period and very often requires the individual selection of therapy for each patient precisely since it is not being a healthy reason accepting all drugs which are not equally effective and giving help is absolutely all patients.

Typically, the treatment of psoriasis is a kind of complex and outpatients in dermatological or medical setting changes depending on the stage of the process with respect to the clinical forms. Before we take a chance to prescribe the necessary remedy applicable to a particular patient we have to examine the patient first and to determine metabolic disorders, as well as the state of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.
The main objective of treatment procedure of psoriasis is that to achieve such a state that is more or less appropriate for an ordinary patient providing him/her with an adequate quality of life.

In the arsenal of dermatologists in the present conditions there are various methods of treatment that allows you to select a program suitable for you. It will be determined depending on the form and severity of disease, localization of rash, presence of concomitant diseases, sex and age.

Currently available therapy procedures are targeting the reducing the overproduction in terms of cells of the surface layer of the skin and the normalization of their division being suppressed of immune reactions in the skin and eliminate the imbalance between the substances that increase and reduce inflammation (cytokines). Such therapy can be both systemic as well as outside.

In fact, it looks like the more often happening case that only the therapeutic effects of a local nature are perceived as not enough especially with large lesions of the skin which is more than 20% of the infected area or with severe clinical forms of the disease, referred to earlier. In these cases, the system shows the impact of drugs.

One of the brake even events of modern pharmacology is the creation of biological or as being are called as anticytokine drugs which are made and imposing a significant breakthrough in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of man. The means of biological therapies are aimed selectively for blocking the activity of the key activators of the cascade of reactions that cause inflammatory changes in psoriasis. Thus, they are able to interrupt the development of all clinical manifestations of disease.

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Herpes labialis treatment

March 15th, 2010 by admin

Herpes labialis is a kind of fine rash which often appears on the lips or nose, often called fever blisters. In general herpes may be perceived as a sign of reduction of human body protective forces and more often it occurs 2-3 times a year indicating a significant reduction in immunity. Once infected by herpes a person may become the carrier of this disease for a life period.

The infectious agent of herpes virus is a specific intracellular parasite. The term “herpes” when translated from the Greek means “creeping”. That means herpes infects human cells by placing its gene unit into them. Therefore, by division of cells the virus is being transmitted to other cells with the whole hereditary information. Doctors state it is precisely the reason for that a man who was infected with the virus will never get rid of him.

Herpes virus

Diseases, physiological processes and bad habits like hypothermia, menstruation, pregnancy, alcohol, stress or mental experiences, as well as infectious diseases including influenza sort of wake virus up.

Herpes labialis is more often noticeable in the form of bubbles near the mouth, cheeks or lips and nose, wings, eyelids. The disease is accompanied by poor health, loss of appetite, weakness, fever, ache in the lumbar area, irritability and poor sleep.

Herpes labialis treatment

Once the onset of the disease has occured lubricate the sore skin with fir oil. You will have a slight burning sensation at this spot but it is because of the curing process in progress. Lubrication has to be repeated after 2 hours anyway and at night including the most painful and hard to handle cases. It is also assumed that one has to consume a general health-improving tonic tea during the day. It’s not aimed at the virus itself but provides good results.

Thus, to treat herpes labialis, one should put a juniper (1 part), lemon balm leaves (3 parts), bird cherry blossoms (3 parts), mix and brew this tea in a porcelain teapot estimating 1 tablespoon of mixture per 1 teaspoon of boiling water, then drink bу 1 glass of hot tea mixed with honey or with arrowwood rubbed with sugar, 3-4 times a day.

Also, brew chamomile flowers (1 teaspoon per glass), and let it draw for 15 minutes, strain and add 1 teaspoon of 10% alcohol propolis tincture, stir and drink. This tea should be consumed twice a day within 3 to 4 days. It’s better to use the same tincture to lubricate the rash.

After lubricating the rash by fir oil or propolis tincture, chamomile calendula cream or ointment should be applied on the affected spots. You will feel how the skin will soften and won’t let shrinking scab form, which itself is not comfortable to sense.

It is also effective to lubricate the affected areas with cologne or with 70% alcohol.

Some use ointment made from fresh calendula juice (1 part) and petrolatum (4 parts), or calentula powder mixed with vaseline (1:1).

Among the ready-to-use products Antiherpes can serve a good remedy. In accute cases – by 3 granules 5-7 times a day until symptoms change; then less frequently – 2-3 times a day.

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How to get rid of toenail fungus

March 8th, 2010 by admin

Athlete’s foot being known also as “tinea pedis” is in fact a common and persistent kind of infection which appears of the foot surface. This kind of microbiological contamination is caused by special microscopic fungus living on dead tissue or toenails, or even outer skin layers which is sometimes called dermatophyte. These types of fungus are flourishing in warm and moist environments such as shoes, stockings and wet floors of public showers. One can easily find the same in swimming pools which do not demand a certain medical Health Care forms from the visitors. Athlete’s foot is sometimes perceived as a phenomenon transmitted through contact with a cut or abrasion on the bottom (i.e. plantar surface etc.) of the foot. In some cases it could occur that the fungus may be transmitted from infected animals to humans BUT such cases are relatively rare and are happening in rural arias mainly.

get rid of toenail fungus

Skin dermatophyte infections can often cause raised and circular pimples or blisters that resemble the lesions being caused by ringworm. These types of infections are supposed to be named in accordance with the part of the body they infect. Thus, tinea pedis refers to an infection of the feet.

What does foot fungus look like?

Foot fungus appearance usually leads to a very specific skin trouble i.e. athlete’s foot. The causative organism that leads to this unpleasant infection is not always cased by dermatophyte but in some cases is known as trichophyton. This kind of fungus are growing and flourish in areas that are mostly damp and warm. In fact, it can easily affect the feet surface when it is regularly exposed to these conditions and when it is irritated. The growing activity of such kind affects the skin’s upper layer and is rather dangerous since it may affect any part of human body including not only feet but nails, hands and other areas of the body.

The infection of so called foot fungal is also caused due to the ringworm fungus in medical parlance. However, it is also often called tinea pedis sometimes amongst medical personel. This ringworm fungus most common occur in gym floors or nail beauty salons (which are situated in poor districts or having filthy environment). Important! Never use someone’s cloths and socks since it can be an easy thing to obtain fungus from that. Well, since we are living in the environment where fungus are present it is obvious that the bulk of the population in the world is affected by this fungal infection.

Foot fungus symptoms

The typical symptoms of this foot fungus contamination may vary from person to person i.e. t starts from just skin peeling ending up to observe cracking and bleeding which are normally accompanied with pain. In the other extreme, some individuals may not even know they have this fungal problem as the typical symptoms are not visible at first glance.

An average infected foot looks like a platform of dry skin being reddish and peeling on one sole or the soles of both feet. Also, in some cases the skin flaking will extend to the top and sides of the feet although the more common condition is that it is localized in the sole area.

It is proven by medical experts that there are two critical areas to be of control of foot fungus is concerned. The first concern is how to make the infection-prone area less susceptible to the fungus, which basically means that it is extremely essential that the susceptible parts of your feet are kept dry and clean. The second crucial point of the treatment process of the foot fungus is the use of appropriate anti-fungal applications. There are several anti-fungal washes and creams that are available in the world market today, but to select the appropriate one you\\’ d better consult your Doctor.

How to get rid of toenail fungus

In order to get rid of toenail fungus the following natural means might be effective:

  • Use fresh burdock leaf, which should be preliminarily wiped but not washed. Make the streaks on the back side of the leaves soft with the help of small hammer and roll it out by a rolling pin. After you’ve done all the preparation, put your foot on a burdock leaf, and wrap its edges in such a way, that they will cover toes, and put a bandage after that. The treatment course consists of no less than twenty one day and includes two procedures, repeated twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Burdock will soften the sore toenail, which will lose its shape, but will catch up with it later. And your heels will also become softer after this course.
  • Apply 20% propolis tincture from a drug store, in which you should dip a cotton wad and put it on a sore spot. Such treatment should be done daily – it will help you to get rid of old and sore nail.
  • Within twenty days in the morning and in the evening put a drop of iodine on a toenail affected by fungus, as well as on healthy nails, however the latter should be treated every other day. In a week or earlier you will sense a slight burning and some pain around sore toenail – it is a sign of success of treatment being carried out. If the pain becomes a problem, you can do the treatment less frequently, i.e. no more than three times per two days.
  • Use foot baths with sea salt, take them daily for fifteen minutes within several days (from three to seven).
  • Apply fresh celandine juice tree times a day during three months.
  • You can also take soap-soda baths, the water temperature in which should not exceed thirty eight-forty degrees Celcius. For their preparation you’ll need three tablespoons of soda mixed with antibacterial soap and dilute with seven liters of water. After doing the bath, you should dry your legs by a disposable tissue, and remove affected spots with the help of special manicure accessories. Such baths are recommended to be taken within two-three months.
  • Take fresh rowan leaves, grind them and apply to sore toenails, fasten the lotion with a bandage. Change the band every day.

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Herpes virus treatment

March 7th, 2010 by admin

Herpes simplex virus

The herpes simplex virus is known in two types named: Virus 1 of the herpes, so called HSV-1, and the herpes simplex Virus 2, which is known also as HSV-2. Though the origin of these two types looks almost the same at first glance, in fact virus HSV-1 pertains to cold sores or fever blisters while virus HSV-2 is refered to as genital herpes.

One can easily notice HSV-1 in the mouth area of a patient and it is usually transmitted through the saliva of an afflicted person. At the same time HSV-2 virus is to be found in the genitals of both males and females, who might be contaminated with the herpes. People acquire it via sexual contact with a contaminated person, i.e. the one having the HSV-2 disease at the moment. Important! In both cases of simplex virus, herpes needs to be cured and it is necessary to do it ASAP.

herpes virus treatment

The possible herpes virus treatment involves a number of antiviral drugs produced by different medical firms and sometimes known as different brands such as Valacyclovir or Famcyclovir, or Acyclovir, especially during acute outbreaks.

Acyclovir is supposed to be given during the initial period of outbreak for herpes virus treatment and can reduce the reproduction ability of the virus and prevent its spreading throughout the body. In other words it lessens the chance of its recurrence as subsequent outbreaks. Thus, to be more effective in the curing process remedy should immediately be taken, starting from the moment the first sore appears. In case we have one of the sexual partners infected, he or she must stop sexual contacts with the other partner untill the process of combating the disease is completely over.

In terms of predicted effect both Famcyclovir and Valacyclovir have similar effeciency in preventing the herpes virus infection. When an ill person suffers from frequent recurrent outbreaks it is good to take suppressive therapy or any other long-term drug in accordance with current needs. Suppressive therapy is seen as the one to reduce the outbreaks by around 80 percent and the viral degradation by as much as 90 percent.

The complex approach towards the curing process includes the use of topical antibiotic ointments so that secondary bacterial infections will be also prevented. It is crucial to remember the fact that in duration of genital herpes outbreak the patient might have better relief by following some steps:

  • by wearing loose clothes which are recommended in order to avoid accumulation of heat and moisture which can hamper the treatment;
  • by avoiding extreme heat or sunlight since the patient might have the tend to sweat profusely and secret moisture;
  • have clean sore area kept dry since moisture is conducive to the proliferation of the virus;
  • cool down or have the water slightly warm to be placed on the area with sores for a period of time to relieve the itchiness and discomfort;
  • by NOT using douches, deodorants or sprays & perfumed stuff since it they may only interact and lessen the effectiveness of the drug;
  • in case of pain try Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, or Aspirin;
  • try to refrain from touching the sores to avoid further contamination or infection;
  • in case you by some reason had touched the sores wash your hands ASAP in order to avoid infection spread among your mates and other people.

How to prevent HSV-2 herpes?

If you are having too many sexual contacts without using hygiene rules, which are in fact simple, you belong to a risk group then. We are not willing to interfere in your private lifeб but it would be better to reduce the number of your sexual contactsб so you don\\’ t have to worry long about herpes simplex cures. At the same time if there is already a tingling or itching sensation try to refrain from having intimate contact and sexual intercourse to avoid virus spread.

Well, sometimes one may have the absence of evident symptoms or sores, but the option of contracting the herpes virus still exists if sex is not safe. Thus, the usage of condoms is strongly recommended while you are contacting a person who may belong to a risk group. You\\’ d better avoid sharing the clothes or towels etc with anybody. Important! In case you have touched the sores, do not touch the skin of other people but immediately wash your hands with soap thoroughly.

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What is herpes

March 7th, 2010 by admin

Symptoms of herpes

It looks like when herpes virus comes the overall situation might be compared with a disaster since it penetrates into the skin cells and reproduces itself starting to multiply rapidly by making the skin getting red and more sensitive than usually. Blisters or bumps appear on the affected area with the blisters first opening, then healing with the regeneration of new skin tissue.

herpes cure

How does the virus appear?

Once you have felt exposed to the virus via direct skin-to-skin contact, despite the fact whether you are a male or female or even a kid, it is by average about from a couple of days and up to two weeks before your first episode of symptoms of herpes will “crop up”. While the first outbreak of herpes is usually perceived as one of the worst troubles you may experience (in accordance to statistics it raise up to 60% of those infected with the virus), people are not to take care about the causes. Hence, even if you do not experience any visible symptoms the virus is still penetrating you and will let you know about it’s activity somewhat later on.

What is herpes?

In fact, herpes is the medical name for a certain group of similar viruses. The group includes so called Varicella-Zoster virus, which produces a kind of chicken pox or sometimes the virus causes infectious mononucleosis. The version called Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is usually a consequence of infections that in everyday life effect common people like in your neighborhood or people frequently socializing, having defective immune systems. At the same time herpes virus called HSV causes genital and oral infections more frequently even via short term close contact (skin to skin). Thus, the infection by species of HSV are more common in Europe, Middle East and USA.

When herpes virus infects you it commonly develops in three stages:

  • Primary infection, i.e. the virus penetrates your skin or mucous membrane and enters the reproduction stage. Within this period the oral sores and other symptoms such as fever blisters are developing, making a lot of inconvenience.
  • The virus more frequently is supposed not to cause any severe sores and symptoms. One may not know that you have it. This is to be called asymptomatic infection.
  • Asymptomatic infection occurs twice as often as the disease with symptoms.

Oral Herpes Causes in detail overview

Herpes simplex is seen as a DNA virus that causes sores in and around your mouth. A couple of herpes subtypes may cause these sores.

  • Herpes simplex virus of type 1 or herpes-1 (medical term), which causes around 80% of cases of oral herpes infections
  • Herpes simplex virus, type 2 or herpes-2, which serves as the reason for the rest of cases.

More about oral herpes symptoms

Average incubation period: for oral herpes, the amount of time between contact with the virus and the appearance of symptoms, the incubation period, is 2-12 days. Most people average about 4 days.

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