How to get rid of toenail fungus

Athlete’s foot being known also as “tinea pedis” is in fact a common and persistent kind of infection which appears of the foot surface. This kind of microbiological contamination is caused by special microscopic fungus living on dead tissue or toenails, or even outer skin layers which is sometimes called dermatophyte. These types of fungus are flourishing in warm and moist environments such as shoes, stockings and wet floors of public showers. One can easily find the same in swimming pools which do not demand a certain medical Health Care forms from the visitors. Athlete’s foot is sometimes perceived as a phenomenon transmitted through contact with a cut or abrasion on the bottom (i.e. plantar surface etc.) of the foot. In some cases it could occur that the fungus may be transmitted from infected animals to humans BUT such cases are relatively rare and are happening in rural arias mainly.

get rid of toenail fungus

Skin dermatophyte infections can often cause raised and circular pimples or blisters that resemble the lesions being caused by ringworm. These types of infections are supposed to be named in accordance with the part of the body they infect. Thus, tinea pedis refers to an infection of the feet.

What does foot fungus look like?

Foot fungus appearance usually leads to a very specific skin trouble i.e. athlete’s foot. The causative organism that leads to this unpleasant infection is not always cased by dermatophyte but in some cases is known as trichophyton. This kind of fungus are growing and flourish in areas that are mostly damp and warm. In fact, it can easily affect the feet surface when it is regularly exposed to these conditions and when it is irritated. The growing activity of such kind affects the skin’s upper layer and is rather dangerous since it may affect any part of human body including not only feet but nails, hands and other areas of the body.

The infection of so called foot fungal is also caused due to the ringworm fungus in medical parlance. However, it is also often called tinea pedis sometimes amongst medical personel. This ringworm fungus most common occur in gym floors or nail beauty salons (which are situated in poor districts or having filthy environment). Important! Never use someone’s cloths and socks since it can be an easy thing to obtain fungus from that. Well, since we are living in the environment where fungus are present it is obvious that the bulk of the population in the world is affected by this fungal infection.

Foot fungus symptoms

The typical symptoms of this foot fungus contamination may vary from person to person i.e. t starts from just skin peeling ending up to observe cracking and bleeding which are normally accompanied with pain. In the other extreme, some individuals may not even know they have this fungal problem as the typical symptoms are not visible at first glance.

An average infected foot looks like a platform of dry skin being reddish and peeling on one sole or the soles of both feet. Also, in some cases the skin flaking will extend to the top and sides of the feet although the more common condition is that it is localized in the sole area.

It is proven by medical experts that there are two critical areas to be of control of foot fungus is concerned. The first concern is how to make the infection-prone area less susceptible to the fungus, which basically means that it is extremely essential that the susceptible parts of your feet are kept dry and clean. The second crucial point of the treatment process of the foot fungus is the use of appropriate anti-fungal applications. There are several anti-fungal washes and creams that are available in the world market today, but to select the appropriate one you\\’ d better consult your Doctor.

How to get rid of toenail fungus

In order to get rid of toenail fungus the following natural means might be effective:

  • Use fresh burdock leaf, which should be preliminarily wiped but not washed. Make the streaks on the back side of the leaves soft with the help of small hammer and roll it out by a rolling pin. After you’ve done all the preparation, put your foot on a burdock leaf, and wrap its edges in such a way, that they will cover toes, and put a bandage after that. The treatment course consists of no less than twenty one day and includes two procedures, repeated twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Burdock will soften the sore toenail, which will lose its shape, but will catch up with it later. And your heels will also become softer after this course.
  • Apply 20% propolis tincture from a drug store, in which you should dip a cotton wad and put it on a sore spot. Such treatment should be done daily – it will help you to get rid of old and sore nail.
  • Within twenty days in the morning and in the evening put a drop of iodine on a toenail affected by fungus, as well as on healthy nails, however the latter should be treated every other day. In a week or earlier you will sense a slight burning and some pain around sore toenail – it is a sign of success of treatment being carried out. If the pain becomes a problem, you can do the treatment less frequently, i.e. no more than three times per two days.
  • Use foot baths with sea salt, take them daily for fifteen minutes within several days (from three to seven).
  • Apply fresh celandine juice tree times a day during three months.
  • You can also take soap-soda baths, the water temperature in which should not exceed thirty eight-forty degrees Celcius. For their preparation you’ll need three tablespoons of soda mixed with antibacterial soap and dilute with seven liters of water. After doing the bath, you should dry your legs by a disposable tissue, and remove affected spots with the help of special manicure accessories. Such baths are recommended to be taken within two-three months.
  • Take fresh rowan leaves, grind them and apply to sore toenails, fasten the lotion with a bandage. Change the band every day.

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