How to cure shizophrenia and psychosis

Diagnosis of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is seen in the modern medical theory as a multifaceted disease. That means it’s main feature is the violation of adequate perception of the world. Thoughts and actions of a human being are incomprehensible to others and in some cases really may be dangerous for the society. However, it should be remembered very often under schizophrenia is being “masked” other mental disorders. That means to make the correct diagnosis requires a detailed study of all manifestations of the disease and prolonged observation of the patient. For this purpose we have developed in-depth diagnostic programs, conducted a special psychological testing and consultation leading experts.

Shizophrenia cure

Treatment of schizophrenia

In any modern hospital all the conditions for effective care for severe mental disorders are offered in Europe and the USA. Thanks to individual work with each of our patients, the clinics achieved good results during the recent years in terms of treatment and rehabilitation of schizophrenic patients, as well as prevention of possible complications and exacerbations of the disease in later periods (long-term remission). At the same there are cases known when people overcame the decease by being for a long time outdoors for a long time far from the cities and civilization as well as in the religious monasteries and other places but it is not typical, in fact.

Nine alarming symptoms of schizophrenia

    1. Reducing the physical and intellectual activity.
    2. Closure and lonely.
    3. Changeable (most often negative) attitude towards the close people.
    4. Poverty of thought content and illogical reasoning with the cliffs of thought, unusual beliefs, a sense of impact on the thought.
    5. Disorders of perception of the real world.
    6. Reduced emotional background.
    7. Violation of attention and perception.
    8. Failure to distinguish between internal and external world.
    9. Scams perception (auditory, visual, olfactory, etc.)

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Schizophrenia is a mental illness characterized by thought disorder and behavior, ill perception of the world, as well as emotional disorders.

What to do if your loved one is suffering from schizophrenia?

    1. Try as soon as possible to seek assistance from a specialist – psychiatrist. Timing of treatment should be chosen an essential one!
    2. Always follow the doctor’s orders and check the reception of medicines.
    3. No drugs and alcohol schizophrenic! They exacerbate the symptoms of the disease.
    4. Pay attention to any changes being. If possible, record and report them to consulting physicians.
    5. Do not seek to quickly change the social situation of the patient, his place of study, occupation, family situation.
    6. Not exert undue emotionality in the relationship with the patient.
    7. Not exhibit with respect to patient aggression.
    8. Try to alleviate feelings of loneliness.
    9. Try to understand the feelings and thoughts of the patient, show empathy, without causing a sense of danger and not imposing their assistance.
    10. Do not laugh at the fact that the said patient, do not humiliate and insult him.
    11. Do not argue with the patient and did not persuade him.
    12. Communicate easier. Say what you want to say clearly, calmly and confidently.
    13. Be frank in conversation.
    14. Uphold the patient’s sense of reality.
    15. Maintain and develop the social skills of the patient in his daily activities.

How to treat schizophrenia?

It is important to promptly and accurately identify the beginning of schizophrenia, to appoint an integrated and adequate treatment, to build a solid system of rehabilitation of schizophrenic patients, to teach him and family members proper behavior.

It is important to trust your doctor, working with him, as well as an active social work, taking into account the particular patient’s family and his social status.

To be effective treatment for schizophrenia was essential to select appropriate drugs available in the market, eliminating the symptoms of schizophrenia, and with a minimal amount of side effects and does not reduce the quality of life. PLEASE REMEMBER: the drugs should be consumed by a patient on a regular basis since in that only case they will provide the result expected!

The best treatment of schizophrenia should be started in hospital, it must include an accurate diagnosis, because the options are many manifestations of schizophrenia. It is desirable that the situation around the schizophrenic patient should be quiet rather than he / she stays alone in the house and the physician assisting the possession of modern methods of psychotherapy. It is unacceptable to provide the patient with schizophrenia itself eliminate those activities that has been interesting. The activity of the schizophrenic patient should be encouraged by qualified personnel who can handle not only medicine but also psychology. In some cases, it is important to strengthen the forces of the patient, picked up for a balanced diet, adequate exercise therapy, massage, physiotherapy and therapeutic qualities. Around the schizophrenic patient should be not only skilled doctors, but also specially trained psychologists, social workers.

Many believe that schizophrenia is incurable. However, in reality there is a way out.

Sometimes shizophrenia is confused with psychosis, but those are different diseases.

What is psychosis?

Psychosis is seen in the modern medicine as a clear manifestation of mental illness, in which the activities of the patient does not match the surrounding reality. Psychoses are often accompanied by pronounced motor excitation, delirium, hallucinations and other symptoms.

How to treat and combat psychosis?

Worldwide, the most effective and reliable method of treatment is considered medical treatment of psychosis based on an individual approach to each patient taking into account age, gender, family history other diseases. One of the main challenges a Doctor faces is to establish a fruitful cooperation with the patient. Need to instill patient confidence in the possibility of recovery and to overcome his /her beliefs against the “harm” caused by psychotropic drugs. Between physician and patient should be based on mutual trust, guaranteed compliance with the principles of disclosure of information specialist and the anonymity of treatment. The patient, in turn, must not conceal from the doctor’s information such as the fact that drugs or alcohol as well as medication used in general medicine. It is important that taking medication was combined with rehabilitation programs and if appropriate mutual effords with family and pedagogical implications of psychotherapeutic work.

The cure process is a complex training programs for patients with mental disorders means of rational behavior, as in hospital and at home. Rehabilitation is mainly aimed at teaching social skills to interact with other people implementing the skills needed in everyday life, such as the treatment of their own finances, house cleaning, shopping, public transport etc. Also, often being applied for assistance to mentally illness and supportive psychotherapy. Psychotherapy helps to better relate especially to those people who are experiencing feelings of inferiority due to their illness and those who seek to deny the existence of the disease. An important element of rehabilitation is to participate in the groups of mutual support with others who understand what it means to be mentally ill person.

One of the most important factors influencing the prognosis of psychosis, is a timely start and intensity of active treatment in combination with social and rehabilitation activities.

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