How to cure stomach ache

Self-diagnosis of the causes of abdominal pain

Everyone knows, that stomach ache is one of the most frequent complaints of patients when coming to the doctor. Indeed, everyone in life at least once felt the hit in the stomach and the discomfort that causes abdominal pain in some cases heavy compared with other pain. Causes of symptoms for stomach ache are a lot and can be as disease of the intestine or just stomach as well as liver and gall bladder and pancreas or even inflammation appendicitis and kidney. In some cases even heart problems can also cause abdominal pain. In a separate group can be identified disease causing abdominal pain with more typical for women who testify about the possible diseases of the urinary system or internal genital organs.

Stomach ache cure

As you can see that the reason that the stomach hurts a lot and for the correct diagnosis most likely is extremely important to correctly identify all the characteristics of abdominal pain:

  • Localization of pain i.e. the place the greatest pain (for a precise definition should lie on your back and gently palpate the stomach, finding the place causing the greatest pain)
  • Type of pain i.e. pain may be sharp and dull, aching, inflates and compressive
  • Accompanying symptoms i.e. vomiting, nausea, fever, diarrhea, increased pain during certain activities or making certain provisions of the body.
  • That preceded the emergence of pain and it’s development after a nervous tension, physical exertion, eating, drinking alcohol, etc.

Determination of initial diagnosis for abdominal pain

The most common erroneous action of patients when a stomach ache is receiving pain medication, especially when strong pains and prolonged pain. Each of us knows from school that pain is one of the protective functions of the body which signals the different diseases. And get rid of the pain we are absolutely not the decisive reason for its occurrence. With the strong and prolonged pain in the abdomen when the treatment to the doctor is necessary by taking pain medications can complicate the correct diagnosis.

Preliminary identification of the causes of abdominal pain and abdominal pain can be defined using the card abdomen. Align the localization of their own pain with the placement of internal organs. But this is only an approximate determination of the reasons for many diseases the localization of pain is the same. To clarify the reasons for visit:

  • Determine a preliminary diagnosis for abdominal pain.
  • Determination of initial diagnosis in abdominal pain.

Stomach diseases (Overview by the Russian Health Dpt.)

We often hear and see in the advertising offers like: “Discounted tours and huge discounts on travel! Perfect make-up: how to apply shadow Holidays in the resorts of Cyprus with tours from USD400. Faster and cheaper than a villa! Book a citrus juicer and consume fresh juice every day! Helpful for stomach deceases! But is that really true?

From common sense we know that most stomach troubles in the summer period are due to infection. Over the sufferer who kept running around to fix need like to play pranks and eating various stuff do not even think how serious the consequences may be such a bustle. Meanwhile, intestinal infections, such as salmonella may cause not only too serious ailments, but also contagious to others.

“Disease of dirty hands” can become infected through the water as well as through food or in the event that does not take into account the requirements of daily hygiene. Manifestations of gastric diseases almost indistinguishable among themselves, and find an adequate diagnosis is possible only on the basis of bacteriological examination. All intestinal disease in similar ways: with abdominal pain, nausea and rackets. Often this phenomenon is characterized by high fever. Detected infectious agents like salmonella, dysentery, or Escherichia coli may determine the appropriate treatment procedures.

Frequent walking to the bathroom leads to the danger of so called dehydration rights. Lack of water and salts can have serious complications causing infection, toxic shock, extreme kidney failure and pneumonia sometimes followed by heart attack and failure of cerebral circulation. The most rapid dehydration occurs amongst children and the investigation process may be too complicated, sometimes lethal.

Do we have to treat at home? If the patient’s health is not alarming the doctor may allow him/her to stay on treatment at home. Typically, it takes about a week staying at a rigid diet in order to organize the effective work of the stomach. Medications ordered by your doctor are also a necessity which has to be used and before the arrival of the doctor a sick person has to be placed in a separate room, to give him individual dishes and toilet facilities.

Also, the WC room must be thoroughly cleaned with detergents, which include chlorine, does not prevent the emergence of microbes.

What food stuff is perceived dangerous at this stage? Cakes, whipped cream, cheese, milk that you buy regularly at the market most be avoided since they may be the causes of infection. Reliable are the dairy products that have manufacturing sterilization, or if you do them urgently treated at home. In summer it is better not have cooked boiled eggs. You are in danger, while eating in the summer jellies, blood and liver sausage. Dangerous products at this very period of time are: sliced watermelon, which remained in the refrigerator, corn and peas porridge, mashed potatoes, salad and olive trees.

Please do not worry when the symptoms of diarrhea occur since that does not last more than two days, accompanied by fever, yellowing of the protein does not appear in his eyes, and a correction needs deprived of blood and mucus, a diarrhea advised to treat yourself.

First, refrain from eating at the time comprise a period of 1-2 days. At the same time a patient needs a lot of drinking on a hourly basis like a mug of warm tea or boiled water per hour! In addition, it is necessary to know whether a patient loses sodium and chlorine. This loss can be resumed with the use a glass of boiled water in which to breed a small spoonful of salt.

It is desirable to prepare and therapeutic compotes made by 2-3 potatoes, regular-sized grate on large grater, cover with 2 cups of cold water, bring to a boil, cook for 20 minutes, drain, cool, and before eating – a little salt the. You may use also compote of dried apricots, bananas. Sugar is added should not be with drink of herbal can make disinfection stomach. Tablespoon of oak bark pour a glass of boiled water, to insist 15 minutes in a water bath, drain and drink 1 / 4 cup 3-4 times a day.

Drink a green walnut or peel a pomegranate can be done in the same way. Not bad disinfect the intestines drinks with blueberries.

Some Docs recommend to accessible mint tea but that’s not suitable for everyone. Two teaspoons of dried peppermint pour a glass of boiled water and insist in a sealed pan 5 minutes, then drain.

Intestinal infections disrupt the intestinal absorption, and drugs will not have the desired effect.

Do not rush to use and advertised drugs. They briefly paralyzing the muscles of the stomach, then the pain weakens and rackets stops. But the causes of disease – the pathogens and their toxins – more remain in the body.

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