How to cure trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a kind of inflammatory disease being caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. It is well known that the disease itself is usually transmitted throughout sexual contact. The obvious way of contamination of the fetus occurs during the passage of the birth canal. Women are more commonly affected in vagina by so called “Trichomonas coleitis” which also known as urethra , cervix whereas men are more often observed just urethritis.


General symptoms of trichomoniasis are as follows: women are experiencing itching combined with hot burning and heaviness in the lower abdomen as well as heavy pussy discharge from the vagina. As for men, the more common symptoms are itching joined with burning sensation when urinating and slight discharge from the urethra.

Methods of treatment:

  • Mush freshly bow in order to put on gauze, also tie and put into the vagina for about 8-10 hours period. In case if the patient is highly sensitive to onions, swabs should be pre-moistened in tincture of calendula flowers. Try to use while combating Trichomonas coleitis also.
  • Pour about 50 grams of chopped calendula flowers with the stuff of half a litter of 70% of spirit and make it be prepared properly within a period of couple of weeks then filter up the outcome throughout of the filter. Afterwards, please make it douching tincture diluted in the ratio of around 1:10 all together with water at Trichomonas coleitis fever.
  • Grind the pulp in up to 50 grams of fresh purslane leaves and mix them together with the chicken protein stuff. The average dose to be taken up for consumption is to 3 times a day. An average treatment course takes around 15 days, but sometimes expend up to 20 of the same. That’s the real thing in combating Trichomonas coleitis.
  • You have to pour at least one tablespoon being dried up of minced leaves kipreya all together with one glass of boiled water in order to insist and to be wrapped for 1 hour and filter the stuff at the end. The stuff is to be consumed portionally up to 3 glasses of 0,25ml.per day just before meals.

Folk methods of Northern European countries

  • Use Chamomile flowers in a quantity of about 20 g. joint with oak bark of 10 g. combined with the root of bloodroot of around10 g. The above mentioned suspense you have to mix with nettle leaves of 50 g. gathered with knot-grass in a quantity of 50 g. Mix it again consistently. Then cool down and use for douches and tampons.
  • If trichomoniasis occurred recently i.e. the stage is not severe use as tampons onion juice, diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio with the addition of a small amount of glycerol.
  • Apply sandy immortelle or everlasting like 20 g. being immortelle poured with 0.5 liters of boiled water for a duration of 1 hour and drain. The stuff is to be used for syringing.
  • Purchase in the drug store Argentina anserine and use about 1 tbsp. combined with the same of herbs being poured into a glass of water then bring the stuff to a boil condition, to be kept for about couple of hours in a warm place straining from time to time. Take inside 1 / 4 cup 3 times daily before meals. The stuff provides significant pain relief.
  • Use ginger as an alternative medical substance. Rhizomes are recommended as means like means of improving sexual desire. Sometimes Finnish people add 150 g. of chopped ginger rhizomes poured within 0.8 liters of vodka strained and left for a week to mix up properly. The substance is to be taken in the quantity of 1 tsp. mixed with water up to 2 times daily before meals.
  • One has not to ignore garlic while having such kind of disease. It has bactericidal and fungicidal abilities and gruel of garlic is somewhat appropriate as the sufficient treatment for trihomonadnyh colpitis. In fact, you may use just a grind comprised of 4 cloves garlic being tied in cheesecloth and gruel to be inserted into a tampon into the vagina for 4 hours or something. The procedure is to be done constantly during the daytime.
  • Calendula as a plant is perceived as a universal remedy, hence, being used for inflammatory diseases of female genital organs (as well as males!) and the treatment of Trichomonas colpitis. Thus, you have to use around 20 g. of dried up flower leaves being poured up into one cup of boiling water to be left for a duration of one hour to mix up with filtering procedure afterwards.. Calendula tincture is used for a tampon into the vagina and douching.
  • Honey effect with respect to Trichomonas coleitis is perceived as killing the pathogen of the disease. Honey is seen as a better thymy and lime, candied, used for impregnating vaginal swabs.

It prompts and encourages the restoration process for immune system and then carries out significant treatment process for Trichomonas vaginalis. It is known that vaginal trichomonads die in the first minutes or even seconds when exposed to phytoncids onion, mustard, horseradish, coniferous trees, birch, blackberry, drug burnet, lemon, cranberry. Drinking juice, decoction, tincture or oil preparation of these plants in the form of vaginal irrigations, tampons will contribute to their destruction. The use of boiled urine in this way also helps recovery from vaginal parasites. Typically, treatment takes a week, then made a break for 3-5 days, repeat the treatment until full recovery. Excluded from the diet, sweet, fat, meat, yeast products.

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