How to cure gastric ulcer (part 1)

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General information

It is well known that diseases of the digestive system are more often widespread and relapses. That is the reason why mostly for treatment of such diseases doctors prescribe synthetic drugs which in its therapeutic pros have a number of cons i.e. many side effects. The advantage of herbal preparations, of course, is to be considered as a broad spectrum of action joined with minimal side effects.

When talking about peptic ulcer disease we\\’ d better start with the fact that in some cases the treatment procedures of ulcer patients should pay more attention to the folk methods of treatment approach for stomach ulcers.

What is ulcer?

Stomach ulcer is seen as the most common case amongst the range of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. According to statistical data obtained for Western countries from various researching firms the suffering from for stomach ulcer varies from three to eighteen persons per thousand of the population.

Ulcerative lesions can be described as follows:

    1. Ulcers that appear when the disease occurs due to hormone disorders of central nervous system problems.
    2. Endocrine ulcers which not a rare case in Central Asia region.
    3. Circulatory hypoxic-ulcerative lesions.
    4. Medicinal ulceration.
    5. Toxic and allergic lesions of the gastric mucosa.
    6. Specific ones which appear when a person suffers from syphilis or tuberculosis, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Susceptibility towards peptic ulcer disease might be perceived as an attribute to a breach of regulatory mechanisms of the nervous system. In addition to that the emergence and aggravation of ulcers may be affected by injury or fatigue and a regular lack of sleep, disruption of hormonal system. Also, it may be a combined thing together with disease of the pancreas or violations trophics gastritis and congenital antitrypsin deficiency and other factors. In addition, it is worth mentioning there are a number possess factors that may lead to development of disease such as alcoholism and smoking.

Doctors claim we can\\’ t reject the influence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria which is commonly present inside patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The above mentioned bacteria was opened by Dr. Barry Marshall and Robin Warren in the year 2005 so that they were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. The bacterium is attached to the wall of the stomach and can remain there until the end of life of the patient. While growing in number the bacteria destroys the lining of the stomach and creates the conditions for the emergence of ulceration.

Heliobacter Pylori

Treatment of gastric ulcers

During the treatment period it is more common that the patient needs hospitalization. The meals should be specified and the feeding of patients during treatment is to be divided into three phases. That means for the first week of hospitalization it should be a strong diet then to be followed by less restrictions for the week two and three.

Before the discovery of Helicobacter pylori bacteria the treatment was based on antacid preparations such as Almagel, magnesium oxide, etc. Also, binders and cathartic drugs joined with antispasmodic (No-Spa, papaverine hydrochloride) we used in some cases. Nowadays, the treatment of ulcers is being treated with antibiotics and antiulcer drugs such as omez and others.

Describe the specific treatment regimen is not possible, because treatment can be non-standard and depend on many factors, such as patient’s age, his general physical condition, presence of concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, duodenitis, and others).

Complications during gastric ulcer

The disease is characterized by the appearance of a large number of complications such as perforation, bleeding and deformities, ulcers in the transformation of the malignant tumor, dyskinesia of the gallbladder, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cholecystitis, hepatosis, pancreatitis. Well, seeing this huge list you can imagine how serious ulcer is and what a number of troubles it can cause.

Prevention of gastric ulcers

The most common preventive measures are compliance with the daily routines, hygiene of labor, the rejection of alcohol and smoking. It is important to pay attention to diet and food quality. People with stomach ulcers is not recommended food, heated or cooked in microwave ovens. In autumn and spring periods, as appropriate, patients should undergo prophylactic treatment courses.

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