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Thrush is seen in modern medicine as a decease cured by vernacular vaginal candidiasis, because of isolation and plaque on the mucous membranes reminiscent of certain dairy products.

The causative of thrush is in many cases Candida i.e. the type of fungus which is normally present in the body. Candida is present in the skin and mucous membranes (mouth and intestines) of most healthy people. Under certain conditions this type of fungus grows very rapidly, causing thrush. The most common thrush occurs when decline of general and local immunity. If treatment is not started selling milk in a timely manner, then it might be delayed very long time.

Oral-genital contact contribute to infection because many people are the ones who carry of Candida in e oral cavity. In chronic vaginal thrush cases it may occur like experience disorders of immunity, predominantly having local spread. In predisposed to thrush women can be a special form of allergy – hypersensitivity to Candida, which explains the frequent exacerbation. Without survey to talk about lowered immunity can not.
The acute form of thrush which is called candidiasis if left untreated can lead to chronic cases. For the chronic form is characterized by multiple relapses, the causes in most cases is a secondary infection. Typically such patients are identified gastro-intestinal tract i.e. dysbacteriosis and various gynecological diseases which reduce local immunity. Treat chronic yeast is much more difficult and running form can lead to serious complications like inflammation of the pelvic organs, spike, infertility, intrauterine infection of the fetus.

The transmission cases of thrush from mother to infant occurs in 70% of cases which is a relatively high figure compared to other deceses. It is equally common in both cases i.e. parous independently or caesarean section.

Symptoms of thrush in women:

  • Burning and itching of the external genitalia;
  • White cheesy vaginal discharge;
  • Pain during intercourse;
  • Pain when urinating.

These symptoms may appear in aggregate and individually, but usually there are only a few of them. The nature of precipitates with thrush may be slightly different, but often they are thick, cheesy, white. A woman feels strongly expressed itching in the vagina, which is particularly exacerbated when wearing overlying synthetic underwear. Furthermore, there is mucosal edema of the labia and spread of the inflammatory process in the region of the anus. In any case, if you notice in yourself any unusual for you to isolation and feeling better than refer to gynecologist for detailed advice on the treatment of thrush.

Symptoms of thrush in men:

  • Burning and itching of the glans penis and foreskin;
  • Redness of the glans penis and foreskin;
  • White patches on the glans penis;
  • Pain during intercourse;
  • Pain when urinating.

Treating thrush or effective treatment

There are many ways of treatment and remedies for thrush. Some of them are used topically (cream, vaginal tablet or suppository e tc.), others are supposed to be consumed inside (tablets or capsules for oral administration). For the right recommendations for appropriate treatment of thrush it is better to contact your doctor. Many of the doctors prescribe different drugs and supplements, but the effects of most of these treatments for thrush has not been proven yet. For example, the use of medications with bacteria as well as tampons has no scientific basis. Drugs that stimulate the immune system, in most cases is also not feasible without a special survey. And it is not necessary to treat thrush from her husband if he is healthy. As for thrush for men topical treatment is typically used. Preparations in the form of a cream applied to the penis twice a day during the week. Usually this measure is sufficient for the treatment of male thrush, as male body is less prone to fungus Candida. However, in cases where the thrush develops long-standing and access to a doctor happened rather late, the patient prescribed antifungal drugs for oral administration.

Remember: along with the treatment of thrush we should seek and remove the cause of immunodeficiency, strengthen our own microflora. Without this thrush will appear again and again.

Enuresis – inconvenience or a severe decease?

Enuresis is more known as bed-wetting occurs in preschool and school age usually amongst boys. Distinguish the functional form of enuresis due to the influence of psychogenic factors, defects of education, past infectious diseases and emerging reflex in diseases of the genitourinary system, and organic i.e. the change of spinal cord defects in development.

Night involuntary urination which is noticible during sleep is regarded as the result of lack or insufficiency of conditioned reflex connections, carrying in his sleep control act of urination. Some children is the involuntary loss of urine during daytime sleep, sometimes there is quickening impulses to urinate.

Reveals the vegetative symptoms:

  • Amedlennoe heartbeat.
  • Cyanosis of the extremities.
  • Hypothermia.

There have neurotic disorders:

  • Irascibility.
  • Subtlety.
  • Suppression of shyness.

In many cases amongst schoolboys one can see school performance being often reduced. When the organic form to detect changes in muscle tone, tendon reflexes, violation sensitivity.

Treatment of enuresis at young age

  • Children with enuresis over 6-10 years require a urological examination.
  • Adequate treatment is determined according to the results of medical surveys!
    • For younger children recommended the following:

      • Termination of fluid intake 2 hours before sleep.
      • Planting of the child to the toilet at night (“forced” urination).
      • Limitation of irritating and stimulating psyche of external influences (game consoles, TV, outdoor games, etc.).
      • Restricting the use of diapers (Pampers remove irritant and retard the development of a conditioned reflex, the child feels no discomfort after urination).
      • Herbal medicine (the use of sedative herbs: peppermint, valerian, Leonurus, etc.).
      • Restorative physical effects (contrast showers in the morning, etc.).
      • Coniferous bath.


      Vaginitis also known as coleitis is in fact inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina being caused by various bacteria and protozoa. A sense of burning in the genital area. By possessing factors include hypovarianism, breach of the rules of personal hygiene.

      There are known the following types of Vaginitis i.e. acute, subacute and chronic vaginitis. In acute inflammation of the complaint to a feeling of heaviness in the vagina, burning and itching around the external genitalia, abundant serous-purulent leucorrhoea.

      If you could discover unpleasant separation please do not be afraid of something terrible since it can be a normal vagina. Just refer to the gynecologist to be examined. The disease more often begins with long thick whitish discharge. It may be watery or purulent. During urination, there is often itching and burning. A woman constantly feels the burden and discomfort in the genital area with sexual intercourse becoming painful. Despite all the discomfort occurred vaginitis does not bring the usual strong unpleasant female for the body. However, consulting your doctor should definitely because the symptoms are similar to many serious diseases leke candidiasis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis. These diseases have already entail serious consequences.

      Vaginitis is caused by microorganisms, which always live in the vagina, but not much. In healthy women is dominated by lactic acid bacteria. But circumstances can arise so that pathogenic microbes (staphylococci, streptococci, etc.) begin to multiply vigorously. Their reproduction is likely to worsen during pregnancy. Give an analysis of a pregnancy. Pregnant women should be required to treat vaginitis, as at birth the child may become infected. Vaginitis increases the risk of ruptures of the cervix during childbirth.

      Treatment of vaginitis

      Treatment of vaginitis consists of local and general, taking into account types of microbes, causing inflammation. It is an important factor in recovery is complete cessation of sexual activity for the whole period of treatment. Need to conduct a survey and, if necessary – treatment of sexual partner.
      When thick purulent or mucous discharge vaginal douching spend antiseptic solutions. Upon the termination of purulent discharge vaginal douching carried out with the cementing (decoction of oak bark, for example). At the same time applying restorative treatment.

      Antibiotics were prescribed after determining the sensitivity to them of the agent. They are used topically in the form of ointments.

      In case of insufficient treatment efficacy, propensity to relapse or during menopause and in marked hypovarianism recommended local application of estrogenic hormones.

      Particular attention is paid to treatment of vaginitis in pregnant women. On the one hand, they have extremely important to fully remove the inflammatory process, on the other hand – Pregnancy imposes restrictions on the spectrum, dosage and how to use drugs. Proper treatment of vaginitis and the subsequent prevention of recurrence provide a good prognosis in most cases.

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