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From 40 to 90% of Earth population suffer from headaches. Most of these people sort out the problem in the same way – with the help of pills. However this way of treatment can lead to chronic head pain development. Meanwhile doctors assert that in 85 cases of 100 headache can be successfully cured. It is the matter of will – you can take a good dose of toxins or you can drink a pair of olive oil spoons and get rid of a headache. However it depends also on the origin of headache.

There are several types of headaches. The most prevailing are chronic headaches, coming with exceptional periodicity – migraines. Approximately 20% of women suffer from them. They are usually a result of vascular disorder. These ailments are divided into migraines with aura and without aura. When doctors say “aura” they mean that a headache goes together with additional neurological symptoms, such as vertigos, hallucinations, etc. Migraines are usually borne harder by people who consume much wine, chocolate, cheese, contraceptives, experience stresses and are often in the state of exhaustion.

Another type of headaches can be evoked by tight muscles in shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw. It is a tension headache, felt like you have a tight hoop twisted around your head. It can decrease the effectiveness of work by 30-60%. This disease is usually caused by stress, depressions, overworking, lack of motion, missing meals. Most patients can finally cope with such headaches after changing of their lifestyle.

The other causes of headaches should be also noted:

  • staying in one position for a long time;
  • poor sleep position;
  • sinusitis;
  • glaucoma;
  • cough;
  • temporal arteritis (in the eldest age group)

However most often headaches emerge after several hours of sitting in front of computer or standing work at conveyor, while head and neck muscles are overstrained by long psychoemotional or physical tension. Most of us immediately rush to take the pills. And this helps for a while. Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen are effective against the symptoms of tension headaches. Ergotamine with Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen may be temporarily helpful if you have a migraine. But as doctors say frequent pills intake can also become another cause of chronic headache.

get rid of headache

Considering the actuality of the problem, many scientists persistently keep searching for new medicine and methods to cope with headaches. Among the most simple one should note putting the cabbage leaf on a forehead, among more complex – using botulism toxins or, in other words, poisons. On the conference of American Headache Society several investigations were presented, showing that “Botox” injections (botuline toxin of A type), used for cosmetic purposes, save patients not only from wrinkles, but also from migraines.

German cosmetologists were the first to notice “side” effect of Botox. The treatment of migraine proved to be effective for 70-80% of patients. One course of such treatment removed splitting headaches for a period of 3 to 6 months. As scientists assert, the course can be repeated after this period in order to get the same result.

For those who are afraid of every innovation in medicine and don\\’ t have enough means for headache cure (one Botox injection, for instance, costs about 6 dollars) medics suggest natural remedies to eliminate the malaise. For example, scientists revealed that olive oil, which is used by Italians in cooking meals, is a great way to help aching head. The effect of the oil is comparable with anlagen pill. Researchers assert that one teaspoon of olive oil equals 10% of ibuprofen-based preparation, contained in painkillers.

Of course, the dose for headache removal can be solid, but if you continually eat food with olive oil, then it will serve as strong (and cheap at that) preventive remedy for pain relief. Though sometimes headache is a sign of more serious organism “failure”. It can be the forerunner of 50 serious diseases.

Doctors recommend that if you are older than 40, often experience headaches, the frequency of which is constantly increasing and it always emerge with physical activity, cough, sneezing, sexual activity, you should undergo an examination of competent specialist. And this will surely help to get rid of a headache. Headache can be cured in 85% of cases.

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