How to relieve eye strain (part 1)

Some exercises received from the audience – methods helpful to relieve eye strain

1. When you have to sit all day long at the computer your eyes may is probably out of shape. Well, some of our patients sent us a plenty of letters with there experiences and exercises they are doing and consider useful.There are isometric exercises and one can easily do them anywhere. The first one is while waiting for the subway or a bus you’re supposed to squeeze your cheeks together and count up to ten and then let your eyes relax.

eye strain

2. Good influence on the blood circulation as well as nerves provides stroking of closed eyes or vibration and also pressure and massage the palm and light kneading. The most common method of massage with two fingers is the index and middle in the form slight round-up movement. Along the lower edge of the eye movement move also up to the nose the upper edge of the eye and above the eyebrows. This movement has to be repeated up to 10-15 times.

3. Complex #1.

    a. Horizontal eye movements: from right to left and the opposite way. That kind of exercises is reasonable for eye pressure improvement.
    b. Frequent movements of the eyeballs straight up and down. The circular movements of eyes in a clockwise direction as well as in the opposite direction.
    c. Intensive squeezing and opening of eyes at a rapid pace.
    d. Eye movements on a diagonal directions i.e squinted in the lower left corner, then a straight transfer look up. The same way to be done in the opposite direction after 5 minutes rest.
    e. Reduction of the eye to the nose. To complete this task successfully you have to put a finger to nose and look at him – eyes easy to “unite”. Please, finish this exercise with frequent blinking eyes.
    f. Distant view. You have to go to the window and look closely at the close, visible detail. It might be the branch of a tree growing outside the window or scratches on the glass. You can also stick on the glass a tiny circle of paper and then have a look into the distance then trying to see the most distant objects.

For the best result each exercise should be repeated at least 6 times in each direction.

4. Complex #2 – for myopia prevention.

    a. While leaning back please take a deep breath first and then lean forward with exhaling.
    b. While leaning back in your chair please cover your eyelids with eyes shut tight then to continue with opening the eyelids.
    c. Put your hands upon your waist and turn your head to the right first looking at the elbow on the right hand side, then turn your head to the left looking at the elbow of your left hand to be finished by returning to the starting position.
    d. You are to raise eyes to make them complete a circular motion clockwise to be forwarded then like counterclockwise.

5. Raise your hands forward and look at fingertips, then raise your hands up with the eyes following the movement of hands without raising head and lowering the arms.

These Complex #2 exercises are likely to be repeat every 40-50 minutes of work at the computer, if possible.

Some additional techniques to relieve eye strain

  • look straight ahead into the distance up to 2-3 seconds. Then put a finger to a distance at a reasonable distance of around 30 cm from your eye and look at it for 5 seconds. After that lower your arm and again look into the distance. That should be repeated at least 10 times.
  • move the pencil from the arm’s length to the tip of the nose and back with your watching how it moves. That should be repeated at least 10 times.
  • attach to the window glass at eye level round tag with a diameter of 5 mm. Then transfer the view from a distant object behind the window to the label and repeat the procedure 10 times.
  • eyes are open slowly during the time of breath with gently draw of the eyes in space like such directions as horizontal, vertical, diagonal. That should be repeated at least 5 times.
  • have a look for 5-6 seconds on the thumb extended at the eye level for right hand. Then slowly move your right hand with watching the finger without turning your head. Same run has to be done with your left hand. To be repeated 5 times in each direction.

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