How to cure hemorrhoid (part 1)

Hemorrhoid treatment in accordance with the most common and well known European folk means.

Hemorrhoids is in fact a disease which is reflected on the human’s body in a form of nodular enlargement of hemorrhoidal venous plexus in the form of submucous layer related to the anal canal and under the skin of the anal region. Hemorrhoids are a cluster of cavernous tissue.

This is a very common disease among people who either have a sitting kind of lifestyle or the ones who have troubles in terms of shitting regarding to nervs usually associated with obstruction of venous outflow during straining (constipation, birth), pregnancy, raising the pressure in the portal vein, with infection (proctitis), with diarrhea, an abundance of gas in the intestines, incomplete emptying of the rectum of feces. There are two types of hemorrhoids – external and internal. The most common reason for poor circulation is the one which is the consequence of sedentary lifestyle. Thus, it has to be assumed as a great importance that the “cropped up” sequence is the constitutional disposition.

Hemorrhoid formation

Patients complain of pain during defecation, feeling of heaviness and burning, itching in the anus, bleeding from his or admixture of blood on the ass hole

Hemorrhoids occurs in two forms i.e. the acute and the chronic form.

The chronic form is characterized by:

  • allocation of blood coming out under pressure from the anus which occurs in somewhat 67 to 80% of cases known;
  • emergency loss of nodes from the anus comprising the amount of 35 up to 46%;
  • itching cases being at the level of about 4.9%;
  • mucus coming with about 1-5% in accordance with to the constant deposition of irreducible knots.

The acute form of hemorrhoids is characterized by:

  • unpleasant and severe pain coming out of anus;
  • overall increase with respect to amount of nodes;
  • inflammatory changes in the hemorrhoidal node and surrounding tissues.

Approximately 30-35% of cases of acute hemorrhoids complicated by necrosis of the site with the release of a blood clot formed from the defect, in this case to the described symptoms associated allocation of blood, not associated with bowel movement, which may be abundant in nature.

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