How to cure thrush (part 2)

Thrush is a mycotic lesion (candida, yeast infection) of mucous membranes of vagina or oral cavity. It often develops after antibiotics intake, especially uncontrolled one. At the same time it can be easily transmitted sexually.

Thrush is usually caused by Candida – type of fungus, which is normally present in human body. Candida exists on a skin and mucous membranes (in mouth and bowels) of most healthy people. In certain conditions this fungus grows very fast and its growth leads to thrush. As a rule yeast infection appears as a result of general and local immunity reduction. If one has not started treatment at the right time, he risks to drag the cure process out for a very long period.

Thrush is not referred to venereal diseases and is considered together with them due to similar clinical presentation.

Factors, leading to Candida growth

  • antibiotics intake;
  • syringing;
  • wearing tight underwear (especially synthetic one)
  • pregnancy;
  • pancreatic diabetes;
  • HIV infection.

Thrush symptoms of men:

  • itch, painfulness and balanus reddening
  • edema of balanus and prepuce
  • white clotted incrustation on balanus
  • pain during coitus

Thrush symptoms of women:

  • itch, painfulness and pudendum reddening;
  • itch and painfulness of vagina;
  • white clotted vaginal discharge;
  • painful urination;

Is thrush dangerous?

There is no big health threat from this disease. Though it gives much trouble to the patient and impedes normal sexual life. Besides thrush can be an indication of serious general diseases (e.g.: pancreatic diabetes and HIV infection).

Once a patient appeals to doctor for medical help and get instructions on how to treat candida, he as the need arises usually follows them again and again. Such line of action will help in thrush cure one, two, three times, but sooner or later the magic wand will get broken. As the root of troubles is in immunity weakening, and thrush is just its external manifestation. That is why together with thrush treatment it is necessary to look for and to eliminate the reason of immunodeficiency, to strengthen own microflora. Without such measures thrush will crop up again and again. In addition thrush symptoms, discharge, itch and burning can turn out to be not as harmless as it seems. The same symptoms are typical for gonorrhea, chlamydiosis, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis, and other infections. And for their cure we need entirely different remedies.

Thrush diagnostics

candida fungi

Diagnostics is based on clinical presentation and results, light microscopy. Detection of fungi of Candida species in nutrient medium by direct immunofluorescence method (DIM) and DNA diagnostics method (PCR) does not make diagnostic sense, as the mentioned methods can detect even single microorganisms and thrush is conditioned by large number of fungi of Candida species. As you already know, in quantity these fungi exist on skin and mucous membranes of most healthy people.

Thrush cure

Can be cured by one-time intake of on 150 mg pill of Fluconazole (Diflucan, Flucostat, Mikomax). At the same time Pimafucin suppositories or vaginal tablets Clotrimasol should be applied for thrush treatment. In addition vaginal suppositories that include Lactobacillus acidophilus should be also used for 5-7 days to recover normal state of microflora.

Thrush and sex

If you suffer from thrush then sexual acts will most likely be accompanied by pain. If you don’t feel a pain, you may safely have sex, but surely with condom.

The sexual partner should be also treated by taking Fluconazole and smear his genitals with Clotrimasol cream.

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