How to cure urolithiasis and nephritis (part 3)

Diet requirements for urolithiasis and nephritis

Diet plays a crucial role in the treatment of stone diseases caused by nephrolithiasis, urolithiasis or nefrourolitiaza. The right selection of appropriate diet pertaining to a particular patient should be made by a doctor depending on what is the kind of composition of stones nature and what resulted in the specific case of urolithiasis we are facing. Obviously, any diet as it is puts restricts or eliminates a patient’s food intake to a certain extend as well as growth, and triggers the formation of new deposits.

In terms of diet therapy if we are considering all kinds of stones formed in the kidneys we should take into account the possibility of dividing them into two major groups which are the alkaline one presented by phosphates and carbonates and acid ones which are represented by urate and oxalate.

When phosphate stones occur it immediately is being reflected in urine so that it is alkaline and you must identify it easily. Herewith, it is highly recommended to limit in the diet consumption of fruit and vegetables and eliminate dairy products which alkalify urine and at the same time increase the consumption of meat and fish, and flour products and vegetable oils which are acidify urine. Having this type of stones it is also recommended to consume less quantities of potable water on a lesser scale than if let’s say with oxalate and urate kind of stones.

In case you got carbonate stones with the symptoms when the urine becomes somewhat alkaline in your diet you have to limit calcium-rich kind of food such as: milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese. You\\’ d better prefer oatmeal and flour dishes or boiled meat and fish, eggs and butter which is in total called as a “meat” table amongst medical guys since these kind of products increase the acidity of urine.

When you suffer from typical urate stones it is strongly recommended to limit the consumption of products which contribute a lot towards the formation of uric acid in the body i.e. consume stuff like like liver, kidney, meat broth which are really the ones doing no harm and influencing the overall recovery process. It is also recommended to limit eat a lot of products like fish and vegetable fats which are perceived as the ones acidified urine. Often such patients are recommended to drink freshly made lemon juice which contains a lot of citrates including magurlit or blemaren, etc. When stone disease is severe and progressing please reject grapefruit juice as a drink.

Nephrolithiasis treatment

When having oxalate stones it is recommended to limit through your diet the consumption of foods which is more or less rich in terms of oxalic acid such as spinach, sorrel or potatoes and lettuce as well as oranges and milk. Often, such kind of patients are the ones recommended to take at least 2 grams of magnesium carbonate on a daily basis. That is due to the fact magnesium has the ability to bind the gut salt of oxalic acid.

For all types of patients with stone disease the following general recommendations are to be considered:

  • You have to increase the volume of any liquid stuff being accepted daily with the proportions of at least 2-2,5 litters per day and not more. In summer period you should drink enough in order not to feel thirsty.
  • Remember to take diuretic infusions or decoctions of various herbs on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the use of excessive amounts of food (in other words – not to overeat!). Please limit yourself with the consumption of fatty food and table salt. The ability to put your efforts towards reducing weight by reducing calorie consumption of products reduces the risk of disease.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption or at least reduce the quantity significantly.
  • Change the way of life i.e. do not spend too much time at the computer or near the TV and try to increase your physical activity i.e. going in for sports. This is especially true of people whose profession is associated with low physical activity. However, please avoid too much excursuses to be done during the initial period of your sport activity.
  • Avoid emotional stress by trying to put up with your friends and relatives.
  • When even small unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region immediately contact a urologist.

Prevention of urolithiasis as a case

Proper nutritional habits can be the key points leading to good health for many years. If you eat less fatty and fried as well as sharp and salty stuff and always try not to overeat food you are getting a good chance for a healthy life to be continued. Drinking two liters of clean pure water per day should be perceived as your rule. It is also important to prevent hypothermia waist.

If there were a slight discomfort in the lumbar region, do not hesitate to appeal to the urologist!

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