How to cure atherosclerosis

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Atherosclerosis is the most common chronic disease of the arteries, with the formation of single and multiple foci of lipid and mainly cholesterol deposits in terms of plaque in the inner membrane of the arteries. Subsequent expansion in its connective tissue (sclerosis) and the deposition of calcium in the vessel wall leads to deformation and narrowing of its lumen up to complete blockage of the artery. Thus, the insufficient blood supply to the body is fed through the affected artery. In addition, the possible acute blockage or occlusion with the lumen of the artery or thrombus, or more rarely the contents of the broken plaque, or both, and the other at the same time, which leads to the formation of foci of necrosis like infarction, or gangrene in the body, which feeds this artery. Atherosclerosis occurs with greatest frequency amongst men aged 50-60 and women aged over 60 years. No doubt the value of so-called risk factors for atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis cure

Acquired risk factors are the following ones:

  • Smoking.
  • Overweight.
  • High blood cholesterol.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Stress.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

Treatment of atherosclerosis

The successful treatment of atherosclerosis is a very difficult task. There is no drug that can help everyone at once. Each patient may have their own peculiarities of the disease. Treatment of atherosclerosis for a long or virtually lifelong and requiring significant economic costs.

At present, there are several routes of exposure to illness:

  • Reducing income of cholesterol in the body.
  • The decrease in cholesterol synthesis in the cells of organs and tissues.
  • Increased excretion of cholesterol and products of its metabolism.
  • Reduction of lipid peroxidation.
  • Application special therapy in women during menopause.
  • Exposure to possible infectious agents.

Intake reduction of cholesterol in the body can be made via the diet, exclusion from the diet products containing fats and cholesterol. This will be discussed below, since such a diet also serves as treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis.

In order to carry medication, you must first obtain the data of biochemical analysis of blood. This allows you to specify the content of cholesterol and its various fractions of lipids. In Eastern Europe around 60% of people have cholesterol above normal, and 20% experience these figures simply too high according to European Association of Cardiology. EAC has developed a table for patients with CHD. This table is called “Rule 1, 2, 3, 4, 5”, which allows the doctor to determine the tactics of treatment.

Today in the world for the treatment of atherosclerosis used four groups of drugs:

First group is called preparations of nicotinic acid. The advantage of these type of products are low price. However, to achieve the effect required high doses of 1,5-3 g / day, equivalent to the existing pharmacies pill nicotinic acid is 30-60 tablets of 0.05 g. When you receive such a quantity of tablets can occur hot flashes, headaches, pain in the stomach. Do not take niacin on an empty stomach and drink hot tea or coffee. Nicotinic acid effectively lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, increases antiatherogenic HDL thicknesses. However, the treatment is contraindicated in patients with liver disease, as nicotinic acid may cause a malfunction in the liver and fatty steatosis.

Second group is Fibrates. This group includes such drugs as gevilan, atromid, miskleron. They reduce the synthesis of fats in the body. They may also disrupt the functioning of the liver and enhance the formation of stones in the gallbladder.

The next group of drugs i.e. bile acids. Their action is similar to that of ion exchange resins. They bind bile acids in the intestine and remove them. Since bile acid is a product of cholesterol and fat, it thereby reduces the amount of cholesterol and fats in the blood. These drugs are Holestid and cholestyramine ones. All of them are unpleasant to the taste, so it is usually recommended to drink their juice or soup. In applying bile acids can be constipation, flatulence and other violations of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, they can disrupt the absorption of other medications, so other drugs should be taken for 1 hour or 4 hours after admission bile acids.

The most severe reduction of cholesterol and fats in the blood are in the application of so called statin drugs. These drugs reduce the production of cholesterol by the body. Statins are from fungi named zokor, Mevacor,and pravahol or produced synthetically like leskol. Assign these drugs once a day, evening, as the night increased production of cholesterol. The effectiveness of statins demonstrated by many studies. Unfortunately, they also can cause a malfunction in the liver.

It must be remembered that treatment can be most effective only subject to the doctor’s recommendations on the principles of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, and surgical treatment of atherosclerosis – this is only treatment of its severe complications, which, unfortunately, does not warrant further development and progression of the disease.

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How to cure varicose disease

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Varicose veins is known in medicine as a disease that is basically characterized by protrusion of the veins through the skin and thinning of the subcutaneous veins getting affected by the formation of nodes occurred due to some reasons. This kind disease most often occurs on the legs of the patient, mainly women. The main reason for developing of varicose veins disease is the overall weakness of the vessels and the venous valves in the patient’s organism. The overall weakness of the venous valve does not completely contain a kind of regurgitation resulting in terms of increased pressure on the walls of blood vessels that are perceived as the ones causing varicose veins.

It is well known, the first signs of varicose veins have to develop on the background of varicose veins overall weakness. The latest statistics obtained from European research centers as well as UNEP ones prove the fact that from varicose veins disease in the world today suffer up to 30% of the entire population which comprise a huge number if we generate the figures regarding the total of the same. The first thing people notice upon the occurrence of varicose veins is a minor cosmetic defect in the vascular starting form a kind of stars which are more often making being sad the female population. Unfortunately, varicosity is not in fact just a cosmetic defect like it may be perceived at first glance which is more or less easy to put up with but a kind of disease that must necessarily be treated completely since it will be progressing rapidly if not taken into account. If the disease is started to run then in the future may appear swelling or unpleasant if you wish and forwarded by painful sensations as well as even change the color of the skin and cause trophic ulcers.

In addition, there is a secondary consequence of varicose veins illness. This disease develops in the investigation like a medical term “phlebothrombosis” or as a result of congenital diseases such as arteriovenous fistula or even congenital venous dysplasia. Varicosity is perceived most frequently on the legs and less often via being suffering just from exactly the subcutaneous veins by nature. The main complaints with varicose veins are heaviness in the legs, swelling, and fatigue.

Varicose veins is the kind of a disease that is very difficult not even to notice as a pure result of damaged veins since they are clearly visible. What kind of treatment will appoint a kind of phlebologist which will depend solely on how much varicose veins stage is developed. But you do not have to worry since overall virtually for all forms and degrees of varicose veins are successfully treated with non-invasive methods.

For example, at the earlier stages of the disease the varicose veins process being treated in compression with therapy which is a conjoint stuff with a varicose by wearing special stockings i.e. the same kind elegant as usually applied by the patient. If in your family suffering such kind of a disease as varicose veins is taking at a regular basis above mentioned things there is absolutely no harm and provoking activities for the disease since preventive measures including a special exercises set is to be paid attention upon like sea baths and estorative procedures.

Regretting to mention, a misleading point of view that varicose veins is just a cosmetic defect which does not necessarily refer to a specialist you should not take lightly effort and attention to health at the first signs of varicose veins referring it to the field of Phlebology. Remember! Experienced phlebologist conduct the required kind of research and appoint an effective treatment and even though you have the slight applicant issue for varicose you should immediately address your doctor. And also remember that the operation in such kind of a disease like varicose veins is perceived as a term of so called “yesterday’s” technology. Today varicose veins treated predominantly non-invasive methods. We have to fight varices out such modern methods of treatment as sclerotherapy, various medications, laser therapy. A major advantage of these methods is that varicose veins treated absolutely painless and without prejudice to the beauty of your feet!

What is in fact varicose veins problem?

Well, really, one has to ask what does this mysterious word “varicose” really mean? Opening a dictionary we find out that it comes from the Latin “varix” (“varicis”) which translates as “expansion”. So, having varicose veins … What is bad in it? What is the term “salt” disease? First you need to understand what requires veins and how they work. Target your veins is the first thing to claim the bodies of the blood after she had given all the necessary cells and took them all useless. As blood flows through veins to the heart, and then to the lungs where gas exchange occurs with venous blood is saturated with oxygen and converted into the arterial. The walls of veins are relatively thin and can not themselves contract by nature. Taking the above mentioned into account, as in this could case the stuff provides the flow of blood through the veins?

1. Muscle pump. In the veins do not own a well-developed muscle layer. But they come to the aid of the skeletal muscles, which are in the thick veins. His muscle contraction compresses the veins easily, pushing on her blood. The value of muscle pump for the entire circulatory system is enormous, not a gift because it is sometimes called the “second heart”

2. Venous valves which is being like a kind of inner shell veins in some places forming outgrowths like valves. Their task is to regulate a kind of “one way ticket” flow through the veins. Thanks to GOD the work of the venous valves coming to blood can flow only in one direction and from the periphery to the center, that is, to the heart. Normally, the reverse current of venous blood is not possible because valves at the same time immediately closed. Due to the fact that a human being erect locomotive the venous blood in the legs have to climb straight up about a meter, defying gravity. To facilitate the outflow of blood from the lower extremities, the nature of “built” there is a triple venous system. There are the superficial veins which lie just under the skin. There is a kind of deep veins which is located as the name implies like deep in terms of the muscles. The third connects the deep venous system of veins to surface.

Varicose cure

Overall, the main outflow is carried deep veins and if we are “having difficulty” the lead role goes to the subcutaneous veins. However, they can not long play the role of leader and the result is varicose veins. To fully ensure the outflow of blood from the legs, venous “assistants” have a lot of work for it. Therefore, the value of the normal valves and muscle pumps for the veins of the lower extremities particularly high. That is why even the slightest violation can cause varicose veins venous insufficiency.

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How to cure coronary heart disease

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Coronary heart disease and the major reasons of its occurrence

Well, in fact the most common thing happening among patients having heart disease is a kind of coronary heart trouble. It used to have no boundaries amongst different people and occurs due to the conditions of economically developed and developing countries. Sometimes, ischemic heart disease being called as ischemia is the reason affecting us everyday.

The term “ischemic heart disease” is perceived as hiding stuff for a group of diseases that are characterized by impaired blood circulation in the arteries, which are designed to provide the heart muscle, or myocardium, the necessary blood supply. Hence, due to the fact that so called the coronary artery or the ischemia became the appropriate synonyms in terms of coronary heart disease. Doctors all over the world distinguish parameters between two forms of flow of coronary heart disease – both chronic and acute.

Forms of acute ischemia are acute myocardial infarction or even sudden death, which is sometimes called a coronary. Chronic ischemia is more often characterized by symptoms such as heart failure followed by arrhythmia and its species, as well as angina. Sometimes the disease is accompanied by one or all of these symptoms at once.

The main title ischemic heart disease received from the name of anemia or ischemia. In this case, the anemia seen with a deficiency of blood coming into the myocardium but in general sense is the inability the way to supply the body with blood body streams since the narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels and arteries. There is also a phenomenon of transient ischemia of the heart which could also occur in a joint case with healthy person as a reaction to stress, cold or physical stress.

Herewith, if sealing artery thrombus or it might be happening due to the biological effects of such stimuli as bacteria or toxins, the ischemia of the heart can lead to serious pathology. Also the reasons, being caused serious illness in ischemia of the heart might be the reason of atherosclerosis i.e. the arteries squeeze of a foreign body or tumor in the cavity of the body. In this case, there are two versions of events so that the authority can reopen the case of normal functioning conducting self-healing ability of the arteries, or if the artery will not be able to resume its activities, it will happen necrosis or partial necrosis of tissues.

By practice, the ischemia threatens comprise not only in terms of the heart. Sometimes it is diagnosed cerebral ischemia i.e. the lack of blood circulation in the brain, as well as ischemia of the extremities. Most vulnerable choice, is the one to consider the phenomenon of the nervous and cardio via vascular system. The reason for that is the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels due to elevated levels of cholesterol, resulting in the lumen of the vessel is being narrowed and blood is not able to flow into an organ or body in full. Overall, the inflow of myocardial ischemia is a sine curve which is being in the acute condition and does not make itself felt. However, periods of calm – that is no reason to delay treatment of ischemic heart disease. If you already diagnosed with the disease, the coronary heart disease treatment will take place in any case.

Coronary heart disease cure

Beginning signs of coronary heart disease is associated with higher mental or physical exertion. This may be paroxysmal pain in the heart subsequently being arose in terms of a state of relative stretch. The more and no longer developing ischemic heart disease it has to impact the higher the risk of myocardial infarction.

The most common treatment for coronary heart disease is aimed at men as the disease strikes men more frequently than it strikes women. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the treatment of coronary heart disease can sometimes be useless and lead to fatal cases. In our country, myocardial ischemia is one of the leading causes of death among older people. It is important that diagnosis of coronary heart disease and treatment in a timely manner. But, in addition to the importance of detecting coronary artery disease and treatment at early stages of development, plays an important role of prevention as well as knowledge about its causes and symptoms, which should go to the doctor.

Coronary risk factors

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